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  1. Teridan is part of the Wardens. I was unaware I had a whole cabin assigned to me.
  2. Best of Novitas New Year

    - Wearing brand new shiny garb from MK. - Trying to negotiate with the Terran fanatics. - Not recognizing Maggie in her new barbarian getup and having it dawn on me later. - Al and Jamie dropping in for the party. - Watching people I have brought to this game make new friends and have an absolute blast.
  3. Question about Character Amnesty

    There is something to be said for acquiring these skills you want as part of your character's personal development. Having the character pick up a new hobby/profession/skill for in-game reasons can be a fun discovery.
  4. Novitas New Year 2017

    I haven't heard of that, nor do I have it. Sorry.
  5. Novitas New Year 2017

    Preregged. I'm going to be bringing a bunch of board games to play in quiet cabin. If anyone has requests, I'll gladly bring things people want. Take a look and see what you want me to bring: https://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/TheAuthorOfOZ

    I just sent some money for a donation.
  7. A Good day to Thee!!

    I have hosted 2 fighter practices here and Brenda was present for both. We did hit calibration and basic combat. I can do the new player speech here before game for her if you want to send me the list.
  8. Casino

    I don't actually recall anyone ever going there for casino-related activities. Having it at the tavern is 100% better.
  9. Winter Sleeping in Maplewood

    The link to the 4-man heater you suggested does not work.
  10. Best of October

    I think the problem with the all-PC shift this year was that EVERYONE decided to pack themselves into the Inn for a lot of it. It was loud, and crowded, whereas in Pinedale it was spread out between the various cabins. Also it rained. EDIT (and relevant): As Dave says below, I believe this to be a one-time anomaly. Forgot to mention that.
  11. Lost and Found: October

    Lost: mundane dagger with a Celtic Knot design on the pommel. Should have had a blue flag tied around it. I can't find a picture of it because I don't remember where I bought it from. Lost on the main road between Elftown and the first fork in the road beyond Elftown.
  12. Lost and Found: October

    Pat: I have your scroll book. I also have all the Warden encampment stuff and our elven steel teapot.
  13. October Weather

    Weather is a coin flip. Pack accordingly. New players: this means extra socks and underware, and either a cloak or something else beyond your normal garb to keep you warm and dry. Don't be a tough guy. Better to have it and not need it, etc.
  14. *waves nervously* Um, hi??

    In the context of bringing a full kit, is all I mean. And yes, it slipped my mind that you drum at the inn. I haven't seen you do it in a while. My bad.
  15. *waves nervously* Um, hi??

    A cellist, fiddler, and guitarist, and now a drummer. Our game is clearly on its way to having a full band!
  16. Magic Lock and Maplewood Tents

    I was wondering since tents are now going to be a major part of our setting, both for PC encampments and NPC encounter areas, what the official ruling on Magic Lock is. Does Magic Lock seal a tent with closed flaps, or do those living in tents run the risk of anything walking in on them?
  17. Magic Lock and Maplewood Tents

    I figured this is how it's always been. What I'm trying to find out is whether TENTS are a "structure."
  18. Magic Lock and Maplewood Tents

    Magic Lock has always sealed all openings to a structure. You might have to put a flag on both doors in the new cabins though.
  19. Another Cloudbank Approaching!

    I look at that picture and it reminds me of The Three Amigos.
  20. Have we located a place nearby to fill propane tanks? I know there was a gas station just a few minutes away, and if I recall they are 24 hours. Didn't check to see if they filled propane while I was there though.
  21. I did an Amazon search for lighting solutions. "Vintage Lantern LED" brought some decent results.
  22. Sleeping Arrangements at Hoover Adventure Center

    What if a player wants to pitch a personal tent, for in game flavor/encampment? Does Camp Hoover not want us to do this? With so much sleeping space, would logistics prefer we not bring tents?
  23. Powefrul music

    They have provided INSTRUMENTS as loot in the past that can do special abilities. Since we don't want to have "character classes" in this system, I doubt we'll ever get powers for playing music as though it were an RP skill, as that comes dangerously close to having a class. But with instruments as loot, this is possible.
  24. Dancing

    Yes! A thousand times yes! Especially for next festival, which will likely not be until net year. Also, thank Courtinie or whoever gave her that plot, for coming to town as the cutest girl asking to learn how to dance. It was like she was getting ready for prom. It sparked a conversation about dances.
  25. Best of September!

