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  1. Ling here.

    Okay. I saw reference somewhere to not approved ears, but the link didnt work. I use the large ears because they sit on my head funny and it looks great, as seen in my picture. If those arnt in the approved list I can get new years.
  2. Ling here.

    Thank you very much Maggie, I've been reading through the lore and rules and I have a general idea of what I want to do build wise. Character wise, Ælern "Ling" Lyki, has been an Elvish adopted son of a northern barbarian in the past and I'd like to continue that with Novitas. I dont think this would be hard, with the established lore what with the northern areas of the world and the boarder between the Dellin and Elves. My only question would be how, frowned upon would this be? If its a bit out of the question I can do something else, its not hard.
  3. Ling here.

    Hello. Its wonderful to meet any of you here online. I've been LARPing since I was 13, first as a NPC actor who followed my dad around, then as a player character who has evolved over the years. I have played in multiple states and systems, and after six years in the U.S. Army, will be moving north for work, likely ending up in Manchester, VT. This seems like the nearest LARP I would be interested in, so I am going to go ahead and start learning what its about and stuff. Hoping to bring in my character I've been playing this whole time (yet again) but who knows really. I hope to see you guys starting likely in April or May, but I don't know when exactly I'll be able to get to my first game. - Ling