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  1. On necromancers

    "When are they most vulnerable, day or night? I hear they have mortal guardians patrolling their borders during the day."
  2. On necromancers

    Richter opens the door, walks in and sits down on one of the benches.
  3. On necromancers

    Richter stands up and starts to walk out of the Inn, he quietly speaks to Nasri in passing so no one else may hear. Opens the door and then exits.
  4. On necromancers

    Turning to Nasri "Nasri, are you sure you'll be able to take on three pupils all at once?"
  5. On necromancers

    "I think the Stranger will be pleased by this, so many seeking to do her will and vanquish the living dead."
  6. On necromancers

    Richter smiles and looks down at the laces on his bracers.
  7. An Annoucement

    "Still my point remains the same."
  8. An Annoucement

    *Richter speaks from the bench he is sitting on* "I doubt your accusers have ever tasted the good fortune of complete abstinence from Nox worship. I am sure they have partaken in the very thing they're accusing you for, if not formally then at least incidentally. I myself unwillingly placed another drop of bile in Nox's poisoned cup when I was carrying the eggs of pestilence inside my body. I wish I could say it never happened but the truth is it did. But to say they have never worshipped Nox is like saying they have never experienced pain or disease in their entire existence. Gaius, their accusations fall on deaf ears here in Pinedale, I believe you are innocent."
  9. Looking for Malakai

    Richter walks into the Inn, "Has anyone seen Malakai? I wish to do business."
  10. Looking for Malakai

    No I don't think I've ever had to use scrolls before. What say we stick to the Restore Limb and Purify Spirit then?
  11. Looking for Malakai

    "If ever I get caught out alone outside of town I want to be prepared for the worst."
  12. Looking for Malakai

    "Restore Limb, Purify Spirit, Heal Mortal Wound, Wolfsbane"
  13. Looking for Malakai

    Richter sees Malakai sit down and quickly rushes over to speak to him, "Ah Malakai, just the man I was looking for. I wish to buy some potions from you but first I need to know the prices you charge for them."
  14. Looking for Malakai

    Richter sits at a bench stroking his beard with anticipation
  15. A Walk In Pinedale

    "So good to be back," Richter utters in a low voice, while blowing hot air into his hands to warm them. Richter had just returned from a trip back to his homeland of the ancient kingdom of Germinas in The Great Forest. Germinas has been forgotten by all tribes and tongues save for the families and cultures that live in the realm. But Germinas is no longer a kingdom of importance...nothing more than isolated and remote settlements and ancient ruins. Richter returned there to visit his family, and pick up some tools and weapons. "I'm hungry...I hope the Inn's open."
  16. A Walk In Pinedale

    Richter looks over to the treeline. "Oh, there were two of them," he chuckles. He turns around and heads back into town.
  17. A Walk In Pinedale

    Richter walks about the field outside town this cold night and scans the treelines for anyone or anything. He ponders about the coming winter and senses the snow in the air. He's seen many winters, hailing from the ancient realm of Germinas in the Northwest around the Great Forest, so it should be no different from any other. But this coming winter still seems different, somehow foreboding. He notices some movement from the treeline, a slouching figure with a weapon. "Orcish rabble," Richter mutters. He closes his eyes and positions his right hand next to his face with first two fingers extended skyward, he utters a prayer in a low voice. His hand lowers and his demeanor changes greatly, his eyes widen, his posture contorts and a wide toothy grin forms across his face. He turns to face the Orc approaching him. Richter is weaponless, nothing but his bare hands. The Orc looks him in the eyes and stops his advance. Richter, emits a low and constant growl, his condensing breath is like a steady stream of white steam pouring from gaping maw. "Foolish Orc, do I look like a normal hume to you?" The Orc, terrified, drops his weapon and flees into the treeline screaming, 'Demon, Demon!'. Richter's countenance returns to normal and he straighten his posture, closing his eyes he utters a prayer of thanks and opens them, looking at the dropped weapon the Orc left behind. He raises an eyebrow and smirks.
  18. The battle's won

    Richter walks into the Inn. "Please leave all weapons outside," the innkeeper directs his comment towards Richter without lifting his eyes from his work. Richter nods in acknowledgement and sets down nothing, for he has no weapons to leave outside. He nods to those who look his way and takes a seat in the corner of the establishment after ordering some dark ale. He just sits there fingering his chainmail shirt and watching those who traverse the threshold of the Inn. "Things seem to be getting better in Pinedale, so what now?" Richter ponders. A distinct voice echoes inside his head, he's heard it before, many times. With his right hand stroking his beard a grin crosses his face. "Something new you say? Wonderful," Richter replies to the voice in thought. He finishes the flask of dark ale and his head twitches ever so slightly, slight enough that no one in the Inn notices. "Something new."