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  1. Feb Feast 2014 Event & Preregistration Information

    I'm not on that list and did pre-reg (just double-checked my paypal account to make sure). Payment came from paypalkat@gmail.com. I neglected to add my last name in the comments, though.
  2. Found these neoprene masks on Amazon, and thought they might be good for nighttime masks. Skeleton Reptile Kasvak Obvious benefits: big eye holes, easy to put on, size adjustable, mouth and ear vent holes, take up less tub space, and best of all: washable. :P
  3. October Pre Production Call

    My production for this game (I'm going to need a number): Necklace of Dissipate - 8cp, 40c 1/2 paid for by Tradesman, so I'll owe 20c at sign-in. :(
  4. Louisa Elizabeth Morgan

    Congratulations! ;)
  5. Earthkin facey gems

    *sigh* ;) I'm trying to blend the layers better at the moment, but I think I failed. Solid orange gems it is, then. I'd rather my character not receive an "affectionate" nickname because it looks like she has Halloween candy sprouting from her face. ;) Thank you!
  6. Aluminum Chain, $99 At Thinkgeek

    I finally got my riveted shirt from Thinkgeek yesterday. It seems much much much better than the butted one. It's not the highest quality thing ever, but all the rings were where they should be when I opened the packaging, and it held up to some sparring without disintegrating.
  7. Earthkin facey gems

    Yup, hand making them. If they are too snaggy, it'd be a 2 minute fix. In fact, I could do it at game. I'll bring stuff to do so just in case! Also, what are your thoughts on the current colors? Thanks. :angry:
  8. Earthkin facey gems

    @Schuyler: Thanks~! :D @Personal Mayonnaise: Yeah, I haven't given them a test drive yet, but I'm hoping they are light enough to not cause problems. @Mijuu: Thank you! Yeah, I'm not quite happy with the distinct color layers. I was going for more of a gradual orange to clear but it didn't work out the way I wanted. Do you think the current colors look silly? They don't cost too much to make, but take quite a bit of time. I'd gladly make some on commission, but not until I've tried mine out and make sure they work well enough to justify me making money off it. :angry: @Jenica: Hurray! Thanks! @CleoMouri: The gems themselves are just a hair under an inch, the visible length though is about 3/4 of an inch.
  9. Earthkin facey gems

    I forgot to include something for scale, but it's about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. Any feedback at all would be appreciated! ;)
  10. KoN WoW

    OhaymoarDPS. Undead Mage, Amatia. :)
  11. Cheap NPC Masks

    I was browsing for cosplay shoes at Electrique Boutique and saw that they have some latex masks on clearance for supa cheap. War Orc mask "Werewolf" mask There were a couple others, but I think these two were the best. Be warned, Electrique Boutique also specializes in the skimpy ladies clothing so some of the images outside of those 2 links may be considered NSFW.
  12. Fortune Telling?

    Okay, waaaay back when I first came up with my character concept there were some concerns. I wasn't on the boards at the time, so I don't recall what the conclusion was other than calling myself a gypsy was right out and using a pre-established well-known form or fortune telling was a no-no. Before I put any more work into my props, I want to make sure that the fortune telling system is okay, and will not offend the camp owners/put the game in danger of getting kicked out. It's based off of Lingqijing, a watered down version of I Ching. I'm making 12 disks, 4 moons, 4 mountains, and 4 faces. You toss the disks and the face up ones determine the fortune, which is a 3 or so sentence deal. I'm rewriting all the fortunes taking out any and all religious or spiritual references and trying to fit the style of the game. When I get home I can provide some examples of the rewritten fortunes if need be. This is not going to be the only thing my character does. It's basically one of the wares she sells alongside of potions and other goods. Thanks. ;)
  13. Amazing Wig Site

    Eesh, I hope you didn't color all of you hair that way. My arms hurt just thinking about it! >_ I'll let you know how my dealings go with Peri.
  14. Amazing Wig Site

    I'll add my wig resources in on this one. Most Wanted Auction - Wigs and Extensions. The wigs start at around $13 shipped, but this store doesn't believe in Buy it Now auctions. Professional Only - Most of the wigs here are around the $20 mark shipped. This store is geared towards cosplayers, so plenty of funk-ay colors to pick from. Almost all BIN auctions. Peri Hair - They have an Ebay store too, but the prices off their site are better than the ones from their store. Airmail shipping is free, EMS is an additional $15. They don't accept credit/debit cards, but do accept PayPal. Average price of a wig here is $16. Be warned, all 3 of these are based in China. Don't wait until a few days before an event and expect for the wig to arrive in time. I have not purchased wigs from any of these stores yet (I plan on buying one from Peri Hair in a few days), so I can't give my personal review. Professional Only has gotten a lot of good feedback from people in the cosplay community though. On a similar note: Found the perfect wig style, but it doesn't come in the color you want or need? Synthetic wigs are dyeable, but you have to use a different approach than you would with real hair. You cannot (and I can't emphasize this enough) make a wig lighter. No way, no how. Buy as light a color as you can. If you are going blue, try to get as white a wig as possible as the yellow in blonde will make the wig greenish. For dying wigs you use Sharpie markers. There are two ways to do this. The Tedious Way which I have personal experience with, and the Smart Way which I am too stubborn to have tried yet. For both ways you should get yourself a wig head and some pins in addition to the wig and markers. If you have a Sally's Beauty Supply in town, they have 'em for about 5 bucks. Tedious Way: You uncap the Sharpie and color the hair, essentially strand-by-strand. Rinse with cold water until it runs clear. On a wig longer than ear length I would not recommend this. I did this on a mid-back length wig and it took forever and took way more sharpies than it should have. Also I didn't rinse it. Don't forget to do this or you'll end up looking like a smurf/oompa loompa/snork/etc. Smart Way: Instructions are in the second post. I will be doing this on the aforementioned wig I'm getting to give it a reddish tinge. The only other thing to mention with sharpie dying is that black sharpies are not really black. It will look more like dark blue, purple, or brown. If you want a jet black wig your best bet is to buy one that color. Hope this helps! ;)
  15. Acrylic Cores?

    I've read on a couple other websites that acrylic cores are okay, but I haven't been able to find any in-game info from any of the sites that say this. Where I work we sell them in varying diameters and 3ft lengths (for architecture students) We sell round rods and square ones. I picked up a .375" round rod, and it does seem quite a bit whippy, but might be okay for a pair of minimum length shorties. The .5" round seemed really solid though. In any case, has anyone had any experience with using a solid acrylic rod instead of pvc tubing or fiberglass tubing?