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  2. Blackhawk Omega VI Elite Holster Beretta 92F (M9) S&W 5906 RH (42) Brand: Blackhawk Color: Brown Type : Omega VI Elite Holster Side: Right hand
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    Hello, We member here from Fallon.
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  5. Harvest Fest Potluck Lunch Event!

    Second saved post incase we get like 600 items. Which would be great ;)
  6. Harvest Fest Potluck Lunch Event!

    Guile: Will fill in a gap and commit closer to event. Sage: Arancini Casserole Willa: Fesanjan (Chicken Stew)
  7. The Owl and Ore will be hosting a lunch potluck at noon. Everyone is welcome to come join us! We will also be holding a contest. Everyone who brings a dish to pass (20 servings min, and your own serving utensil) will be entered into a raffle for prizes. To be entered, put food on the table in front of the Owl and Ore before noon. Come see me, and I will add you to the list. That's it! So we don't have a repeat of the year, I will have an updated list of what people will bring to avoid having too many people bring the same thing. (Please post below what you plan to bring. I will keep updating the post between here and the FB page.) As always, we will have prizes. The grand prize is only yours to keep and use for the year. Prizes this year include: Grand Prize - Queen Buzzer’s Honey Jar - 1/gd with 1 min of roleplay acts like a buzzer honey. 1/gd when used with a real vial of buzzer honey, apply the effects of a royal jelly instead! Second Grand Prize - A Primal Throwing weapon! Other prizes include - Coin, Consumables, Scrolls, 1 month of production on Oz. The more dishes people bring, the more prizes I will add! Hope to see all your lovely dishes you make to share with the community!
  8. Hi all, Hope you guys had another great weekend and have settled back into your Kingsley home. I just wanted to send out a few bits of information about some upcoming CK items. First, on Sept 18th we will be having our fall work day. If you were planning to help out please coordinate with Dave H. or the marshall organizing this for KoN. They will let the Scout Office know numbers so we can have an accurate lunch count. A continued thanks for all the work KoN does to improve CK for all of us! Second, being that this is the 100th Anniversary of Camp Kingsley there is a bunch of special CK100 merchandise out this year. I sent Dave a preorder sheet that has descriptions, pics and prices of items that we’ll have available for sale this fall. I posted that for you all on the FB page and I will happily take any orders through email or FB page through the fall if anyone is interested. Third, we are offering a new event to our scouts on the second weekend in Nov. This will be a gaming focused weekend. For our younger kids (ages 5-10) it will be a Saturday day event with family games, sports, and traditional board games as a focus. For the older kids (ages 11-18) it will be a whole weekend event with strategy board games, ccgs, rpgs, and teambuilding games as a focus. Some ideas include demo-ing games, MtG draft, and rpg how-tos. Scout merit badges linked to this that we’ll be offering are Collections, Game Design and Chess. We are looking for some additional volunteers to possibly help out that weekend or perhaps demo something like building LARP gear. If interested please touch base with Will Mettot first. Please note that because it is a BSA event involving youth staying overnight, any volunteers helping would have to take our online youth protection training (about an hour) and provide a completion certificate prior to the event. Also volunteers would need to provide some personal information to be cleared through the NYState Central Registry. (Just want to be upfront on that before anyone volunteers.) It’s going to be a busy fall but it’s great to see that camp is being used most weekends again! Thanks, Rob Mahardy Camp Director, Camp Kingsley
  9. October Pre-production

    Report post Hello Novitas! Logistics will be holding preproduction in a survey rather than the previous way. Please be patient and let us know what you think about the new method. Let me know if you are having any issues. Please post here or PM me with your pre-production needs for the October event. ____________________________________________________ Personalized Incants You have the opportunity to personalize your scroll incants. To do this, please note what the custom incant is during your submission and it will be printed for you. Character Retirement If you are retiring a character (removing them from play), you need to contact us ahead of time to arrange the retirement process. If you know you are retiring at this event, PM me immediately! ____________________________________________________ Please submit all pre-production requests by Sunday, September 19th at 11:59PM. Thank you everyone! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM me here or on Facebook.
  10. Harvest Fest 2021

