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  2. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    The following message is tacked on to the board: Come one come all to the Templar Legion breakfast. Cooking will start around 08:00 tomorrow. All are welcome and will be first come, first serve till food runs out. On the menu will be scrambled eggs,bacon,sausage.
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  4. October Pre-Production

    It is just thrown chemicals dealing damage, so dilution solution will not fall under this rule.
  5. October Pre-Production

    Paran A potion (or oil not sure what it is called) diagnosis in exchange for a potion of healing body
  6. October Pre-Production

    Illivandros Lisandre: Crafting: Dress of Sanctuary 2/GD - 24cp - 100 coin Production: 2 Ritual Candles - 6pp - 6 Coin 3 Synchronize Scrolls - 12pp - 12 Coin 1 Dissipate Scroll - 2pp - 2 coin Total Coin Owed: 100 + 20 = 120 Merchant Trading 1 Explosive Charge - 1 Heal Mortal Potion 1 Spyderbyte - 1 Heal Mortal Potion 1 Magic Armor Potion, 1 Anesthesia - 1 Heal Mortal Potion 3 Spirit Shield Scrolls - 3 Dissipate Potions 2 Diagnosis Scrolls - 1 Mageblade Scroll 2 Mend Armor Scrolls - 1 Silvershine Scroll 3 Mend Armor Scrolls - 1 Spellburst Scroll Tinkering 1 Dissipate Scroll - 1 Dissipate Trap Tag
  7. October Pre-Production

    Rosh: 1x Ethereal Sealant (5 pp/5 coin) 2x Catholicon (10 pp/10 coin) 1x Dilution Solution (3pp /3 coin) 1x Wolfsbane (2 pp /2 coin) 20 points & 20 coin total (10 from sheet, 10 from flowers) Rules clarification: is production of any thrown alchemical doubled, or just thrown alchemicals dealing damage? Dilution solution is technically a thrown alchemical so I'm not sure if it falls under the 2-for-1 production rule.
  8. October Spinning Jenny Menu

    Scribbled underneath Saturday's second meal is the following: Afterwards we will be serving Chicken Jamblya Jumbalya Jambalaya. This dish truly puts the "Season" in "Seasonings", featuring delicate grains of rice, chicken, and spices from all over the known world!
  9. October Spinning Jenny Menu

    With last month's notice ripped off, a new one had been tacked onto the board. This one is relatively stain-free, but the paper is crumpled as if someone had put it in their pockets before delivering it to the board. It reads: The Weather outside might be chilling you to the bones, but the hearth at the Spinning Jenny is still piping hot! Come in today for some wonderful meals prepared by our kitchen staff! Or stop by for a quick snack- try one of our legendary Pinedale Sausages, Pinedale Popped Corns, or Pinedale Pretzels! Friday evening will be penne pasta served with a well-to-do tomato sauce. The sauce is enriched with the Spinning Jenny's special selection of grounded meats, and is sure to stave off the winter chill! Saturday morning's offerings are sure to be a crowd pleaser! We will be serving a beautiful quiche for the early-risers, and it sure is enough to get you started on your day! Hashbrowns, bacons and eggs join together into one wonderful dish! During dinner on Saturday, we will be serving a hearty meal. Potatoes that have been finely sliced are baked with rich cheeses and chopped onions. The Spinning Jenny is also serving succulent pork cutlets, and paired with the potatoes it is a meal so rich and savory that even a dragon will want to add it to his hoard! ** Please be aware that catering to special dietary needs is not a service of the Inn or Operations' Inn staff at Kingdoms of Novitas. While players will occasionally go out of their way to provide alternatives, it is not something we can do on a regular basis. Players with special dietary preferences should always come to events prepared to feed themselves with the appropriate foods. If you have any serious or life-threatening allergies please let the inn keeper know so we don’t serve you something that will send you into shock.
  10. Torso Slot item of Enchant Weapon 2/GD

