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  1. Quick Question about Death

    Thank you very much for your answer. I must admit that's impressive. I can appreciate the dedication to the craft. The local games around here-. Let's just say Novitias sounds more like something straight out of the Lord of the Rings while those I've experienced feel more like World of Warcraft. Happy gaming!
  2. Hello everyone. Admittedly I'm a little far away to join the LARP but I was reading the rules and became curious. My question concerns the following situation: It's 1am. Your group is ambushed and beset by player brigands or NPCs. You fall in battle immediately. Your friends flee. The antagonists drag away your body and secret it where it can't easily be found. What are your options? Do you lie there dead and await the full eleven hours until the two convergences elapse? What if you are scheduled to NPC in the next shift? Can you leave a physical rep of your corpse? Can you just give up and report to logistics?