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  1. 2014 Player Census for Shift Balance

    Richter (Randy Darrow) Independent, Shifts 3 and 4
  2. Musings on the Cherry Blossoms

    You should Lore it :)
  3. Youtubes!

    Hey have you guys seen this vid of Rag 28 yet? It has some shots of our favorite undead legion in there.
  4. What is your favorite part of each event?

    ^^ this
  5. You know you play Novitas when...

    When you find a quarter on the ground at game and toss it to the side because it's "worthless".
  6. If a player masters a spell tree and has 20 power points they are able to cast a master spell for that tree once per event. Necromancy: Blow 20 power to raise a fallen NPC/PC as a gravespawn (Character Death) Restoration: Blow 20 power to enact an AOE Repel ALL Undead spell for 1 GD Battle: Blow 20 power to swing for 5 regardless of weapon skill for 1 GD Compulsion: Blow 20 power to compel the target to tell the truth whenever they speak for 1 GD Nature: Blow 20 power to increase Body by 2 for 1 GD (breaks cap and stacks with Barkskin) Aegis: Blow 20 power to gain DR Magic/Silver for 1 GD Enchantment: Blow 20 power to gain immunity to tagbags for 1 GD It would be good for RP flavor to assume that the master spell would take at least ten minutes to focus one's entire magic force into casting it. Just a fun thought
  7. ...if there was a master spell for each tree

    Chris Blake Ima punch you in the testicles, you leave my levels alone! :-D
  8. ...if there was a master spell for each tree

    On second thought...yes
  9. ...if there was a master spell for each tree

    Ok ok, I guess it's about the lazors then. Become a Master, have a BFG that uses all your ammo, grow closer to your companions relying on them to heal your body, restore your limbs, and mend your armor. And of course those examples of each master spell were exactly that, examples. :)
  10. ...if there was a master spell for each tree

    That's an interesting concept. But wouldn't that detract from the " scavenger hunt " nature of finding ritual components in game, or from the general theme of the ritual ("darkness ritual requires one live baby to be sacrificed, I think I'll burn power instead so I'm not seen to be as evil. ")?
  11. ...if there was a master spell for each tree

    Right, but they are lootable, or can be misplaced or removed, power points can only be expended. If they have twenty power points of magic items all for restoration, then they are quite prepared.
  12. ...if there was a master spell for each tree

    That wouldn't work though, Convergence would reset all your buffs too so you would blow 20 power for about one hour of the spell if you casted it at the beginning of shift. Not to mention you cannot cast it for the rest of the event.
  13. ...if there was a master spell for each tree

    ...around them for healing. A ritual doesn't necessarily dictate a loss.
  14. ...if there was a master spell for each tree

    If they were just "master rituals" there would be no sacrifice. Spending your entire shift's magic power for a unique and powerful spell seems like an interesting trade-off to me. The caster would then be at the mercy of consumables or others...
  15. creeping rot buff

    I miss the old Creeping Rot, locked the Restoration Tree for ten minutes unless Dispelled or ten minutes went by.
  16. How Is Magic Learned?

    Your character can learn magic however you want. For example: Your slave character began to be aware of the magic and its deeper properties and understanding when a high level spell was cast upon her such as Improved Magic Armor.
  17. the playable races were expanded.

    Desert coastlands such as the western edge of Terra can occur naturally due to the weather patterns of the geographical areas (in the real world this can be seen along the entire western edge of Chile, precipitation is dumpedon the Eastern side of the Andes mountains, leaving none for the western side.) For this to work the Novitasian wind pattern for the latitudes of Terra would have to go from East to West. This desert coast would be fairly remote and any culture deriving from that area could be what some people wanted to play special characters.
  18. Fighting "Dirty"

    What about circle strafing? That's still considered dirty right?
  19. Fighting "Dirty"

    Wouldn't bolts of magical energy literally blow through whatever was thrown up in the air anyway?
  20. A test of my abilities.

    Do it up man! The more you make the better you'll get, it's win-win.
  21. Using the Cabins

    Terrace and Sentinel's cabin are one and the same
  22. ...Mediums could make spirits visible

    On a semi -related note, the medium could place a hand on the spirit and make them visible until they took their hand off...1/gd
  23. Narrrrgh, leave me Necromancy tree alone, Abomination is fine the way it is :)
  24. Player Distribution 2012

    Ivan is classified as a magical creature.
  25. 2013 Player Census for Shift Balance

    Richter (randy)- Independent