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  4. 2020 Event Dates

    UPDATE: Our April and May events have been cancelled please click this link to the main website for more information. http://kingdomsofnovitas.net/april-event-cancelled/
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  6. June Preproduction

    Crafting: master craftsman Tinkering item swap : 3022: Immune to truth serums, charm 1/gd, memory loss 1/gd Swindlerscap- new prop is a red hat Tinkering: 1 shackles of grounding 24 craft points, 100 coin Production: - to be filled out before event- Merchant: 4 minor power elixirs for a truth serum
  7. June Preproduction

    NOTICE: Because we have canceled the April event, Preproduction has been extended to April 19th. Alchemists, please remember to bring your lab pieces to sign-in, regardless if you are producing.
  8. Good Afternoon Novitas! P&A, Rules, and Logistics will be checking all weapons for safety and Alchemy Items (Mirror of Sophistry, Hermetic Rod, etc.) for compliance during Sign-In over the next few months. I understand this is inconvenient for those who have to set up their labs and/or who have a menagerie of weapons at their disposal. Please keep in mind it has been several years since we've done a prop check like this, and will likely be several more years before we have to do it again. Please know I speak for both Rules and Logistics when I say we appreciate your cooperation during this time. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this, I will gladly answer them below.
  9. Hoard In The Box

    We have had trapped boxes full of fire elementals and archons in the past.
  10. June Preproduction

    I already have the mirror and at check in can show you the items and character points for the production. Unless you just want me to send you the numbers now.
  11. June Preproduction

    Correct! The first time you use your production points, it is free. So if you have 20 production and the required alchemy lab pieces (Mirror of Sophistry) then you are golden! For scribe scroll, you cannot change the language of the scroll. This is why the use of scrolls requires the skill Read Magic rather than one of the language skills.
  12. June Preproduction

    1 copy devastation scroll (5 PP 5 Coin) 1 copy triage scroll (4 PP 4 Coin) 1 transmutation (5 PP 5 Coin) 4 rejuvenation elixir (8 PP 8 Coin) 4 wolfsbane (8 PP 8 Coin) turning 3 devastation, 1 creeping rot, 1 heal body into(1 scroll of grounding, 1 scroll of magic-strike, 1 scroll of strength, 1 scroll of ghastly visage, 1 scroll of diagnosis, 1 scroll of weaken, 1 scroll of disengage, 1 scroll of anti-magic shield, 1 scroll of repel undead, 1 scroll of silence, 1 rejuvenation elixir, 1 wolfsbane, and 1 ritual ink) Using merchant one and two. (From the Power of the Ancient Omens i Cast) (30 PP 30 Coin) 1 master crafted ring Nature immunity (12 CP 60 Coin) 1 ring of silvershine 1 g/d (8 CP 40 Coin) 1 lesser wand of sanctuary 3 times ( 4 cp free) (24 CP 100 Coin) changing the shirt number 2978 from + 10 craft points to dissipate 3 g/d (Free)
  13. June Preproduction