    Plot Marshal Here Next Month is Harvest Festival! In celebration of that, Second Shift will be an all PC shift that will have games, events, and even a fighters tournament hosted by player characters. That means there will be no plots and no monsters on that shift! That means that second shift will be one of everyone’s 2 PC shifts for the game. Your other PC shift will have to be on 1st, 3rd, or 4th shift. No one will have more than 2 PC shifts. Also, as we have done in the past groups can host special games and events during the festival and award special loot to the winners of the activities! If your group is interested in hosting an activity please shoot me an email with your activity, and the special loot you'd like to be your prize, you must provide your own prop. These special prizes must receive approval from RULES, PLOT and PROPS, do not contact individual working groups about approval for these items. I will take care of that for everyone in an organized, direct way. Games, Events, and Props must be submitted before September 24th, any submissions beyond that date will not be approved. As in years past, each player is only able to host a single activity! (And yes, there will be a fighters tournament once more!) Additionally, any player who has a PC character that has been shunned may email an in-character letter to my email (listed below) with a petition for the unshunning if they so choose. The Town Elders may or may not speak with the Helix on your behalf. Even if the Elders are unable to convince the Helix to unshun a character, those characters, and other characters of ill repute are welcome within the boundaries during second shift, though it would be wise to be on their best behaviors… My email is bmcgraham@gmail.com - Do not send me Facebook messages with your activities, they will not be answered.
  11. Lemons paid 200 coin to Constable (Brandon F) for more lanterns on path to slap and tickle.

  12. As always, only download these lists if you have the appropriate skills! idmagic-Sep-21.pdf estimatevalue-Sep-21.pdf
  13. New player

    Hey there Raymond, So I’m Brandon the 2nd Marshal for Marketing and Player Outreach here. First off welcome and we are excited to have you join us at Kon. So here are a few things to help you as a new player. First the learn to Play section of the wiki http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Learntoplay Then, this is the Worldbook. It will show you the basics about all of the character countries, races, religions, etc http://www.mvgc.net/larp/worldbook.pdf Thirdly, a link to our youtube channel so you can get what sort of vibe we're going for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIA4aAIkrp0&t=2s I would also say that joining the Kingdoms of Novitas player Discussion Fb page is a good place to meet other player and get to know our community more. if you have any questions feel free to message me or post some questions on that FB page. Our players here love to help where they can. - Brandon
  14. New player

    I would like to join my friend for the September weekend. He said I should start with this message.
  15. September Preproduction

    Player Name: Steven Guile Special crafting things: Master Crafter (+4 CP) - Savant (+5 PP) - Lab (+5 PP) - Master Mason's Robes (20% coin off crafting, +5 PP) - Savant's Potion Rack ( 6 Free Vials ) April Production: Character: Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker Crafting Boots of Anti-Magic Shield 3xG/D (24 CP) - 80 Coin Production 5 Potions of Dissipate (10 PP) - 10 Coin 2 Wolfsbane (4 PP) - 4 Coin 2 Bug Repel (2 PP) - 2 Coin 2 Garlic Paste (2 PP) - 2 Coin 6 Minor Power Elixir (6 PP) - 6 coin 4 Rejuvenation Elixir (8 PP) - 8 Coin 1 Smelling Salt (3 PP) - 3 Coin Savant Rank - 6 Catholicons (Free!) 125 Coin Owed.
  16. September Preproduction

