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  1. Looking for Lord Giovanni

    (chuckels) yes yes I want you to enchant my neclace to increase my magical power....hmmm 85 you say...that is a tall order from my point of view...kinda why I came to you in the first place to enhance my neclace with production to make cost like this more duable...but my group has a far greater need of my magical powers to be more than what they are...so for now I am gonna put production on hold...but you have given me what i needed to know so I thank you for that...I'll see what wares I can unload and discuss my situation with others...to meet your your request so you fulfill mine.
  2. Looking for Lord Giovanni

    Well thank you for your generosity i wasn't exactly sure how you were receptive to people just dropping in....i'll keep this in mind for future reference...so much has change in the time i have been away i am just feeling things out...(shakes my head)...any how as you recall i wanted you to enchant my neclace with plus two production...well i need that to be altered to plus two mana...my need for that is far greater...so if you would be so kind as to look into how much that would cost me instead i would appreciate it
  3. A subtle knocking at the door can be heard
  4. may day may day

    ok he is home thank you
  5. may day may day

    ok this is kinda an emergeny... i am stuck at home my vehile won't work and i can't get a hold of anyone up at novitas to see if some one can get my son justin home...so i can deal with the vehicle....well if you have any numbers of some one that is up there please call them and get the word out...thank you
  6. a reopening

    (looking at the sign with a bit of a smile) "hmmm wonder if Rhaveniel is about...there are a few matter inwhich i would like to discuss with her"
  7. And So We Remember Gaius.

    (looking on from a bit away, watching the pyre, listeing to all the tributes to Gaius) (thinks to himself for a moment) "Well i really can't think of anything elequent to say that hasn't already been said so i will simply say good bye my friend"
  8. (with a smile and a nod) "yes there is much that has to be prepared for his eternal rest....should you need a hand i'll be around"
  9. (nods in agreement) "yes there is far to much going on right now we all have a lot to deal with..." (with a half hearted smile) "Thank you mylady for your company,it was nice"
  10. "hmmm...Vany'a you say....didn't give it much thought really....didn't feel anyone would be interested in it....Well no harm in telling her my memory of him i suppose....when you see her tell her i have a story for her...providing i don't run into her first that is" (scratches my bottom lip with for finger and thumb for a moment) "hmm that is odd you have that memory comming back to you like that...best guess its a strong feeling you have for him because of that act of kindness...but Giaus always was kind espeially to those who needed it the most...when they needed it the most i should say...at times i feel the only thing that passed his fighting skill was his compassion toward others when they were in need..." (sigh)....(a tear falls from the left eye, and trickle its way down the left cheek) "he was a good man and he will be missed" (after wiping the tear away...I look a bit more directly at Laurel) "So your learning other languages, that's wonderful, maybe in time when i have time i would like to do so myself, but right now its just not a good fit...i have other matters that i need to attend to first"
  11. (putting my hand to my mouth finger over the lips) (thinks a moment or two about the question at hand) "hmmm that is hard to say i believe i met him here and there at the inn...he was still in the legoin at that point..." (scratches my head and then as a light bulb went off) "But i can tell you about my most memorable time with him...as i recall it was fall and the ground was heavy with leaves....things were not going well as i recall....a stranger came into town who challanged one and all to fight him in an arena of his design....he fought all comers weather it be with sword...magic or any combination inbetween...a lot challanged him and a few even beat him....the only catch as i recall was the only way a person was allowed to leave his cirlce was if another took his place...most who challenged him made sure they were covered...right down to having a healer on hand to fix them up afterward...so i spent much of the afternoon watching contestent after contestent do battle with him....seeing how i was just as much of a drifter back then as i am now...not much has changed save for the fact it was a lot easier for me to aid those that were short handed back then..." (sigh) "that has become a lot harder and is vexing me..." (shakes my head) "...anyhow i saw giaus come in and varia come in....i watched and waited a bit longer and it was giaus turn...and he fought well and long.... but in the end he fell short...seeing how i have had dealings with varia and knew she would not let me fall, i decided to enter on giaus's behalf...a few other said i couldn't help him but i told them i understood what i was doing and took his place...did't last to long but that really wasn't the point of me enteirng...the champion who fought us all...his goal was to get us to work together...we weren't exaclty doing that at the time...he talked to me breifly after our battle saying looks like you do have a friend...i didn't get the chance to talk to him much further but i dissagreed with his innitail assement of the situation see...i felt that varia would heal me with little question but giaus on the other hand that was the real test...the test for me and a new friendship..." (a bit of a chuckel and smirk comes across my face) "So what memory do you have of him to share?"
  12. (Coming back to a sense of where he is...focusing on Laurel) "yes...I been saying good bye to him for a while now....was remonissing about all the times he save my butt and all the times he allowed me to tag along and grow".... (looking rather sadden) "I am feeling kinda robbed at the moment....my chance to repay his kindness has been taken away from me...." (looking a bit closer at Lauren) "I would ask you how your doing but i can see his passing has hit you hard...why don't you sit and we can talk about him together?" (reaches out my hand as a gesture toward a seat on the bench)
  13. (sitting at the table infront of the bazaar)... (thinking out loud)... "hmmm i wonder where Rhaveniel is?.....must be things are still being prepared for Giaus's funeral....i hope she returns soon....hopefully she will be in good enough mood to conduct some business...there are a few things i need to start looking into too ensure my financial future improves"
  14. A man to remember...

