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  1. Arrows

    I should be at the event on Nov. 1, 2, & 3, and will bring them.
  2. Arrows

    Well, I haven't actually used them at an event, first time I brought them was the Oct. 11,12,13; and I NPC'd first night (and hadn't gotten them checked by that point), there wasn't real combat situations besides melee tourney the next day. I've practiced a bit with my brother. I have experience archery prior to this, though I'm by no means an expert, and with a 24lb larp bow, they can be fairly accurate at about 20.' I can get in the right area at 30' if I arc the shot; after that the drop off seems to be too much for anything other then luck, and I don't think a bow with more pull would be what I want, safety wise. Not until I get a better feel for it, at least. They could have some good situational uses, depending on the makeup of targets in the area. For example, that first night on the 11th a few arrows into the crowd of NPCs would have been some great targets to hit; a great cluster of bodies, no shields. As far as getting hit by them, the dozen or so times I had my brother shoot me (I didn't want to use them until I knew what they felt like), they felt lighter then an average melee blow. Mostly at about 10' to 15.' The only other major problem is conveyance of the arrows. I don't own a quiver for the larp arrows, and they'd probably get hung up on it anyway when trying to pull them out (they're not really designed to be shot from anyways), and I can't stick them in the ground to pull and shoot later. I've a couple solutions in the works, but wont know how well they are until I try them out at an event. If people wanted to try it out, I'd be more than happy to let them use my bow/arrows whenever I bring them, and offer a couple basic pointers.
  3. Arrows

    At the October event, I brought my weapons, including bow/arrows and made sure to get them checked out. I was told everything checked out okay, but to post a link to where I got the arrows from. So, here it is; https://www.medievalcollectibles.com/product/larp-arrows-flat-tip/
  4. Introduction

    Hello, my name is Matthew. I'm from south-east Connecticut, but I spent the summer working at a camp in New York(Henderson, run by the same BSA council as Kingsley), while there one of my co-workers mentioned the Novitas LARP events hosted at Kingsley as being a lot of fun and raising my interest in attending. A search of the site shows that the next event, 6/7/8 of Sept, is a special event and that even though all PC slots are filled, any number of all day NPCs would be welcome; which sounds great to me as getting a feel for the environment and the other people attending would be good knowledge to have before making my own PC to attend one of the more standard events or laying down money on some of the more expensive gear. Furthermore it seems like an extra hand wouldn't be amiss in help cleaning up, and maybe setting up as well, which also sounds fun to me and wouldn't be a problem for me to help with. I've read some of the worldbook already in addition to a bunch of the information listed on the wiki in regards to the 'seriousness' of clothing and atmosphere, character development in regards to skills, and some of the more detailed rules on combat and interaction. I'd love to attend and get a better feel for the game, and look forward to it.