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  1. November Preproduction

    Actual Name: David Kelsey Forum Name: David Kelsey Character Name: Wolfbane Foxglove Race: Wood Elf From: The Great Forest November production: 1 bug repellent 1 garlic paste 1 Ritual Quill 1 Rejuvenation Elixir
  2. 2018 Halloween Open Donations!!!!!

    Is prop donation ex the same as garb donation ex (ie 1 xp for every 10 dollars)? Also you might want to include that Skaven masks are rat masks
  3. October Preproduction

    I David Kelsey ( Wolfbane Foxglove) am producing 1 bug repellent 2 ritual ink and 1 corruption for the October event.
  4. September preproduction

    hear is the wall mirror which one will qualify for Novitas and which would be better if they both do?
  5. September preproduction

    I would like to produce the Mirror of Sophistry, Level 1, Duration: permanent, Cost 2 Production points, 10 copper coins. Plus One bug, Level: 1, Duration: 10 minutes, Range: Touch Costs: 1 production point and 1 copper coin and one Ritual Ink, Level: 1. Hear is one mirror I am considering using it is small and very portable I also have a wall hanging mirror but do not have space on this page to so you a picture on this page