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  1. Hail, and Well Met!

    Thanks for the heads up, Maggie. I've been reading through pretty much everything and, aside from minor inconsistencies in the translation from "rules" to "wiki", I think I've got a reasonably firm grasp of how things work from a mechanical perspective. I've encountered a problem in my shopping around for blades though, and I was hoping you could confirm something for me. I'm a rather large man, about 6'4", and I'm struggling with finding any weapon that approaches a reasonable size. Shortswords look like (and feel like) daggers to me, and longswords are not much better. The 45" mark on non-Great weaponry doesn't even clear the length of my leg. These weapons, while serviceable perhaps as an off-hand or side-weapon, are almost too small for me to handle with any reasonable degree of proficiency. In some (rare) cases, the grips are too small for my hand to actually grasp without going off the weapon. This is my dilemma. I could comfortably wield most Greatswords single-handedly with a far greater degree of control than if I were to attempt a smaller sword, but in order to take Greatswords and wield them comfortably, I'm required to continually wield them two-handed (for striking) and forgo the use of a shield. Am I essentially forced into Great Weapons and all the benefits and banes associated with them if I were to be a sword-wielder? I have no problem rolling with the rules as they are, but I'd like to just confirm this point before I commit fully to a skill type. Thank you for your time and patience with a newblet. Any help is appreciated. Also: I know I could probably make my own sword, but my wife and I are not the most handy people and I don't think we have the infrastructure to create weapons. We spent an hour trying to figure out just which "closed cell foam" we needed to use. :P
  2. Hail, and Well Met!

    Greetings, Novitas. My handle is Bruno, both in the real world and the web. My wife (Lady Kaye) and I have been browsing through your incredible world and histories on the hunt for a new and exciting hobby, and we think we may have found what we're looking for in your Kingdom. We're fresh-faced rookies to LARPing (Well, we've done combat but very little in a fully-developed world) and are looking to both make friends and (fr)enemies in a shared, awesome world. While we're both new to both structured LARP and costume/armor/weapon assembly, we're both eager and willing to learn. I look forward to meeting up with you all and walking the fields of battle alongside, or against, all of you. Until then. -Bruno-