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  1. New Necromancy Tree!

    How about moving Memory Loss to necromancy, since the Stranger peels away memories before going to the Well.
  2. Found in Apache A-frame, aka Fire Keepers and Friends: -one brown cloak, cotton, long - one pair leather gloves, black insulated
  3. Best Of April 2018!

    --Making Odric into Reaver’s apprentice was the highlight of my game, many months (or years) in the making. I’m excited to see where we go from here! --Hanging out with my larp buds on Sunday morning, best way to start a birthday! --Meeting great new players, excited to see what you come up with! --Smart bandits in Mapleton. This deserves a little story. A stack of 7 npc’s armored up and bandited, sending one of us (who had a cleaver) in to town as a butcher who’s meat had been stolen. The PC’s roll up to a lean-to in Mapleton and after some negotiation, the butcher starts hacking them in the back (Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!) The fight goes our way, since we had the high ground, and a bog lurker took the opportunity to strike. We lost a few, but the tide shifted to the bandits, 5 bandits v 2 Pc’s, and the 2nd was running away. The one remaining starts negotiating for his sword I had in my hand. While negotiating, Orcs attack, he was able to save a few of his party but left behind one bard and one adventurer in a burgundy dress. Someone hatches the plan that we will need hostages as well as their loot, so we tie them up and heal them. The bard starts talking like he’s Tyrion Lannister and manages to convince us to not knock him out, in exchange for telling stories of our exploits. The lady awakens, and demands (while tied and with a sword at her throat), Demands her ‘pretty pretty necklace’ back, immediately. As a hedge against the future, I trade her the “pretty pretty necklace” for a promise to put in many good words for me, when her friends returned to rescue her. Said friends came to rescue, and after a parlay where the bard escaped, and the lady in red dissipated and got to safety, in effect rescuing themselves. Perhaps it was the bandits who were inevitably betrayed--good job, PCs! --AJ/McFathom--glad to have you back! It was fun meeting the hero of Terra, looking forward to more! --Also AJ--after the mummy fight, dead and looted, utterly utterly tired and spent, just sitting against a tree and laughing the exhausted laughter because we’re two old larpers who kicked some major ass. --Sleeping in a lean-to in 20degrees at night--that’s a checkbox for me! --Selling all my ‘bougie' wares to Onyx. He looked so good in one of Reaver’s neck blankets (scarves), this was said by another shopper: “I hate that you look so good in that.” --Late night conversation in the dark with Qwestor. I was exhausted after the mummy/Baldiserre and the Super Friends, plot, and had thought to turn in early. Before going to bed, I sat out in character, just watching the trees and stars and moonshadow, to calm down before bed. In the dark, Qwestor happened to come by. Reaver was very interested in this guy, and so we struck up a conversation in the dark: “What is your purpose, Qwestor? Why does Qwestor, qwestor?” Great talk, looking forward to more. --Tomas Stone's sad but powerful bardic story. --If you haven’t, there are some great and interesting blogs that I’m enjoying--thanks to the authors, you get me through to the next game! And thank you all for making this game great for me, much appreciated--
  4. Hello again!

    Great to hear you're coming! Are you bringing in a new PC?
  5. Best of September 2016

    -Sleeping out under the stars by a fire, and campfire coffee in the AM. That's been a many-years dream of mine, finally come true. Thanks, Kingsley! -Elftown hanging out, making tea, chatting with people and getting a sense of the place -Orienterring FAIL and turning a 45 minute walk into an hour and 45--my bad! -Hosting IC by the fire. -Teaching how to sharpen in the field. -No ticks! No poison ivy! (So far, knock on wood) Mapledog, aka Ruger, is awesome.
  6. Best of April 2017

    NPCing on Friday Night as bandits was very cold and wet, but even more fun! Thanks to The Negotiator, Blinky, The Xecutor, Greg, Axe-man and all the gang members of the Grinning Flaming Skulls who made the it a lot of fun! Shoney's Phonies. I was impressed with the three other family members who hooked for that plot, you guys could teach masterclass improv. I didn't hear the word 'no' once the entire plot, and it stayed IC from leaving logistics to returning. Great job! Friday night clear-the-benches mummy fight: this was a great fight, and what game should be like at least once a shift. Super impressed with the undeads, you stuck together and made a very tough nut for the PC's to crack--which they eventually did. ==== Kiba's Legal Assistance Fund--this was great, and great that it got a lot of PC's to get invested in legal issues surrounding living in Maplewood. Hanging with Johan, O'drick, and Mistress Beryl. Hijinx ensue! Selling the Maplewood Gazette was a lot of fun to write and sell. I seriously almost broke a rib laughing when I heard Riona get to the joke section: ..hehehehe right side hehehehe loin hehehe buzzers are dumb ...Hey! That's not funny! heheh bards hehehe terrans are dumb. I've posted it to the IC board in the Spinning Jenny if you're interested. I'm looking forward to writing another next month! Having a great conversation on sparkcalling in the Jenny. "Good Table." It's neat to have other people react to it, and not in the way I expected. Also good: thinking every female in green skin was a Dryad out to rob him of his will. Turns out, Verdurans and Nymphs have green skin! Reaver's a jerk! Thanks for a great game everyone!
  7. Maplewood Gazette

