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  1. New player

    Hello! I'm Andrew, and I plan to join you for the June 7th weekend event. I'm completely new to larping, so I plan to NPC the whole time to get a feel for your game. If all goes well, I might introduce a PC in August. Looking forward to a fun weekend. -GramNeg
  2. A legal rapier?

    Thanks for the speedy info, you'll likely see me at a future event.
  3. A legal rapier?

    I stumbled upon a Reddit post that suggested that this rapier https://calimacil.com/collections/all-larp-swords/products/lys-rapier-bastard would be legal to use as a thrusting weapon at Novitas. However, the melee weapon rules state: "Any weapon with a flexible component or which strikes primarily with a punching motion of the arm rather than a swinging motion is forbidden." Are all thrusing weapons forbidden at Novitas? I'm hoping this rule is outdated, as the possibility of thrusting has really piqued my interest in this game. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.