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  1. Pictures Of Your Armor

    I know I posted these from on the other forum, but I overlooked this one. The inside has a shirt and foam glued in for padding, protection, and stability.
  2. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    Ah finally! my babies!
  3. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    Apparently I can't submit certain photos, hopefully when this thing all blows over y'all'll see my babies!
  4. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    Last Christmas I got some pretty sick additions to my garb! two swords, one very Greek inspired, and the other just for the sake of dual wielding I hope it's ok that I painted the handle with gold, I wanted to make it look shiny! I dont exactly have the craftsmanship of an expert, but my artistic skills allowed me to create sheaths and attach them to the back holder for them. I got these vambraces too, which I also painted with gold detailing! A spear, painted myself and detailed! A lantern, which lights rather brightly. a shawl which I could use as a sort of cape! a set of assorted pins for extra detail. And last, (but definitely not least!) the Corinthian Helmet I mentioned in one of the other chats! All I need is the ciurass and greaves and I'm all set!!
  5. Armor rules

    I have a question on whether arrows to the helmet count as a hit. I went to one larp in which they don't and I could guess that'd be different here.
  6. Χαιρε!/Hail!

    I see, although my character is really before that time frame. Y'see, he's more inspired from the ancient Greek garb. Corinthian Helmet, and a muscle ciurass to be bought in the future with a pair of greaves. If anything, I could decide to make my character a mercenary who breaks off from Civen, and does his own thing for the sake of individual freedoms. Like, he could join the Freeland mercenaries.
  7. Χαιρε!/Hail!

    I've been interested in trying out larping ever since I found out how huge it truly was! My inspirations are the Iliad and 300, and I'm a big fan o Greek myth!
  8. Χαιρε!/Hail!

    I've just read the story of Civen, and I could see the similarities between the Roman Civil wars and theirs. would you consider Vleanoa more like Ancient Greece or just another segment of the Roman aesthetic from Civen?