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  2. Hi folks! Every year we have a fundraising auction that involves special magic items going out to you players. Some of those items "recharge every february" or "every NNY" or whatever: Yearly. This year we're moving the big auction from winter to the June event: Junebilee. So, because one of our standing rules is "don't screw the players if you can help it", in 2018 anyone with an item like that will get a standard recharge at the February game, and another one at the June event. From then on resets/recharges/whatever will happen in June. Thank you! -Rules Marshal
  3. New Coinage

    Why would the elves not use elven script on their own coins?
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  5. New Coinage

    Having a bit more direction helped focus a better design
  6. New Coinage

    These should be recognizably from our world, rather than cool-looking generic art. We've also never put in Evenandran exotics before...
  7. New Coinage

  8. New Coinage

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  10. New Coinage

  11. New Coinage

  12. New Coinage

    Png for easy use & hopefully they are the right format size. I'm excited to see what the new coins may look like & here are a few quick designs for fun. I'll likely keep tossing in design ideas so feel free to cap the Xp on attempts
  13. New Coinage

    It's time for new coins. This time we're buying 500 new exotics from www.fantasycoin.com. I've been haggling with them for a couple days, and I have them down to a reasonable cost for 30mm "gold" coins and setup costs. These are slightly bigger than our current coppers. But, we need art! Circular shape, 30mm diameter, 300 DPI. Coins have two sides, but you can submit as many individual images as you'd like. Each honest attempt gets you 5 XP (I am the sole arbiter of an honest attempt). Post submissions in this thread. Show me what you got, and the Marshals will pick the best two sides. Each winner gets 10 XP plus I'll give you one of the first coins we get. Entries due at 11:59 PM on January 1st. GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOO!

    Funny story about funny stories: due to a miscommunication it turns out that the out of character gesture of arm over head IS official, but other hand gestures are not. I'll be adding that to the wiki this weekend. Good catch.
  15. Last week

    I can understand that. Thank you, gentlemen.

    Correct, it is only a rule for bows (and the crossbow). This was done to buff those weapons slightly and give them a little more versatility.

    Thrown weapons are a different beast entirely. The power behind a thrown weapon wouldn't be as much as that of a bolt or arrow. Thus the thrown weapons cannot exceed 2 damage nor receive the pierce effect. (This is my understanding and logic, I'm not rules.)

    So, I noticed that missile weapons (crossbows and bows) you can divide your damage in half and use the "pierce" ability. Is that not also true for throwing weapons when you have thrown weapon master?

    Funny story, and a big part of why I made this wiki (conflicting information): having your arm over your head doesn't officially mean being out of character. It's a holdover from other systems that people frequently use, but it isn't actually a rule in this game. As for looking for discrepancies please let me know, I'm sure there are errors still in there to be found, and I am looking forward to fixing them. Plus there are a lot of things just like this out there that need to be addressed in some way.

    Hooray!! Thank you, Ryan and everyone else! What a great resource. While I was looking through it, I did notice one tiny omission: in the "Game Status: In-Game and Out-Of-Game" section (and also in the "Learn to Play" section, which quotes it), the wiki does cover neon orange tags and making "whoosh" noises, but it doesn't mention the visual out-of-game cue, ie putting your hand/weapon horizontally over your head. Pretty basic stuff, but I think in the newbie section at least it should probably be mentioned, right? If you guys want another pair of hands for editing, or you want me to keep looking for discrepancies or anything, let me know! I've got some editing experience under my belt and an eye for detail, and I'd be happy to help however you'd like. :)
  22. Mae govannen

    Whacky bats?! I like that name.
  23. Mae govannen

    Welcome to the forums! You've already gotten a proper greeting on facebook, but another one certainly couldn't hurt!
  24. Mae govannen

    Le suilon!. I eneth nín Yeadon Faramund. Glass nín le govaded. Im othil, galor faril, uin Beleg Gelaidh. Gûr na Balanor.
  25. Player Initiated Plots (PIPs)

    Hey Plotters, this has been pushed to February, due to RL stuff needing Hannah in December.
  26. Player Initiated Plots (PIPs)

    Malachi has been looking for some fish folk to come crawling out of the lake so she can discuss things with them! 1) Who is planning on going - Malachi, and if I can rope them into them, some of the prominent Septons. The leader of them seems to have some history with them. 2) What you're planning on doing, and what you hope to accomplish. Malachi wishes to know more of the Dragon that the fish-people claim their origins to. She would like to learn more about their culture and whatnot also, and is part of my attempts to create an in-game book of knowledge of the monsters and other humanoids of Novitas. 3) Any relevant history or NPCs that are important. None that I am currently privy to. Please pick NPCs that are not deathly allergic to nuts/almonds/cinnamon, Malachi intends to offer them something in trade that contains these ingredients.
  27. Hi, I run Operations. OPs is so many things. OPs is where new working groups are born, and where we retire working groups to when it's apparent the job isn't actually big enough to warrant a Marshal of it's own. I have subgroups for Buildings & Grounds, Medical, IT Services, and Inn Operations. B&G is who takes care of stuff like trail lights, curtains and lights (soon!) in the Inns, heaters, coordinating help days with the BSA, marking unsafe areas of the camp, fixing toilets and other appliances, firewood... all that sorta stuff. The list is damned near endless. My Second in charge of this is John Spencer (http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/forums/index.php?/profile/602-john-spencer-aka-flint/) Medical is people who keep the first aid supplies stocked, and are trained to provide first aid and medical assistance. This is everyone from someone with a Red Cross CPR certification to EMTs to actual medical doctors and nurses. My Second in charge of this is Amy Belawski (http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/forums/index.php?/profile/875-mistresspounce/) IT Services takes care of the website, forums administration and moderation, backend database, hosting, trouble tickets, FB groups, on-site network access, IT hardware, etc. My Second in charge of all this is Dave Morgan (http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/forums/index.php?/profile/5-coroth/) Inn Operations buys and prepares the food for the inns, schedules worker shifts, tracks costs, and so forth. My Second in charge of Inn Operations is Kerrie Lane (http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/forums/index.php?/profile/498-kerrie/) If you're interested in helping out with any of this, hit me up.
  28. December Event Double XP for Monetary Donations

    The total amount of donations is $3778 dollars. We did a great job with this and I'm happy everyone donated what they could! Ryan Staring beat me to it
  29. December Event Double XP for Monetary Donations

    Lol. We had players donate almost $3800 this month. Congratulations guys. A reminder that Kingdoms of Novitas is a nonprofit organization, meaning this money goes directly back into game to buy props, operations costs (like pay for the truck that brought our shed back), stock our inn with food, and pay for our site fee. Thank you all once again!
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