    6 Wolfsbane 4 Rejuvenation Elixir This is my first ever production so I believe its free?
  14. Summer 2020 Dungeon Crawl Announcement Dates: October 9th- 11th, 2020 Location: Camp Kingsley Fee: $40, includes full sign-in and a bonus 10 experience. Pre-registration: All attendees must pre-register and pre-pay for this event. As such, this event is not eligible for the “second-time is free” promotion. If the required number of attendees isn’t met and the dungeon crawl cannot happen for financial reasons, then your dungeon crawl registration will automatically cover your site-fee for the next event you attend. You can pre-pay by handing cash to Christopher Tesorio (Aiden) or Caitlin Udas (Marcella/Catori), or use Paypal. paypal@mvgc.net. Pre-registration ends April 12th. Your pre-registration should include: Your real name & PC name (and the real & PC names of anyone else you are pre-registering) Which group you will be running the dungeon with (adventuring groups are capped at 10). Also send this information to caitlin.udas.kon@gmail.com or through Facebook. There are only 70 PC slots, and we will only run up to 7 crawls on Saturday. This means there is a 10-player limit per dungeon crawl. This is first come, first served, so we recommend you pre-register early! We are accepting any number of all-day NPCs. We will be offering a single non/lite-combat run, so coordination for that group may be necessary between players to form that group. We reserve the right to combine groups or add independents onto crawls that are not at the 10-player cap. We can only run 7 dungeons and we want to make sure that everyone who wants to go, gets to go. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Adventuring Groups: Dungeon adventuring groups will be composed of 10 people. If you have an adventuring party, please decide, as a group, if you will be participating in this dungeon. If you are not part of an adventuring group, either find one, or form your own! Generic dungeons will be available for random groups of independents, but we’re asking PCs to organize themselves into groups. Organize your groups early! No person can go through the dungeon more than once. NPCing: Everyone attending the event will be scheduled to NPC and will have breaks throughout the day. NPC roles will involve the usual monsters and hooks, as well as running traps and other obstacles in the dungeon and resetting the dungeon after a crawl is complete. We’ll work out a schedule based on pre-registrations, and you will need to be present at your scheduled times. All players are required to attend all day. If a player PCs they must NPC. We may make exceptions on a limited basis with good reasons; talk to Christopher or Caitlin before the event if you think you may need special arrangements. Event Schedule Example (Subject to Change): October 9th, 2020 - Friday 9am Arrival & Build All Day (Dungeon Team Only) 3pm Early Arrival Begins (Be prepared to help with construction!) October 10th, 2020 - Saturday 9am Logistics opens for sign-in 10am Group 1 PC 11am Dungeon Reset 12pm Group 2 PC 1pm Dungeon Reset 2pm Group 3 PC 3pm Dungeon Reset 4pm Group 4 PC 5pm Dungeon Reset 6pm Group 5 PC 7pm Dungeon Reset 8pm Group 6 PC 9pm Dungeon Reset 10pm Group 7 PC 11pm Game Off October 11th, 2020 - Sunday 9am Cleanup (DOUBLE XP, RECEIVE CLEANUP TICKETS) 12pm Depart site, raffle drawing Logistics: We will manage Logistics in our normal logistics building. Go there to sign-in. NPC supplies and food will also be staged there. Sleeping: Participants can stay overnight Saturday in the cabins or lean-to’s as per a normal event. Food: Bring your own meals. Pasta will be available in logistics but should not be your only meal plan for the event. Alcohol: This is a dry event. No exceptions. Early Arrival: Attendees can arrive at 3pm on Friday and stay on-site Friday night. Clean Up: Clean up attendance has been an issue in the past, so in order to promote staying for the entire duration of the event, we will be rewarding helpers with raffle tickets. There will be no way to purchase these raffle tickets. At the end of clean up, we will raffle off one epic item, but you must be present to win. Special Event Rules: · There will be a Dungeon Master who will act as GM for the crawl. This person will adjudicate damage taken from traps (eg., you just fell in that pit), describe any special effects or mechanics as they happen, and keep the adventuring group aware of the time remaining in the dungeon. PCs must obey their rulings. The DM can remove a player from the dungeon for any reason at any time. · Each dungeon crawl has a sixty-minute time limit. An adventuring group will have to use those sixty minutes to explore the dungeon, after which a group teleport/Ley Lines mechanic will remove all living PCs from the dungeon, as well as any corpse a living PC is “carrying” (see more below). You have to choose how to prioritize your time within the dungeon and how long you are willing to spend on an individual obstacle, trap, or puzzle. · Injury, death, and healing mechanics work the same way in the dungeon as they do in regular game play, but the dungeon creates a few unique challenges. Anyone left dead and unattended in the crawl will not be teleported out at the end of the time limit, and the corpse will not be retrievable later. (This means they will be permanently dead.) The counteraction for this is carrying the body along with the party – if the corpse is with a living member of the party, it will teleport out with the party. Any items and/or equipment left in the dungeon after time is up cannot be recovered: it is lost forever. Please note: In the event of a total party kill, there is no way to recover. · To counteract the deadly nature of a Dungeon Crawl there is a ‘Flee’ mechanic: to ‘Flee’ a player simply raises a blue ribbon above their head, as if dissipating and state ‘Flee!” This ability requires no power and no incant. It only requires you to pull your ribbon, lift your arm completely above your head and shout ‘Flee!’. When you ‘Flee’ you are required to immediately leave the dungeon through the Entrance. You may not re-enter and are considered completely out of game once the ability is cast. Anything or anyone you are carrying is immediately removed with you as well; meaning this mechanic can be used to teleport dead or unconscious adventuring party members. · There will be no Convergence in the dungeon, regardless of what time it is in real life. Everyone enters the dungeon just as they would enter game normally. · Accidents may happen, but any player who deliberately breaks the dungeon, such as tearing down walls or otherwise damaging the site, whether out of frustration or in order to gain an advantage, will be kicked out of the dungeon. · No PC can go through the dungeon more than once. Changes Based On Survey Feedback: · No packing peanuts. · Improved balance beams. · More combat from multiple angles, meaning people in the rear will be more engaged in combat. · More PARTY-tailored plot. GMs from every shift will be involved in creating plots for each Dungeon Crawl. Parties may need to be merged, but Plot is going to work closely to ensure that the groups going through the crawl have a story-beginning or an epic conclusion in each and every dungeon crawl! Dungeon Crawl Announcement 2020.pdf
  15. June Preproduction

