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  1. Ye

    Final question, or I hope so at least, what is the master list of what we should bring for strictly NPC Garb? If I understand the wiki right, we should bring - A Pair of Bland/Average Medieval Clothes (Though maybe a couple just for NPC's would be recommended?) - Weapons and Armor (?) - Camping stuff for our cabins (actually, are we set in cabins or tents?) - Snacks and things - Toiletries
  2. Ye

    Then a question I have is can me and my sister NPC for the entire time we're there, or do we at least have to play a shift or two per day as our PC?
  3. Ye

    My name is Aidan, I am someone who has recently gotten interested in trying LARP and, if all goes well, my first ever game should be on the 2nd of August. I am 19 years old and disappointing. I am what some would say enamoured with gaming and role-playing, especially with TTRPG's, and I have decided I need more friends. Me and my sister will be joining up with this group in August with the closest experience we have prior to this being our many endeavours at the Sterling Ren-Faire. However, we're fast learners and hope to have a great time. My only question here is that I have heard that leveling up and grinding to the top is like pulling teeth in some LARP groups, so my question is what is leveling up like in this group and when is the level where people will look at us and say "Yeah, they'll be aight."?