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  1. Father Christmas VII Write Up

    Father Christmas VII The Official Write up: He was a huge man in a bright red robe (bright as holly berries) with a hood that had fur inside it and a great white beard that fell like a foamy waterfall over his chest…”I have come at last”, said he. “She has kept me out for long time, but I have got in at last. Aslan is on the move. The Witch’s magic is weakening.” Come celebrate the return of Father Christmas to Narnia at the seventh annual Father Christmas Feast and Battle. Narnia is proud to offer another year of snow covered combat, Dagorhir fellowship, and most importantly great food! The event will also feature door prizes, Art and Science contest, and a Chinese raffle. To fill the void before the feast a limited day board offers snacks and drinks. Finally, to cap off the event, a full sit down feast! Full details on battles and contest coming in the next few weeks. Date: Saturday, January 22, 2011 Location: Saint Paul's Lutheran Church. 53 West Falls Road West Falls, New York 14170. Costs: Day trip (No Feast): 5.00. Full Day (with Feast) 16.00 Feast maximum number of people: The feast is limited to 100 people this year. Details on when pre-pay and RSVPS coming soon, but when the time comes act fast. The last few years the feast has sold out in the first week. Only a pre-pays counts as an RSVP! So please, plan ahead and send us cash before the event. It also helps out the cook who foots the bill out of pocket otherwise. For the most up to date info go here.
  2. Father Christmas VII Write Up

    Okay there are 6 seats left for the feast!!! From this point on, please contact me first before you send any paypal or checks. Thank you very much, this is gonna be a great event.
  3. Father Christmas VII Write Up

    Got all you guys RSVP's your on the list.
  4. Father Christmas VII Write Up

    Got your RSVP Octavius. We are now at 50. Half full in two weeks!
  5. Father Christmas VII Write Up

    The RSVP info is up, check out the up to date info link
  6. Your Highness

    Suck your venom... SUCK IT!!
  7. 2010 Event Schedule

    November - Battle of the Bandit King When: Due to a prior obligation on our first date of choice, we will be running this battle on November 20th. We understand this conflicts with Turkey War, but don't have much choice in the matter. If this results in lower attendance for this event, it's understood. If this happens to draw attendance away from Turkey War, we apologize in advance. Where: Hamburg Community Center, Park area next to the Center itself. Schedule: Weapons check will start at eleven, with fighting to start at approx. noon. Battles - We'll be looking to run themed versions of the following battles. Vague descriptions below, full story @ the battle. That way, if weather kills us, we can keep our awesome story for another time. - Knights vs Peasants - Everyone will get a chance to experience the battle from both sides, so we'll be running this multiple times. There are some special circumstances involved, so this won't be everyone just taking turns on their knees. Mostly. - Objective Capture - Similar to a Capture the Flag, except with buildings. This will be a two team, timed battle. Both teams will get a chance to try their hand at stealing stuff. - Altered Bridge Battle - Two team bridge battle, with some twists. Get in a tight spot and you'll slow everyone down. Both teams will get a turn at being a speedbump. - King Battle - There will be Kings. Kill one and hope he's the real one and not a decoy. He's a devious one, he is... Additional battles in-between, but these are the ones we'll definitely run (time allowing). We'll also have some warmup battles etc, standard battle stuff. Just saying though, go to the Turkey War, we didn't wanna compete with it on dates and attendance.
  8. Youtubes!

    I call that movie "Cowboys v. Ninjas"
  9. Finishing up on the the CoK

    There was only about 65 or so fights Rich, because when I was done with the chart for sportmanship and win lose, I had only got to about the 65th line.
  10. Badon Hill V ?

    Just a few, check out the Album. Photos by Zulu
  11. Pictures!

    Damn it! I lived in Little Falls for like 5 years and not once did I go there. I am going to kick Erik.
  12. Pictures!

    There is a castle themed bar in Little Falls?
  13. 2010 Event Schedule

    The T.I. Event got moved to the 14th of August.
  14. Shameless Theft of Battle Scenarios

    Kill Your Killer (A) * Everybody may use any weapons, armor, or shields they wish to * The person who kills everybody else without being killed wins * After the person who kills you has been killed, you are resurrected Something to add to this to make it more challenging and prevent the 20 minute run after eachother all over the field effect, is making it inside a large roped off square. Big enough that all the fighters can move around comfortably but not big enough that people can just avoid fighting by running around.
  15. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    LOL that is so awesome. I frequent the female SCA boards where Isabella posts often. I have her photobucket account favorited and I saw her concept art for this banner and went "wow that would be perfect for the Legion, I wonder whose getting that?" It looks great, can't wait to see that waving in the wind behind you guys.
  16. Cheap Period Shoes

    Magnus is taking orders now. Check it out.
  17. Cheap Period Shoes

    If you'd like to order through someone alittle closer to home. Shoe Order in TI
  18. Ragnarok 2010

  19. Pictures Of Your Armor

    Ahh flesh ;)
  20. The DagorHIV

    damn *pouts*
  21. The DagorHIV

    hmmmmm really sick huh? *pokes at kidney area* sooo..... whats your blood type? ;)
  22. Ragnarok 2010

    DAMN IT!!!
  23. Ragnarok 2010

    Here are Brenna's photos from Ragnarok this year. Ragnarok XXV
  24. Ragnarok 2010

    Picture from Brenna
  25. Discourteous Padding

    Oh god every time I see that I just get the skeevies, pins freak me out so much, remind me to give you lots of get better hugs next time I see you Dan. Probably at Ragnarok.