    Taken care of :)
  11. New to Novitas

    Welcome! I'm Kate and started larping with KoN in August of last year, having never LARPed before or done anything like this. I moved to New York a few years ago and when I came my first time I only knew one other player at KoN (my ride to the event). I always loved fantasy novels and movies and imagined myself in those worlds, but I had no idea there was a place where I could actually enter an immersive fantasy experience! It's so incredible that KoN exists and once you see one event, you'll start to see part of the incredible dedication players and staff have to making this world real. Everyone here really cares about immersion. If you're a member of Dag, you'll have a leg up on the fighting! We're not lightest touch, but we don't hit quite as hard as full out Dag. You'll have a chance to practice "Novitas acceptable" hits with Zach in the new player intro speech. I have had a great experience with the friendly people in this community; I feel quite adopted! After reviewing the rules and world book- try checking out the blogs! I find the blogs a fun way to stay hyped between events. Making a PC (mine is a human named Ellenor), really adds to the experience of attending events, but there's certainly no rush to make one right away, you can come and NPC for as many events as you'd like before bringing in your player character (waiting also lets you stock up experience points, so your PC can come in with more skills). NPCing is fun and is like being backstage in theater, changing garb, going out as a minor character with a mission or quest for the players (or being a monster or creature or just adding local color) and then coming back to the logistics building and changing garb again and going out as something else! PCing is a more immersive experience in plots and you build relationships with other characters over time as you improv act your way through scenes and encounters; it's so cool. I love it. There's very few things you need to bring to your first event, the main website has a recommended list. If you have any questions, just let us know! I have high enthusiasm and am a fair reference guide, but I will defer to Maggie for questions that require actual knowledge and experience. :)
  12. New to Novitas

    Welcome, John Plaid!
  13. New to Novitas

    John Plaid! :D
  14. New to Novitas

    Is this John Plaid or John Khakis?
  15. New to Novitas

    Hello! I'm Maggie, I'm the Marketing and Player Outreach Second Marshal. You've probably met my boss, Zach. A ton of our players go to that (and run) practice. I'm glad their peer pressure tactics worked! Reading the rules is definitely a good place to start. I also recommend reading the Worldbook which focuses on our lore as well. The PDF can be found here http://kingdomsofnovitas.net/players-corner/rules-and-errata/ You're not obliged to create a character for your first game, but if you'd like to, I'd be happy to help you put that together. If you have any questions about anything, definitely let me know. I'm always around. Hope to see you in a week!
  16. New to Novitas

    Hey everyone! Some of you already know me from the Dagorhir Syracuse group as that's where I heard this group from a few of the members. I've been reading up on a majority of the rules and been getting a rundown on a few things from a couple Novitas players on the whole realm and it's something I can't wait to be apart of! I'm planning on joining the October event next week, kinda had a character partially created but due to my busy schedule I haven't had really much to build on hence why I'm posting a week before! Still new to the whole LARP aspect of things but it's something I can dive into. I'll have questions on the events. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
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  18. Seeking a crafter for a Torso Slot item of Enchant Weapon 2/GD for next game. Have coin and prop, just need a crafter! Joy is purchasing for her husband Bennett in game as a welcome back gift :)
  19. Saw KoN at the con.

    I'm interested to give it a shot. Still reading all the lore. There's a lot of it. Gotta figure out how to get a cloak or two done by next week too.
  20. Saw KoN at the con.

    welcome glad we were able to intrigue you enough to check out our game (i am the guy that was in all the armor at robercon).
  21. Saw KoN at the con.

    Great! And don't worry, it won't be just one NPC role for you! There are four shifts (Friday 8pm-1am, Saturday 10am-3pm, 3pm-8pm, 8pm-1am) and within every shift you'll be sent out repeatedly as different NPCs. NPCing is fun and is like being backstage in theater, changing garb, going out as a minor character with a mission or quest for the players (or being a monster or creature or just adding local color) and then coming back to the logistics building and changing garb again and going out as something else! When you have a good handle on the world of Novitas and are ready, PCing is a more immersive experience in plots and you build relationships with other characters over time as you improv act your way through scenes and encounters; it's so cool. I love both NPCing and PCing. If you've done RP before, I bet you will too!
  22. Saw KoN at the con.

