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  1. HEWWO...?

    Heya! It's me! So I'm Michael, and I am hoping to NPC some events in early August! Will be coming with a BUNCH of friends over from the Binghamton University LARP (Gabby, Michael, Antonia, Cedar, Liska, and Jack? Not sure who yet), can thank Nick Browne for the invite and such. Have a fair amount of LARPing experience and am looking forward to it! Oh yeah, I'm 21, that's important... have gone to some Ren Faires... was an admin for the Binghamton University LARP for a year... I've been in talks with Nick, he's been filling me and the gang in on what we need; he's a Binghamton University LARP alumni, so that's how we know each other. Idk, looking forward to shenanigans. Expect Chaos!