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    Topeka, KS until moving
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    DnD (still new), Dance (I'm about to apprentice with a company in Rochester), Sewing and crafting (also new, but it's fun), Avatar: The Last Airbender (and hopefully the Netflix series), generally anything involving collaborative creation.
  1. New friends?

    Awesome! I'm excited to get to know you all! Sorry for the delayed reply, I had my last event with my current larp this past weekend. I wanted to have all my focus there. Now, I'm going to start learning all I can about your world. :) I'll definitely shoot any questions your way. Thank you for the warm welcome! ~Katherine
  2. New friends?

    Hey everyone. Hope you're having a good night, and that however long you have til the next event, it goes quickly. :) As for me, I found out that I'm moving to Rochester in either December or January for dance stuff. That is super exciting, but: I just started larping 6 months ago here in Kansas City, and now I'm gonna have to relocate. The short version is I've loved it, I don't want to let larp go, and it looks like Novitas would be a great place to try. I've just downloaded the worldbook, and I'm about to start reading the mechanics forum. But, it'd be cool to say hey to you guys, too. I hope we can connect when I move to your area!