    Ayden makes his way toward the bazaar feeling damp from the morning shower...barley glances at anyone while making his way to gaius....pulling his hood back.... looking intently at gaius.....deep in thought....(tears rolling down the side of my cheak) muttering i am sorry my friend after the times you were there in my time of need i was not able to be there for yours...i worked so hard to be there for you....improved as fast as i could...but in the end it seems i was robbed of my opportunity....(smirks ) my skills have come such a long way since those days...(chuckles) well i hope you can alteast get an un interupted meal now..... rest well my friend you will be missed....wipes the tears from his face and heads out to the bench, sits down....looses himslef deep in thought
  15. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Thinking to myself by draconus i swear this trek gets longer and longer with every journey i make back to my mistress.... and by the looks of things it seems i have either missed the storm or i am ahead of it, looking at the sun, well i would say that i am late to the party...typical, seems to be part of the norm as of late....wiping the sweat off my forehead and the dust off my robe....Thinking well no point in making a fuss about it after all life goes on and my duties are clear. Said with vated breath...Ahh the welcomed sight of pindale, and the inn with a bit of luck myles will be around and will be willing to catch me up on current events, gee i wonder what events have unfolded in my absence, well myles usually is rather informative, when he wishes to be... upon further inspection of the inn... mumbles to himself.... hmmm must be myles is having a bit of problems with the inn, maybe he is just being over run by the load of people...maybe the load of problems with in this town.... as if almost on que my belly grumbels from hunger. By draconus, i realize that my god takes no part on either side of the clonflicts that he has remained neutral on all affairs...granted that don't exactly explain why he favors my rather aggressive nature, but i am sure in the grander scheme of things that there is an equal and opposite counter part to my self... or maybe its my simple natural wish to live and keep on living....hmm i shall have to ponder that one another day. once again the belly grumbles for food...still in all his wisdom i am sure that not eating and living on the generosity of others is not a part of his plans... this i am tired of... tired of feeling rather isolated even when all are around, tired of being an island caught is the sea storm that surrounds pinedale. by draconus i wish the legion never disbanded, but then again if i wasn't so stubborn about matters i would have joined earlier, but i can't rememiss on what could have been, i must move on and consider my future...seeing how no one from ghost has gotten back to me on my request... i can only guess that either they are still deciding my proposal or they have opted not to accept me...either way it matter very little.... i need to work on the basics and this constant feeling of not being able to fullfill those needs has vexed me long enough. So lets see what myles has to offer....a smirk comes across my face, after all who can concetrate on any thing with an empty stomach. i enter the inn looking for myles... at the last moment i whirl around and catch the door beofore it slams again.... grins again remembering Lord ega's threat about his hands being cut off as a trophy... once the door is closed i wipe the sweat off my brow and *sigh* phew that was a close one *snicker* then turns around to see who is in the inn.