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  1. Wing-capes? Yay or Nay?

    Oh, I see. I understand. Thank you very much.
  2. Keyblades? Can we use them?

    Okay! Thank you. I’ll just stick to my own sword designs.
  3. Wing-capes? Yay or Nay?

    Oh. Do capes need to be plain or something? What can I do to make a sophisticated cape or whatever? What sort of issues do these capes have that I need to take into account?
  4. Wing-capes? Yay or Nay?

    I plan to possibly have a unique cape in the shape of moth wings for my LARP attire. No, I’m not looking to have them serve as “actual” wings, just an aesthetic (I love moths). Is that acceptable? Also, here are two I’ve been looking at getting possibly (although I plan for the yellow & orange one to be bought without the poles in the wings. Not interested in those. Would I have to have the maker of one of them change the fabric for me? What fabric would you recommend? The fiery wings one is made of silk, by the way. The other I think is made of chiffon, and that seller doesn’t exactly do custom orders. Thanks!
  5. Keyblades? Can we use them?

    Okay. So original weapons only?
  6. Keyblades? Can we use them?

    Well, that’s short & sweet hivemind, lol. Thank you for answering though. What’s the actual problem with using a key-shaped weapon? Just wondering.
  7. Keyblades? Can we use them?

    New LARPer here. I just wanted to find this out just because I’m curious. Plus, with Kingdom Hearts III releasing around the corner, that drives my KH side up quite a bit. Would a foam Keyblade (maybe not a prexisting design, but an original one) be acceptable for a weapon for LARPing? I don’t think any bit of the rules have really touched base on a technicality like that, so I was just curious. :) Attached is an old design I once did that I may consider being made into a LARP weapon. Thanks!
  8. Is bringing this book acceptable?

    Thank you Dustan! Just making sure!
  9. Is bringing this book acceptable?

    Thanks Marcus. I hope the prop official agrees with you.
  10. Hi! I plan for my character to have a special book he tends to read frequently, a book that I plan to have made as a prop! It’s not a spellbook nor a grimoire at all, even though it kinda looks like that on the surface. The contents of the book may give that impression at first glance too, but it’s nothing of the sorts. Doesn’t grant anyone magic, dark nor light. It’s supposed to be like a very in-depth lexicon of some sort, that even my character cannot figure out. It’s just meant to be a little aesthetic accessory and conversation starter piece for my character. Although my character doesn’t know what the book is called, in case anyone is curious, the book’s contents do reflect the title, “Poscentium Veritatem,” which is Latin for “Demanding Truth.” (This is honestly a book from some of my own original stories, and I thought it would be fun bringing it along for my KoN character’s own personal storyline as well.) Is bringing a book like this for my character acceptable? Below is what it will look like. Thanks!
  11. Does this count as dual-wielding?

    Okay! Thank you Pat for clearing this up! Again, I wasn’t exactly looking to really try to block with the scabbard, because I don’t think it could withstand such abuse.
  12. I am new to LARP. I (as well as my character) tend to fight with a sword in the style of Wushu (Chinese martial arts). I like to follow some of the concepts used in such an interesting way. One way I consider is something I need clarification on based on the Rules of KoN, as I don’t think this has been discussed before. i plan to have my character actually carry the sword in his hand (sheathed), instead of attaching the scabbard to my belt/hip, much like how I’ve seen it in some Asian martial arts films. When not in use, it would be carried mostly in the left hand, therefore allowing me to quickly draw the blade with my right when need be. This way, I can even guard with the sheathed sword in a cinch, before ultimately drawing my blade. I would therefore still be holding the scabbard with my left hand, while wielding the sword with my right. It wouldn’t really be used as anything other than an aesthetic quality that gives a little bit of a nod to some great films I’ve seen, MAYBE the occasional blocking with the scabbard, but that’s unlikely. I don’t want to break the scabbard. Just looking to add a certain uniqueness to my character’s style and methods. So to my actual question. Does that count as “Dual-Wielding”? Or is it fine to hold the scabbard and wield the sword? I’ve even attached an image to give an idea of what I’m saying. Thanks!
  13. Hello! I really am not sure how I want to introduce myself here. You can call me Igni. I’m quite nervous about this sort of thing. I have never LARPed before, but yet I am so intrigued by it. I’ve been wanting to LARP for quite a while now, but I haven’t found the right LARP for me. None of the LARPs in my state feel perfect for me (I’m just one state over), so much so that I don’t want to sacrifice a number of things to join what feel like very subpar LARP events/groups. This group just feels perfect. I feel it’s worth the four hour drive to this particular group, as I do not want to sacrifice a magnificent LARP sword I have planned to be made for a duct tape, subpar boffer sword. It IS needed for my planned character. The sword reflects so much about him, that I need it to be a certain way. I hope you guys feel honored that I feel this group is the group for me. If you want to know a little about myself, know that I have Asperger’s Syndrome (very high functioning Autism). Sometimes I feel that this is unnecessary to speak about, because this can indeed lead people to treat me differently. However, this time I feel it is necessary. I don’t want to be treated “differently” from anybody else. I’m quirky, but I don’t want to be treated as a child. I just want you to know that I do have some shortcomings, like the occasional sensory issues, anxiety, social awkwardness, etc., but I strive to do my best. Don’t treat me like a child, and everything will be A-OK. I do not know when I will be able to attend an event, as I am currently saving and/or developing outfits, weapon(s), props, and the like. But I do hope it could be sometime in mid to late 2019. I love to act, and I love to be immersed. Now my daydreaming will soon become a reality! :) Thank you! -Igni Grand