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  1. Back at it again (hope i'm not annoying) more questions

    And if not that sword, this?
  2. Hey guys! I'm back again with more questions and I hope I don't annoy. So, I think I may have a sword that would work, and I need to know if it's legal for KoN, and if it's not, I need help finding something similar Here it is!
  3. Quils and their acceptable-ness

    I want to get some feather quils for my character to write with, would these be acceptable to use? www.wish.com/share/46806tzmwj
  4. Medieval utility belt

    Hello! i have found a medieval style utility belt that i think may be within the KoN rules. Belt 1 if that belt does not work there is one that is even more stylized for larp Belt 2 If this is not within the rules, please let me know!
  5. My first homemade boffer and questions

    It was on one of the websites on the list of acceptable sites, this is very frustrating, i'm just looking for something I can afford
  6. My first homemade boffer and questions

    Yeah, i figured that would be the case, i looked at the vendor list, would the following be acceptable? it's the cheapest i could find of what i'm looking for Halfling boffer
  7. Latex Weapon Vendors

    Is this boffer legal? Just wanted to make sure before I go and buy anything www.strongblade.com/prod/sbff-boff-halfling.html
  8. My first homemade boffer and questions

    I do plan to npc the standard 2 shifts, but I have already been set in a character concept for some time, and have been building it as I read the worldbook more and more. Unless, that is, i am unable to find a party to adventure with. As for the weapons, i'm on a tight budget, so as of now I can't afford much of what's out there. If at all possible, could you direct me to a boffer tutorial that would be legal within the KoN rules? Thank you for your help!
  9. My first homemade boffer and questions

    and if this weapon isn't legal at all, are These? https://www.theknightshop.com/larp/larp-swords-1?p=2
  10. Boffer daggers?

    Does anyone know any good DIY boffer dagger tutorials?
  11. Hey! i'm new to larp and i'll be at my first game (hopefully) next summer, and i have a few questions about making my first weapon, as i don't have the money to buy one. This is the video i hope to use to craft my boffer, and i have two questions. is this a legal boffer at KoN? If not, what can i do to modify it to be acceptable by KoN standards?
  12. New to larp and ready to obsess

    I have read the learn to play, but haven't read the workbook quite yet, but I plan to download it and read it when I get the chance. As for playing, I didn't quite understand two things. First off how spells work, i'm going for a monk healer style character, so that would be important. Second was how combat works, mainly damage. It mentioned something about the allowed regions for hits, and I was wondering how that plays into damage, as well as how declaring damage works, it wasn't very clear in the learn to play.
  13. Hello! I'm new to this larp and larp in general! I'm probably going to be joining next summer! I've read everything on the main website and I'm ready to get started with character creation!