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    A Lord without a Land
  1. I will have a large portion of production available in April. Giovanni can produce maxed (20 point) Ornamented items, but limits himself to Armour, Shields, Rods and Wands. You must provide the prop for any of the above, and I retain the right to deny a prop based on my own standards. Rods and Wands of any Aegis spell, low level Restoration Spells, and "Grounding" only. I can also build up to 16 point weapons. The only restriction there is that Giovanni doesn't do staves or bows. It's gotta be at least partially metal for him. Items not covered above are strictly on a case-by-case basis. Giovanni is not a jeweler, but he does have contacts who can provide such things. Prices to be negotiated. Inquiries can post here or PM me.
  2. And So We Remember Gaius.

    Giovanni steps forward and quietly nods to Vincent. "I will help bear the weight of our brother."
  3. Map Updates

    Can I get a semi-official ruling on how long it should take to travel from Pinedale to Evenanessa?
  4. On the road to Evenandra

    As they stand, Giovanni looks over to Lord Bertolli with a smile. "I didn't promise this would be easy, and I expected that the pace we'll be keeping is one that a lord of Vlean would not be accustomed to, but you will sleep very well when we reach our destination. I'm willing to wager your mind will have cleared some as well. I've learned that hard work can calm the mind and lend clarity to one's thoughts."
  5. On the road to Evenandra

    "I don't believe anyone would ever think to look for him on the way to Evenandra. However, I will heed your advice to take the safest route. We need to deliver him to The Cathedral in Evenanessa. I gave him my word that not only would I take him there, but that I would give him an introduction. If he's going to be truly safe there, he must be in the protection of the Septons of the Cathedral. It is also there that I can hopefully keep in touch with him and gain information, as he is willing to divulge it." Giovanni looks at Narene with profound seriousness, "This man goes in a direction that Darkness would not guess. He walks out of the path of darkness back to the path of light. There can be no greater calling for a Septon than to bring a man back to the fold of the Sept."
  6. Return home

    As Balder mentions the wedding, Giovanni blushes slightly and his eyes dart to Maeve. His smile resembles something of a mischievous grin as he does so. He looks back to Balder as his composure is regained. "Thank you. I consider myself a lucky man. It was a shame you were not around. You would have been my first choice to perform the ceremony. Being married by the Septon who performed the same ceremony for Rowen and Atticus would have been quite an honor." Giovanni takes a seat next to Maeve, taking a sniff of what she is drinking, then a sip, before attending to his own cup.
  7. Return home

    The door to the inn opens and Giovanni looks inside. Spotting Maeve, his smile increases and he steps inside, taking care not to slam the door behind him. He takes a moment to scan the room and noticing only Balder and Miles, he scoops up Maeve's hands, kissing each on the palm. The smile on his face is not the usual smile for him, but looks completely authentic. Only after a moment of further eye contact with Maeve does he look away. "Miles, some of your apple-whatever-it-is. I swear it's more enticing than mead." His attention then turns toward Balder. "Septon Balder, I haven't seen you in town for months. It's good to see you return."
  8. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Giovanni is seen approaching the board. He stops and takes out two notices to post them. Both are written in the same careful hand. First Notice: Second Notice:
  9. Vincent comes in for a drink.

    As Maeve excuses herself, Giovanni stands up with her. "Let me walk you. I know it would make Ambrose feel better, and I would be more than happy to." He offers his elbow.
  10. Vincent comes in for a drink.

    Giovanni nods at Emrys. "Good afternoon..." He turns back toward Maeve, and smiling replies, "then perhaps we need to find some news for him, so he's not too uneasy."
  11. Vincent comes in for a drink.

    Giovanni takes Maeve's cup, pours a bit of mead into it, swishes the mead around and then pours it into his own cup, then fills her cup and hands it to her. "Couldn't have the taste of the mead confused by something else", he says with a smile. "I've been told that the only way to drink mead is in a wooden mug. Anything else might ruin the flavor." After a couple drinks from his own mug, Giovanni looks around. "So, what's news?"
  12. Vincent comes in for a drink.

    Giovanni sits next to Maeve and opens his bottle. He nods and smiles toward Octavian as she greets those gathered. He removes a wooden mug from his large sack and fills it with the liquid from the bottle. "Mead anyone? This is a fine mead from the Terran Empire. It's not as sweet as Evermead from the elf lands, and smoother than Dellin mead. Strong without tasting it. I have to say it's becoming a favorite of mine."
  13. Vincent comes in for a drink.

    Giovanni comes in carrying a locked metal box. He notices there is no one manning the bar so he steps behind it, setting the box on the floor. Taking a key from pouch, he unlocks the box and removes a clear bottle containing a light amber colored liquid, then closes the box back up. He slides the box into a nook behind the bar then using a scrap of paper from his pouch, writes a short note, wraps the key in the paper, and drops it into the coin box on the bar. Finally, he picks up his bottle, surveys the occupants of the inn. Noticing Maeve, a smile instantly overtakes his face. He approaches and motions toward the bench next to her. "Mind if I take this seat?"
  14. Fox Bangs the Gong

    Giovanni looks at Fox quizzically. "You'll have to remind me what it was I asked of you."
  15. Fox Bangs the Gong

    After a short wait, Giovanni answers the door. Seeing Fox, he smiles and nods. "Good afternoon. What brings you to the Pagoda this day?"