    3 Madweed extract.. 1 scroll of shadow skin 2 scrolls of wraithbane 1 scroll of reap spirit I owe 25 coin and a ritual ink
  16. RP Skill Advancement is upon us! For those of us who don’t know, RP skills are the 5 skills on the front of the character sheet: Chosen, Medium, Merchant, Status, and Druid. In order to advance in each of them, we (Plot) need to know what you did to merit advancing to the next level in your chosen track. While level 1 in a skill can be requested year-round, levels 2-5 can only be requested at RP Skill Advancement time. Two RP skill tracks can be chosen for any PC, but the secondary one can only go as high as level 2. You can only advance one level at any given time. If you have two RP skills that you want to advance, only send us the one you think has the higher chance of being approved. When we consider the advancement requests, we only consider RP that has occurred at game. Any RP in blogs or between games is not considered (but it’s still awesome for flavor, so keep blogging!). If we end up deciding that you don’t quite have enough to get to the next level, that’s fine! Keep what you wrote, and you can use that, in addition to future RP, to apply again in the summer, and we will give you feedback on what we are looking for in order to advance. They require the following information (please just copy and paste the categories and fill them in): Player Name: PC Name: Current RP Skills (Level): Why advancement or new skill?: Please highlight plot interactions, PC-to-PC interactions, character history, and any other relevant information to help us understand the whys of approval/advancement. These are due March 1st at 11:59 PM. Email them to caitlin.udas.kon@gmail.com, or send them to Caitlin U on the forums. Our goal is to have the responses before April game.
  17. February Rules Update

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to go over a few things you may have missed during the feast. Auction part 2 - We will be doing the second half of the auction at Junebuliee. Same format 6 auction and 12 chinese auction items. Keep an eye out for the announcement on what will be at the auction. Fighter practices - Our focus is on safety this year. We will be holding fighter practices starting this spring. Just because you don’t fight as a PC, you do as an NPC. Having a better understanding of how the game works keeps us all safe. Location will likely be in Syracuse, but more on this closer to spring. We will create events for each of them. You will get XP for actively participating. Garb standards - There will be an incentive for wearing garb. Passing NPC garb is acceptable. Don’t expect the incentive if you have on a flannel and work boots. We will have a few different people help go over safe fighting styles, combat calls, spell casting, etc. If there is something you want to go over in a safe environment this is the time for it. We are looking for people to join our safety team. Who we are looking for - People who are good fighters or have a very good understanding of our rules system. No, you will not be pulled from NPC’ing / PC’ing. There will be an incident report to fill out after your encounter for us to track patterns with locations, combat practices, safety, etc. If you are interested please reach out to myself or James Vertucci.
  18. Greetings

    Black scrub pants, without cargo pockets, are great summer time NPC pants. I often see scrubs in their own section at thrift shops, or sometimes on a maternity rack.
  19. Hello Novitas! As promised at Founder's Feast, here are the Logistics changes for 2020: Shift Caps: As discussed in the previous Logistics Announcement, we attempted to try something new to balance PCs and NPCs: Shift Caps. After discussing this change with other Staff, Shift Caps will become the new normal. Additionally, we will be making one change to Shift Caps; moving forward, Groups can become divided if caps are met. This means the best way to ensure your group stays together is to either arrive to sign in eary and together, or preregister. Preproduction: As a reminder, preproduction closes approximately 2 weeks before event. Please check the production section of the forums for these postings, as these are the offical means of submitting Preproduction. ____ I appreciate your patience in dealing with these changes. They are always made in the best interest of all players. Should you ever have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions for us, please reach out to a Marshal and they will make sure your voice is heard. Thank you, Ryan Staring
  20. June Preproduction