    After the first weekend in April, the Maplewood Gazette can be found discarded on the tables of the Spinning Jenny, wrinkled and stained from spilled drinks. If you take the time to peruse the worn paper, you can read the following: MAPLEWOOD GAZETTE April 1596 Norma DiPluma RAISE A MUG TO OZ: Ozwindel sen Craftwalker sen Etc Etc, merchant of repute, will celebrate his birthday by covering bar tabs Saturday Night at the Spinning Jenny. Drink up! SONGSTER REQUESTED: Cantor Lazulite Ferdinand requests interested singers for the Sept's Chorale. He is looking for two sopranos and a good alto to round out the Chorale. Services for the aformentioned vacancies will occur upon the first thaw. MARITAL OPENING AVAILABLE: Harris the Cooper has lost his wife and daughter to the city life of Civenopolis. He requests a replacement who can cook, mend, keep numbers, likes dogs; lacking a sense of smell is a plus—no dowry required. Seek him at his farmstead. LOCAL BOY MADE GOOD: Erin Thundershield (formerly Erin Walkerson) has signed on to the Red Dozen, a caravan guard outfit. His mother requests any Maplewood citizen convey her love if they see him passing through town. Info of same rewarded by pie. MARKETPLACE WIDE OPEN: The Owl and Ore is open for business! Do you need items magical, mundane, or alchemic? Looking to sell for same? Owl and Ore is here for you! GOAT KILLER RAMPAGE: Joanna Tanner has lost five goats in the last week. She warns of wolves, who are lean from the winter. Bring arrows when walking the woods. MARRIAGE: Emilia and Franco Francoson have married in the eyes of the Sept, their families, and each other. Keep your hands to yourselves, ladies and gents! MENDER: Quality Mending Services available; ask for Mercy in the Spinning Jenny PEOPLE, NOT PEE-POLE: The Constables would like to remind all Citizens and otherwise that the Spire is not to be urinated upon, as the symbol of Maplewood 'demands respect.' HUNGER WELCOMED!: Sprag, of Sprag's Snacks, politely requests the presence of your hunger at his world-famous grill in Merchantown. Local Gershen cuisine at its finest! APPRENTICE OPENING: Harding the Smith has an opening for an apprentice, since the last one “fainted in the fire and had thin wrists.” Applications accepted at her forge. EXPOSE: PATERNITY FOR A PRICE-- Old Farmer Deggins wishes to inform the quote “refugee refuse of Pinedale”unquote to keep their quote“dirty lice-picking hands”unquote off his daughters. Further, a reward of nine coppers (firm) is offered to anyone who can prove, or offer sworn testimony to Constable Antigone, determining which quote “egg-sucking fatherless son of a orc”unquote impregnated his fourth daughter Ilene. He also has compost for trade. GUIDE FOR HIRE: 'Rockbottom' Gerry offers her services as guide to any who wish to find the “Real Civenopolis Experience.” She is putting together a caravan of like-minded travelers; they will leave Maplewood on the end of the month, so signup now! Tours will include a gladitorial Colosseum , a ludus, shopping on Eagle Promenade, a winery (of course) and even an afternoon at the world-infamous “Petting Zoo” on Dripbottom Street! Have the time of your lifetime, at “Rockbottom's Prices!” MR. FARGONE'S INTERESTING PARSNIP: Mr. Fargone has a very interesting parsnip, in a shape that looks similar to...things that are not parsnips. It has weathered the winter well. He is charging half price, one copper (firm) per person, to see his interesting parsnip. The parsnip is not for sale. Inquire at the Fargone homestead, or most Mondays at the Spinning Jenny. PINEDALE REFUGEES DO GOOD: Ms. Formier wishes to thank the refugees of Pinedale for their assistance constructing her new farmstead to the south of Maplewood. AN OOZE IN TIME: Local artist Flabeaux Flatley is looking for an ooze to capture in marble sculpture. He politely requests that the refugees refrain from killing oozes for a week. Did you hear about the man who's whole left side was cut off? He's all right now. Can February march? No, but April may. Did you hear about the cow who was knighted? His name is Sir Loin How do you get an one-armed buzzer out of a tree? Wave to it. Why do elves have pointy ears? There has to be some point to elves. What do you call a bard with no hands? A “No Holds Bard” Why are terrans good at Liar's Dice? Because they're stone-faced. MAPLEWOOD GAZETTE
  8. October preproduction

