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  1. Latex weapons & latex allergy

    Thanks for the reply - balloons cause me to have breathing problems - give me sores. I'll do some more research cause I really want to be able to fight!
  2. Latex weapons & latex allergy

    'ello, I'm a newbie to LARP. I keep reading about latex weapons. Can someone tell me if it's natural latex or man made? I'm severely allergic to natural - have been for years. I'd hate to not be able to larp due to health risks! Thanks! Muirhinn / Beth
  3. New to LARP

    Thanks Maggie, I've read about 50% of the rules so far. I'll check out the World Book next. Thanks. Funny enough I'm camping in the Adirondacks this weekend - but I think I'm about 90 minutes farther north. If i can escape the family for awhile I'll venture down - otherwise I'm planning on being at the August event. Is there anything I need to do before coming to the Aug event - email someone/ forms. ect. I think I've got the gear I need (I've been reading through the forums to make sure my garb is ok).
  4. New to LARP

    I'm Beth. New to LARP but not rpg. I've been playing D&D, AIM, ect for years - now taking the leap to LARP. I already own the costumes (from Ren Faires and cons), so I just need to learn the rules of Novitas. Looking forward to my first event!