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    First time larper, and I also like to play guitar.
  1. Χαιρε!/Hail!

    I see, although my character is really before that time frame. Y'see, he's more inspired from the ancient Greek garb. Corinthian Helmet, and a muscle ciurass to be bought in the future with a pair of greaves. If anything, I could decide to make my character a mercenary who breaks off from Civen, and does his own thing for the sake of individual freedoms. Like, he could join the Freeland mercenaries.
  2. Χαιρε!/Hail!

    I've just read the story of Civen, and I could see the similarities between the Roman Civil wars and theirs. would you consider Vleanoa more like Ancient Greece or just another segment of the Roman aesthetic from Civen?
  3. Χαιρε!/Hail!

    I've been interested in trying out larping ever since I found out how huge it truly was! My inspirations are the Iliad and 300, and I'm a big fan o Greek myth!