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  1. Hello, Good World.

    Hello! I'm Ernest, aged 20 years, BU student as of right now. I'm a participant of the BU LARP Club, as is Michael Prime, as I can see from his post here. There's a good chance I'll be participating in the upcoming October event! I'll also likely send in a new character submission soon, though I probably will NPC all of the event to get a good feel for KoN. We'll see. I've about read through the entirety of the rulebook now, so we'll see how much of it sticks when the time comes, on the other hand, still combing through the world book XD. I've really liked what I've heard from friends so far, and I'm hoping it'll be a fun time when I get the chance to participate, October date or later. (Thanks to Nick for Novitas Crash Course 101!)