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  1. Hello! I am hoping to attend my first event

    Thank you, and alright, I had read the age requirement policy I just miss read it (though i didn't read the forum post about it just what it says on the website so I will do that right after I post this.) I don't think she would mind much, for all I know she might end up liking the pc stuff too. I also read through a lot of the rules, lore, and world book stuff since I made the post to get inspiration for my characters backstory as well as the general setting of the game itself to get a better sense of how to roleplay my character. I will make sure to talk to dave when I get a chance also. this looks like it will be really fun and thank you again.
  2. Hey, my name is avery and I am looking to get into larp, I have never done larp before but I have done tabe top roleplaying such as dnd and fate before as well as done sword dueling for fun with friends so I know some of the concepts, I have looked at the rules and built a character (which still needs to get approved of course, though I did want to clarify if there was somewhere for me to get into contact with someone to get it approved or if I get it approved at my first event) I do not yet have gear but I plan on attending my first event in October so I have plenty of time to get some simple adventurer and npc clothing as well as a sword. There is another thing, I am only 16 but it says that a person above 15 but under 18 can still go so long as a parent, sibling, or legal guardian over the age of 21 goes, I don't have any siblings older than me but I think I may have convinced my mom to do it, she doesn't seem interested in the combat stuff though so I was wondering if it would be a good idea for her to just volunteer as a non combatant npc for all 4 shifts or maybe just for her 2 mandatory shifts and do production skills to gain coin from within town as a bit of a merchant if that was possible and allowed. I apologize if I have misread the rules and stuff in any way. But I look forward to hopefully getting to play this coming October!