    Overall: 1) NEW PLAYERS! Each and every one of you put so much energy into your roles, both PC and NPC. I was very impressed with how easily you guys jumped right into our game. You had enthusiasm, and didn't shy away from anything, and were willing to learn. Those of you who are on your 2nd and 3rd game did a great job as well. 2) Every phylactery fight. There is really nothing like hearing a ritual going on behind you while being surrounded by enemies trying to get through. Each and every one of those battles was intense! PC: - Everybody gathering at the Fae circle to destroy the phylactery at noon, armed to the teeth and expecting a shitstorm. "Hey guys, we did the ritual." "Whaaa?" "Okay. VICTORY!" - Stunning Jimmy as he chucked Devastation at everything in sight. Seeing the look on his face when he went, "crap. Can't stop that" and fell over. - Watching Arcturas (sp?) during that major fight, his second day in Pinedale, shout "FOR THE SEVEN!" and charge the Orc Berserker, swinging his amazing 1 damage greatsword like a superhero! We'll make a knight out of you yet. Way to commit to your role and the fight as a lowbie dude! - Zara's leaf headband that I will make into a magic item. I wore it all day over one shoulder. - The Pinedale Musical Hour, featuring Mariner on cello, Richard the bard on Guitar, and Andrew on his fiddle. - Sending an angry spirit back to the well with Narine. - 6pm phylactery battle. THIS was the fight we expected at noon. Line battle against an army of servants. - Training the Cloudbreak Brothers (sp?) and other newbies the finer parts of swordplay throughout the day alongside other PCs, in preparation for the battles ahead. - Consistently mixing up Charles, Crispen, and Casper, or forgetting at least 1 name each time I saw them. - Friendsgiving. "Teridan, I didn't know you could sing!" OOG question: am I actually good? NPC: - The return of Xicris. Hat off to Tammy for being my super sweet makeup artist. She knew him best, so it was totally appropriate as she was stuck on NPC duty when this happened. The reactions from everyone who remembered him were great. -> Atticus: "No way...NO WAY." -> Other PC to Pat: "Hey there's this guy out here who says his name is Zicros...Zicras? He's green." Pat: "Wait...green guy? XICRIS? It can't be!" Xicris steps into the in. Pat's jaw hits the floor. -> Danio: "Xicris? Is that really you?" Me: "Yes old friend." Danio's mind: "Not gunna cry, not gunna cry..." -> Titus: "S'up" -> Dren: "Wow, it's great to see you again. What's your realm like?" -> Rictor: "Oh wow, you're back! I never expected this! You came to help us out?" -> Michael Burnheart: "You don't remember me do you?" Me OOC had forgotten I did know him. Out loud "of course, old friend! Where is Blagar?" -> Vany'a: Looked as though she was reuniting with her best friend from college that she'd lost touch with. "I never got to say goodbye." Me: "well now you can. And never forget where you came from. You have changed. Don't hide it. It is part of you." -> Ivan: "Oh. You're here huh. Okay. Like I give a f---" - Literally every interaction with Pat as Xicris. Pat had so many questions about his children, about sparks, and he reconciled his differences with Xicris, saying how much he's changed. Later, after everything was over, watching him just look like a tired old man who can't quite believe the war is over, and giving him comfort. - Atticus bringing over Arbor to meet Xircis. Giving Arbor chills while discussing what it means to be Faekin. Making her think about that part of her heritage. Kat, I love the scenes we have together every time. - Giving Riona the green sand as the mysterious messenger Xicris managed to compel the night before, so that she knew he was watching over her. Awesome moment. Thorian nearly ruined it. - The ending battle with the alters in the Al'caren's crypt look incredible, and felt incredible. It reminded me of the battle against the dragon so many years ago. Great job to shift 4 for setting all that up and making it kick so much ass. - Taking a bunch of newbies as elves on a field trip. One of the newbies really drinking hot sauce when the bartenders joked with him. They probably didn't really think he'd do it. You newbies were great during this! All of you asked great questions.