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  1. You've Introduced Yourself. What Next?

    Thank you, what time does everyone start showing up?
  2. You've Introduced Yourself. What Next?

    Me and my husband and our friend will be joining everyone this weekend, we were wondering what we should bring camping wise, what is needed and also what is recommended. Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone!

    Hello, my name is Danielle Dewolf. I am 24, my husband recently introduced himself, and now it's my turn! I am excited to learn the world, I enjoy roleplaying and fantasy. I am very big on reading and imagining the worlds in my books, so getting to see and play out roles of a whole different world sounds amazing. I will be starting off learning as a npc my first weekend to see how and who I want to become. I'm quiet a lot of the time but I'm very outgoing. Feel free to introduce yourselves back! Thank you.