    Hello Novitas! I've spoken with several people about what happens to your production given that we are missing two full events. We will be allowing people to produce for each month that will be missed if they pay the additional $30 per event. So if you pay $90 in June ($30 for April, $30 for May, and $30 for June) you will have 3 months worth of Production. These orders are explicitly separate from one another (if you have 10 craft points, you can't combine April and May production to have a 20 pt item). This all MUST be done using the preproduction system on the forums (If you message me your order on FB, it will be disregarded. I WILL however answer questions through any medium). Format Because this is different than the norm, I'd like you all to follow the following formatting: Player Name Character Month you are producing for Things you are making Total owed coin So, a finished pro-production list might look like: - - - Player Name: Ryan Staring Character: Orthelian Rhossgolossiam uin Tathar April Production: 5 scrolls of Command Nature. Custom incant "By the power of the Elemental I cast Command Nature!" Owe 20 coin Golden Ring with a tree on it - Casts Dissipate 1/gd. Owe 40 coin. May Production: 4 vials of acid. Owe 12 coin 8 potions of heal body. Owe 8 coin. Bastion of Purify Spirit. Owe 40 coin. Non-Marshal Silver Dagger. Owe 80 coin. Player Name: Ryan Staring Character: Odric Velrin June Production: 4 scrolls of Revive. Custom incant "May my hand forget it's skill, I cast Revive!" Owe 20 coin. Total owed: 220 coin - - - Please submit to pre-produce the following: Crafting You will be receiving your numbers at event so if you are creating numbered items, post here or PM me. Prop Change If you are changing props using the Tinkering skill, please post the number of the item, what slot it is (when applicable), and what the new prop is. This helps us update the description on the database. If the previous prop was owned by Novitas, you will turn in the prop at sign-in. Personalized Incants You have the opportunity to personalize your scroll incants. To do this, post or PM me during the pre-production window and they will be printed for you. Character Retirement As always, if you are retiring a character you need to contact us ahead of time to arrange the retirement process. Seriously, you need to do this. If you know you are retiring at this event, PM me immediately! Please submit all pre-production requests by Sunday, May 24th at 11:59PM. ONE MORE THING! if you had already submitted your production and don't specify which month it is for, it will be assumed you are doing it for the most recent month. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM me here or on Facebook. Thank you! Ryan Staring
  21. estimatevalue-Feb-20.pdf idmagic-Feb-20.pdf
  22. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Oz walks up to the signboard near the Inn, drives a small pin though the top of the parchment securing it to the board. "And now the real work on the project can truly begin." He says to himself quietly as he begins to trek off to post the other copies in locations around the Maplewood area.
  23. Greetings

    Hi Greg! Glad you're taking a look. I think you're exactly in the right mindset on NPCing, I npc'd a good number of games before making a character of my own. If I had to offer you tips, it would be: wool socks. Change into fresh wool socks once per shift, and you'll have happy feet. And happy feet make for happy players! If you're looking at things to buy before showing up, I'd suggest going to whatever thrift stores are around and looking for the following. I use the following every game, every time I NPC: Large scarf--useful for changing up your look, while still looking like you're in a fantasy world. I avoid shemagh, they're too modern, but if you look at a few thrift stores you'll find a few good scarves for not a lot of $$. Look for light wool. Lined leather gloves- tough to find, but not impossible. Base NPC layer-- use plain black starting out, no logos. Be brave and walk the women's section of thrift stores, looking for a ren-fair style black shirt, or go with a friend. Black pants, avoid jeans. Leather belt and pouch (we have these you can borrow for NPCing, but I just like to have my own) If you go to a few thrift stores, you can get all this loot for less than 20bucks, likely way less, and you'll be in a great spot to start building your player kit. If you have questions, I'm happy to chat at game! I hope to see you there, Greg.
  24. Greetings

    Thanks Maggie! ive read and am still reading a good portion of both the wiki and story book. Great stuff!
  25. Greetings

    Hi Greg! Welcome to Novitas. I'm Maggie, the Marketing and Player Outreach Marshal. NPCing is definitely a good way to start. I NPCed for three full games before building a PC and I've got to say it really helped me get a grasp on everything. That was seven years ago, lol. Now I'm hooked! We have events nearly every month. www.kingdomsofnovitas.net has our event schedule on the front page so we'd be happy to have you whenever your work schedule allows. My tips would be to check out the Learn to Play section of our Rules Wiki. It will help you get a grasp on the rules before you walk through the door. http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Learntoplay The Word Book is also a fun read. It is a book all about our game's Lore http://www.mvgc.net/larp/worldbook.pdf If you have any questions, be sure to let me know. Hope to see you soon!
  26. Greetings

    Hello im Greg and I’m new to all of this but i kinda want to check it out and see if it’s right for me. Was thinking about starting as an npc and building from there. I have a job and a constantly changing schedule so I’d kinda have to work around that but I’m sure it won’t be too tough. Wouldn’t mind some tips and suggestions.
  27. Read This Before Posting In Here!

    Hello im Greg and I’m new to all of this but i kinda want to check it out and see if it’s right for me. Was thinking about starting as an npc and building from there. I have a job and a constantly changing schedule so I’d kinda have to work around that but I’m sure it won’t be too tough. Wouldn’t mind some tips and suggestions.
  28. Requesting the last open bunk in William's lodge, Common Room Bunk 2.
  29. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    A funeral will be held for the founder of the Cult of the Divine Dragon, Joy "didn't live alone long enough to get a new last name", formerly known as Joy Strifeborn, possibly known as something else now that she's dead. 9:00pm on Friday February 7th at the shrine that used to be hers but is now mine. In lieu of gifts please make donations in her name to Pisceans without Borders. I'm not sure which name you should use, I don't think they got the memo that she was no longer Joy Strifeborn. -Enzo Belli, leader of the cult of the Divine Dragon.
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