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  1. I was sitting in my private room at Strong Memorial Hospital after I had been readmitted from complication or my kidney transplant surgery 7 days before that. I was eating my breakfast watching a pregnancy fashion show on good morning america. Suddenly Peter Jennings came on and said that a plane had crashed into one of the twin towers and they were saying it was a cessnia at first. My mother said to fill her in and went to grab breakfast from the hospital cafeteria. I watched and ate wondering what kind of accident had happened on the little plane, when I heard Peter pause in what he was saying to his on the sight correspondent and say "Oh my God" I looked up from my food just in time to watch the other plane fly into the second tower. I sat in terror watching the smoke and a normally calm news host just lose all composure. My mother walked in the room and all I could say to her crying was "We're under attack!".


    We sat and watched for hours, the nurses crowded into patients rooms watching as well. The hospital administration had to get on the loud speakers and ask people to stop using the phones because it was blocking up the lines for the doctors trying to communicate around the hospital, and they said people could use their cell phones instead.


    What really got me that day, was when a news host was interviewing a women on the street and she was talking about the people falling from the building and the women couldn't continue because she was crying so hard, and the host actually dropped his mike and held her, to see someone who is supposed to keep his emotion at bay drop everything to comfort another person really showed the good of humanity in such a dark time.

  2. Here is a link to the original post on the TI forums with some more info.




    One of the important bits:


    "Garb Rules: The new garb rules as passed at RWC will be enforced at this event. No exceptions, no loop holes. People that are not fighting are welcome to wear street clothes, but as this is a demo if you are in street clothes we don't want you talking to the public about Dagorhir! No garb=no better than a passer by. Off the shelf martial arts uniform WILL FAIL as garb! If that is all you have start hacking up a bed sheet now. Things like underarmor, scrubs, and other on the edge modern clothing will fail if you make no attempt to cover it up. I don't care about sports pads as long as they are non-obtrusive (solid colors, no logos). If there are any questions on garb please contact Magnus of Narnia before the event and he will help you. Once we get there if your garb bounces, you ain't fighting.


    Arrows: We may or may not allow arrows/bolts based on conditions (size of crowds, etc.). If you plan to shoot at the event please bring a non-missile back up. Sorry ahead of time if there are no missile weapons.


    Dealing with the public: This is a public demo so please be on your best behavior. Wear your best garb, watch the tempers and language, and so on. The demo is not the time to tell people the story about that time you ran naked across the battle field at RAG!


    If there are any questions, or if this write up is confusing please drop me a line and I will help you. "

  3. There is the Raspberry Woodchuck as well. It's a sweeter taste then most of the woodchucks, but I'm big on sweet alcohol. The raspberry taste is subtle but you know it's there. and it's smooth, not as tart as I find the apple and pear woodchuck.

  4. I'm glad your gonna try it out Bill and found the forums okay after you asked me about it, these guys are awesome and a lot of fun. I know I enjoyed NPC'ing for my first time, it kinda let me get a lay of the land.

  5. ++ Something to use as a garbage collector. Last year we just hung a bag on a tree, that's a bad plan.


    In Narnia we use those pop up round clothes hampers with garbage bags in them, they work great and if you find some simple black ones they don't ruin the look of the camp too much.