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  1. Henlo

    Henlo, my name is Mortinn! I am new and will hopefully be attending your December event! Though I will be only NPCing, as the character concept I have needs a good starting bank of exp/skills... and to get a feel for KoN as well, of course! I am part of the BU group that Nick snatched (though slightly late to the party, it seems). I am the acting LoreMaster for the BU LARP club and am excited to explore this world as well! I have already scoured the entirety of the wiki and the World Book and am looking forward to playing! Some of my favourite parts of LARP are the garb, props, and make-up so I am already intrigued with joining the Props and Atmosphere work group (obviously after I have more experience with KoN, though). I may also be sightly obsessed with Lore... no Lore can hide from me... Anyway! I am very excited to be joining and look forward to this coming event! (This was not posted a 4 am after reading the entire wiki... I promise...)