    Your REAL name: Ceilidh Mitchell Your Character name: Helene Briar How many points you are using: 24 craft, 20 production How much this costs: 120 Any additional cost reductions applied (alchemy flowers, scroll paper, FF items, etc).: Merchant 4 & master craftsman (tinker, ornamentor) & brew potion Production: 2 Vials of acid, Alchemical fire, Spider bite, dispel magic scroll, tanglefoot bag, corruption. Craft: - elven steel goblet - level 5 trap Merchant: -Melt 32 points of items into 16 point bracers of dissipate (2/gd) - transfer to 8points of items to synchronize scroll & dispel scroll Febfeast item 32 point item scroll (2019): gift from Craig, never used. Keeps FF quality. Spear of nature & silver
  17. September Preproduction

    Your REAL name John Harrington Your Character name Ralen Elkund How many points you are using 4 How much this costs 12 coin Any additional cost reductions applied (alchemy flowers, scroll paper, FF items, etc) None Production: Using Alchemy 1 to produce: 1 Ritual Ink (1PP + 1c) 1 Bug Repellant (1PP + 1c) 1 Mirror of Sophistry (2PP + 10c) 2+1+1 = 4 PP 1+1+10 = 12c Merchant: Using Merchant One Ability (Current Merchant Level is 3) "Trade Routes" Exchanging: 1x Hand of Death (3) 1x Magic Power Elixir (3) 1x Minor Power Elixir (1) 1x Madweed Extract (3) 1x Affection Confection (3) 3x Potion of Heal Body (1e) 1x Potion of Toughness (1) 1x Vermin Bane (2) 3+3+1+3+3+3+1+2 = 19 Exchanging For: 3x Scroll of Spellstore (3e) 2x Rejuvenation Elixir (2e) 1x Smelling Salts (3) 1x Explosive Charge (3) 9+4+3+3 = 19 EDIT: Using Merchant 2 to exchange Coppers for Silvers Exchanging 63 coppers for 7 silvers 9x7 = 63
  18. September Preproduction

    Baldisere's production: 3 Spell Store scrolls 2 Dispel Scolls
  19. September Preproduction

    Name Chris Soukup PC Chameleon 20 scrolls of disengage 20points 1 scroll of memory loss 3points 1 scroll of enchant shield 2points Tinkering Changing 2326 to a bigger ring 8 craft points Total owed 65 coin
  20. September Preproduction

    PC: Arcturus 2x Silvershine oil (4 coin, 4PP)
  21. Leather leg armor and bracers

    I am selling my leather armor. Leg armor: $80.00 Bracers: $50.00 The black leg armor fully covers shins and upper-thighs and counts as 2 points of base armor. This was the armor I wore as Kato for the past few years and have some wear on them. Measurements (approximate): Length; 28 inches Width; 12 inches (upper-thigh) 9.5 inches (shin) The arm bracers are something I recently ordered online so they are like-new. They are 7-8 oz. Measurements: Length; 10.6 inches Width; 10.2 inches
  22. There are times when these forums just need a "like" button. +1 "Like" for Dave. Lol
  23. SOooooooooooOOOoOoOoOOOOOOO dignified!
  24. "I think combat should have some dignity to it" yeah, definitely need more knee fighting, or tucking an arm behind your back. "silly and dorky" Yeah, should definitely include some less dorky things, like pretend kingdoms, and make-believe monarchy, and made up titles.
  25. Jade!

    Hello, Welcome!! I was the Elven Matron of the The Temple, Lady Arayna (black hair, blue dress, dragon greatsword)! I will be bringing in a Faekin in February (we have a big feast in February, where you can put money in for a raffle and get really cool magic items for game). Wonderful to have more Earthkin running around ^^ !!
  26. Want to Join

    Hiya! Veteran player, here. We have a facebook page that you can introduce yourself in, and the appropriate people will give you all the links you need! It's called "Kingdoms of Novitas Player Discussions"! For some reason it wont let me post the link, but look us up and you'll get all the information you need! ^^
  27. Want to Join

    Hello everyone. My name is Spencer. I'm wondering how I go about joining the in person events this fall. My email is spencercipriani@gmail.com.
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