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  1. So, I found this tutorial (this is only part 1/4) while looking into crafting either PC or NPC weapons. The plan is to make 10 - 15 different blades of multiple lengths and styles. I think this can easily comply to the guidelines in the rules for melee weapons as long as proper measurements are taken, mainly on the non-striking sides of the core. Is this an acceptable way to craft a blade for KoN? A follow up question- Does this mean that rapiers style blades designed for stabbing and not slashing are against the rules?
  2. New to Larp ...and upstate NY

    I was already planning on making a woolen full-circle cloak. Will look into layering natural fabrics to account for the weather and character background. What sort of clothing would you suggest goes best as a base to build NPC characters on? I would like to have a separate NPC outfit that's flexible enough to look good in all the possible roles I'd need to play. Another question that popped into my head while reading the rule-book: Is it acceptable to do a whole weekend as a PC? I'm thinking along the lines of playing 2-3 NPC only weekends for each PC weekend I'd play. Either that or doing the seemingly standard 2 shifts NPC/ 2 shifts PC.
  3. New to Larp ...and upstate NY

    My name is Kane. I recently moved to Syracuse. I've always loved role-playing. I've played D&D online and on table-top since I was twelve. My passion for role-play started when I first went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival at a young age. This past weekend I took a trip to the New York Renaissance Festival and that quickly reignited my desire to get into LARPing. A few google searches later and I found the Kingdoms of Novitas.. And here I am. I've already started designing a character, bookmarked the rule book and world book, ordered a good pair of boots, and started searching for fabrics and costume patterns! I plan to attend one of the events as an NPC to start and get a good idea for how the game works. My next two months are pretty busy, but you can expect to see me there in October!