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  1. February Feast 2012

    Repost---- I have no interest in drafting of any kind. I will, however, do sealed deck. How about anyone who's interested go buy 7 boosters of whatever you want (six for deck and one for prize), we randomly hand them out, make sealed decks and play?
  2. There was an Inn board?

    I brought a Inn board that Dave's dad gave us 2 years ago..It should still be in the prop shed. It would be the board that rich is talking about.
  3. Von- Crixis Walks into the Golden Goblet

    Raines! Its been quite some time since ive gotten to witness your tricks. Serious you say? Do share the details over a few drinks.
  4. Von- Crixis Walks into the Golden Goblet

    *Von-Crixis walks into the Inn sporting his usual grin, his eyes seem to be searching for friendly faces*
  5. Volunteer work at RAG

    I dont see a problem with doing security
  6. Father Christmas Planning

    I can bring some grub! Hmm want to have a chill day Dave? Ill come over and make some arrows
  7. Internets!

    Not that it helps but I also think its trash.
  8. Telmar enters the inn

    Von-Crixis lets out a little laugh Yes you heard right Aurum Telmar will now be traveling with us for as long as he pleases. I have a feeling hes going to love traveling with us.
  9. Telmar enters the inn

    a grin appears on Von-Crixis's face Everyone this is Telmar he will be traveling with us from now on, introduce yourselves if you are not known to him.
  10. Reorganization

    Its all Jordan for Albany!
  11. Das Boot Der Legion!

    Hell yeah im in! any one else?
  12. Legion Website

    I have not managed to make myself a surcoat or a necklace.
  13. The Challenges of Corruption

    I have finished Gluttony woot woot :(
  14. Rag 2010: Fights!

    If im not broken all of it sounds wicked
  15. Helmet

    i now need to change my pants that is fucking amazing