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  1. character name origins

    I was just wondering where some of you guys got ideas for your character's name? What influenced your decisions to name your character what you did?
  2. Super short term opinions

  3. ..we had a Shelob

    Operator dresses in orange, accompanied by a bunch of spider babies :)
  4. Pictures!

    ^^^I just peed HAHA^^^
  5. Whooooooo

    What Pat Lane wants, Pat Lane gets!
  6. Cooooooooold

  7. Cooooooooold

    says the bear lol
  8. Necromancer

    don't mess with my Creeping Rot. grrrrr.
  9. A man walks across the field...

    ...And to the large building at the end of the treeline. He assumes the Inn should be open but is confused to see that all the lights are off and it's locked. For those who know him, you recognize the green and white tabard as Richter's.
  10. A man walks across the field...

    Richter nods in agreement, then smiles widely as he hears Vincent's name, "Septon McFathom is a good man, did you know he slew an Avatar?" He laughs as he follows Olov toward the original Omar's Hammer.
  11. A man walks across the field...

    Richter chuckles a biit, "I've only been gone two months from Pinedale, I'm guessing you arrived shortly after I departed." "But come, show me where the Inn is now and I'll buy us both a drink."
  12. A man walks across the field...

    "It is wise to be cautious around here, my name is Richter Von Wygraf. I know many adventurers here in Pinedale and many of them I call my friend. How long have you been in Pinedale Master Olov?" Richter's smile is genuine.
  13. A man walks across the field...

    Richter turns towards the man with the hammer and shield, you can clearly see a black eagle embroidered on his green and white tabard. An elven steel longsword can be seen in an open frog on his belt. "Well met adventurer, can you tell me where the Inn is?" He yells back.
  14. You need to come back to game!

  15. Septemberness!

    Let's kick off the recaps! In no particular order: 1. PB pork was delicious and coupled with salt potatoes made a great meal 2. Picked up dual-wielding and it was pretty fun, feels weird not to have a shield though. 3. Of course seeing everyone again after a long long break. 4. Attempted genocide with Nick Q. outside the Inn, with 1/4 full can of hornet killer. Problem is, that nest was full of smaller black and white hornets and not the huge yellow and red ones. (P.S. there were some survivors) 5. An NPC role as Octavius' brother, giving Titus a migraine and calling Octavius a dick in front of half the town. 6. Titus mailed himself in a package to Civen via Crimson Courier lol 7. My inn shift was fantastic in general. 8. Going on patrol and running into two random encounters in a row Friday night. 9. Falco dueling Bully the Minotaur, after nearly averting what could've been a disasterous battle with those who had Daizo's Honor. 10. Engrish lol
  16. Time moving forward

    As I recall I put this idea or a similar one forward back when I was new, it's somewhere in the "Wouldn't it be cool if..." topic.
  17. The Newest Addition

  18. Intelligent items

    Uh what about a certain two staffs that Atticus was carrying around for what seemed like forever? :) I heard they talked to whoever had them (Atticus, then Hrothgar)
  19. KoN 4.0 Rules

    It affects everything you hulking undead-looking, abomination that walks through and can attack within an Unhallowed area! :D
  20. Hello

    yay for official greetings :)
  21. June 2011 recaps

    Hi everybody, sorry I'm late to class :) 1. Even with all the cool encounters, awesome RP, and great garb and weaponry, I have to say the favorite part of every event for me is getting to hang out with a LOT of cool people. Seriously, LARP weekends is my big stresskiller for the month. 2. And on that note, june event was awesome. I had fun rocking two Inn shifts, getting to know new player PC names and interacting as if my Inn NPC has known them for a while. It was fun. 3. The weather wasn't too bad, and I didn't get any ticks on me! 4. Fire Elemental ritualist plot: Made Vincent blow through half his power and gave the rest of the Sentinels a literal "run for their money". Lol 5. I'm really glad the new guys are enthusiastic, gives me nostalgic feelings of my first few events :) 6. Hugs 7. And I'm glad we're kinda garb nazis, because most of the garb out there looks fantastic. It has a great effect on gameplay and the atmosphere. 8. The duel with Goldwright inside the Sanctuary bubble as an almost fully armored Gravespawn. 9. Speaking of the armor, Kettle Helmet + chainmail + Gravespawn mask = creepy 10. Hugs 11. Being part of the Logistics crew, even as a sorta backup guy, feels good to be able to contribute something back to the game I love :) 12. NPCing alllllll weekend, the XPs! The XPs! 13. and more hugs. 14. My cabin, at night, is hilarious. 15. I love walking around to the cabins after the night shifts just shooting the breeze with people and getting recaps of the event. 16. Gambling with PCs as my Inn NPC Onessimus (Ness for short) 17. Those embracey actions your perform with your arms and someone else's torso...oh yeah hugs. 18. I saw Iga's armor, and it was complete! 19. Good Golly's afterwards, always a good time. 20. Can't wait to go to July Event!!
  22. WTF Forum Problems

    If you go an entire 24 hour period without checking the forums it will ignore new posts from the previous day