    Reaver: using merchant, swapping two 4th level scrolls for 6 mend armor scrolls and one rejuvenation potion.
  9. "Land Grab" at Hoover

    Individual/Group/Character/Party Names: Ambrose\Sophia\Reaver\Oddfellows Space Requested: maple wood 4man Encampment: no, or at the least, light set dressing Willing to occupy in winter months: yes Willing to keep mundane junk under bunks: yes TOTAL years as staff (Marshal or Second, or corporate officer) for entire group: 10 TOTAL years attending KoN for entire group: 19 Extenuating circumstances: we won't be using this as a primary encampment for PCs, but want to make it look like an elder's hut.
  10. June Pre Production

    Production for Reaver: using tradesman 1, swap 2 heal body potions for a ritual ink and a diagnosis potion.
  11. Blog Problems

    Dear People Who Make the Blogs Work: I've been trying to post on my blog, Journey of the Reaver. When I hit publish (or view before posting) it kicks me back to the front forums page without doing anything on my blog. The post I had written, gone. I've tried several different browsers, with the same result. Can you fix this, or tell me something different to do? Also, thank you for your work on the blogs; the last two months have had some great posts, and I've gotten a great deal of gratification out of writing blogs again. To other people: if you haven't, read the blogs! They are cool and a good read! Thanks--
  12. Best of April 2016

    PC- Hanging out with dWinn--MK I missed the RPs! Looking forward to more! Getting the lay of the land from Beryl on merchanting in Pinedale. doing psych first-aid in Pinedale was handy! Not all healing is magical. Getting to do interesting healing rituals Selling the "Insults of Novitas" chapbook and hearing the guffaws--worth all the effort Sorien buying most of the Reaver's stuff---at least the best stuff! NPC The old Septon with the Silver sword--larp duels are so rarely cinematic, and that was a great bout--but the RP of it was even better. Miria, Ferrazano, and the Thief-of-Memory--that was an amazing scene! It was this neat crossroads moment, and I'm REALLY excited to see what Miria becomes! My money's on a ass-kicking knight, but we'll see. GOST, thanks for being the best godsdamned improv artists and saying "Yes, and" during silly plots. Not a frown to be seen for miles! The sad elven ghost with Drea "He's a jerk! Trip him!" That flowed so sadly,though. And, to everyone who helped out sunday morning and hefted totes IN THE KNEEDEEP SNOWVITAS, thank you, you are awesome, and I am lucky to help next to you. Make something awesome for next game!
  13. Garb and Gear for Earthkin Fella

    Thanks! Same here!
  14. I was recently inspired by new player Ithilfirith/Zara's awesome pics of her kit! Check it out over here if you want to see elven awesomeness. I wanted to up my game with my earthkin I'm bringing back, and here are some pics of the garb and kit. Linen Shirt--I dyed the thing stone grey, added tab trim and made little brass penannular-button-pin things that were more angular than round. The dye came out this mottled color, which I like a lot. COAT I took an old linen tunic, cut it up the front and added linen trim that I hand-stamped with a woodblock stamp. It was actually pretty easy--I recommend trying it out if you're at all interested. Best part of it was the card-woven neck trim that Julie made, so rich! Here's a minimal sewing/repair kit that I made up for the character out of thick wool scraps. Just enough to fix, but not too much. Hexagon pouch I made out of thick wool scraps. Not sure what all's going to go in it, or more likely fall out of it, but it was fun to do a blanket stitch to join the pieces. And, here's something fun I came up with, a Scroll Wallet. I wanted a minimal way to carry a few scrolls, maybe just enough for one school. The paper sewn into the leather folds in and out to hold scrolls, while also showing the scroll words so you can flip, read it, and tear it out of the wallet. It's small so it fits in a pouch easy-peasy. On the whole, a productive winter! Thanks to Zara for the inspirado! I'm looking forward to filling out the kit with other bits and baubles before game, maybe more pics coming? Also, to anyone who is a little interested in woodblock fabric stamping, you should--it is easy and awesome. Edit: should be able to see the photos after my third try of this post--they're HUGE! Dave and Co., can you see now?
  15. Party and Shift Survey

    Thanks! I thought so, but hadn't heard from any of them.