    Awesome, lots of new stuff to read. Happy to see a suggestion to NPC first as well, I honestly think an NPC role would suit me overall and it sounds exciting... and I did read that you need NPC garb as well so now I can put together a second costume. Nice. Being weak doesn't bother me though. This character is reasonably developed on paper but hasn't seen much play and certainly isn't a master. I'm actually looking forward to how they grow (or die?) while I'm being them in game. (They were conceptualized as a dnd/pathfinder character.) I'm likely going to write up their mindset, skill choices and rp plans tonight. Really stoked about it! Will post more in a bit. Thanks again.
  23. Saw KoN at the con.

    Hello and welcome! I'm Kate, Marketing and Player Outreach Handmaiden. I like your enthusiasm; I think you'll find you fit in well here. A friend introduced me to KoN, which I thought I'd try "just one time", over a year later I'm still here and this community feels like family. I PCed my first event (because I thought I might never do this again and wanted to get the full experience for my "just once"); my player character was a simple, naive human I figured I could walk around as, just being friendly and introducing myself and asking questions and then I could change her with character amnesty afterwards if I needed to. If I had known I'd enjoy this hobby and this community so much and I had had plans to do a more involved character (garb and backstory wise), like a Faekin, I'd have probably waited and done one event all NPCing (using it to watch and ask questions in and out of character about other Faekin backstory and garb) and brought the character in after that. If you do come in as a PC on your first event, you'll only have xp for a very few, low level skills (I took first aid so I could identify what was wrong with the injured and a point or two of body so I wouldn't die after one hit) this was fine for my naive human girl, but I couldn't have walked in on day one saying, I'm a great and talented fighter/magic user/druid/medium, etc, because I wouldn't have had the character skills to back that up. The more events you NPC, the more xp you'll build up, which helps in case you want to come in with a more skilled character. I look forward to seeing you at the October event! My character just married an Inquisitor in Vlean who hunts down Faekin, so you may not want to make friends with me in character, but out of character, find me any time and I'll be happy to help! I have a waist length brown braid and I'm getting more and more pregnant by the day, so I should be easy to spot. PS. After the world book and rules, make an account and check out the blogs (under browse on this site) to get an idea of the types of characters in Maplewood and their "voices". I enjoy the blogs immensely. Kiba the snow goblin (Shane/Warblade on the forums) has a great blog (The Apostate's Journal), his most recent stories are crossover rp with Caitlin's character from her blog The Journey Home. You can read their last few blogs back and forth to get the fuller story. A Joy to Behold (written by Katlyn/Provolonely on the forums) is one of my favorite blogs. Joy is a fortune teller and Draconus Worshiper and her story is gripping! Mercy is a citizen of Maplewood and her blog (My Dearest Sam) gives you an idea of the different tone of kind, lawful, pastoral Maplewood citizens versus the wild and rough Pinedale adventurers who relocated to Maplewood last year.
  24. Saw KoN at the con.

    You're very welcome. I'm always around
  25. Saw KoN at the con.

    Perfect. Thanks again for your time.
  26. Saw KoN at the con.

    You'll fill out a character sheet on site when you decide to start playing your character. You can peruse it here: http://kingdomsofnovitas.net/players-corner/rules-and-errata/ Is that what you mean?
  27. Saw KoN at the con.

    Nice, thanks. Is there a character form to fill out somewhere? Still looking for that
  28. Saw KoN at the con.

    https://sites.google.com/site/kon0unofficial0rules0wiki/home/rules/3--character-creation/35--character-amnesty You're also allowed a character amnesty which you can read about here
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