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  1. Dag Healing Poem

    Updated healing poem, formatted to be folded in half, with syllable count for the weapons checkers. Legion Healing poem_16.docx
  2. The Challenges of Corruption

    I wanted to let Pat Lane go first, since he was the advertised person in charge; but if leadership agrees, I'd like to claiming Lust for assisting Pat Lane with running the Mayfair demo (where we had more interest than wavers by the end of the day).
  3. The buildings that we've been sleeping in are arranged like this, I double checked with photos this weekend: Cabin 6: Templars, 4-man Cabin 7: GoST, 8-man Cabin 8: Wardens, 8-man Cabin 9: Rhinos, 8-man Cabin 10: The Badgers, 4-man (used to be claimed by Richard as OOG sleeping) Maplewood Red Cabins are four-person buildings Cabin 6: Wardens Cabin 7: The Badgers Cabin 8: Templars Cabin 9: Rhinos Cabin 10: GoST[/end quote]
  4. The Challenges of Corruption

    Claiming Gluttony 1 for fighting in the tournament at the Battle of a Thousand Fools this year (Tir Asleen opener).
  5. Stan the Bard

  6. Dates

    Sometimes people will also colloquially use the phrase "when the key lines cross" to refer to the next convergence. :)
  7. The Challenges of Corruption

    Claiming Envy 2 for the Pentwvyrn Harvestfest last fall. Also Sloth from Ragnarok 2012.
  8. March Preproduction

    Stan the Bard 2 magic armor potions, cost: 2 copper, 2PP 2 minor power elixers, cost: 2 copper, 2PP (alchemical flower #120) 2 rejuvenation elixers, cost: 4 copper, 4PP (alchemical flower #262) Total cost to Logistics: 8 copper & 2 flowers
  9. Question about Light Tubes

    In general a maglight solitare are with an led bulb will usually fail for being too bright. If you can find a replacement incandescent bulb for it it should be fine for brightness. You'll still have to cover or paint the solitare itself as well.
  10. Question about Light Tubes

    In general a maglight solitare are with an led bulb will usually fail for being too bright. If you can find a replacement incandescent bulb for it it should be fine for brightness. You'll still have to cover or paint the solitare itself as well.
  11. February Preproduction

    Production for Stan the Bard 1 mirror of sophistry - 2pp - 10 coin
  12. Colder Months and you.

    Snow seal works best on a hot sunny day to re-waterproof your boots, but bringing an extra pair will get you pretty far (1 pair for each shift).
  13. Novitas New Year 2017

    How will NPC'ing work for the 2 shifts of NNY?
  14. Welcome to Stan's Sundries, roving shop at large, owned & operated by Stan The Bard! As some of you may be aware, I will be continuing to offer disposable/flexible feastware kits, in wooden bowl, fork, and spoon sets. Each set can be yours for only 1 silver - think of the convenience! No dishes need to be done with your new kit, and no need to pack it up in your house between gatherings, since you can simply buy new when needed! I am currently also offering blue component strips for 1 coin a piece - think of all the extra spells to be stored, or doors that need securing! I'm looking forward to offering new and fun additional items as time goes on as well. Generally I find myself out in the afternoon & late evenings, but you can always find me earlier in the week as well, if you are more active in the mornings. (OOC: presale sets will be available during sign in, if you want to use them before shifts 3-4 when Stan is a PC.)
  15. Magic Lock and Maplewood Tents

    You always had to do this too, but it was less of an issue when the windows didn't open & there was only 1 door.
  16. "Land Grab" at Hoover

    Individual/Group/Character/Party Names: GoST: Zach W. (Octavious), Hanna W. (PC name ?), Rick S. (Dren), Camilla S. (Drea), Mike B. (Stan the Bard), Gabe (The Bun Wizard), Asian Dave C. (Ditoro), Phoenix (Phoenix), John H. (Raelen), Ryan Spires (Michael Burnhart) Space Requested: 8-man Maplewood Cabin Encampment: Yes Willing to occupy in winter months: Yes Willing to keep mundane junk under bunks: Yes TOTAL years as staff (Marshal or Second, or corporate officer) for entire group: 7 years TOTAL years attending KoN for entire group: 44 years Extenuating circumstances: None
  17. Cairnhold Legion Roster & Contact Info

    The next time you do an update, I'd like to come off the disabled list and "fight" with you all as a healer - singin the praises of the Space Pope! Also my name got changed to Amnesia, see you at VaG. :)
  18. Double xp for tagbags in August

    With 2 or 3 friends you can knock out a ton working an assemby line set up. The last time mk and i made spackets, we were able to churn out a few hundred for 2 afternoons of work. :)
  19. Something something best of May...

    My thanks to the angry vlenoan in the inn who got up in my grill, trying to pick a fight. If not for you, that hitchhiking beetle in my beard would have stayed put for much longer than (only) the walk back from lootsville. :)
  20. Sanctuary Question

    So this situation came up late on saturday night, when a wand of sanctuary was dropped in a loot package after a fight. While discussing who should get it, several people were sure that sanctuary created a bubble which just kept people out (letting through magical darts, arrows, thrown weapons, poisons, etc.) I looked through the erratas back to 2013, skimmed the public rules threads for help, and also checked the wiki. But everything points to the bubble keeping out everything except these 3 exceptions: magical darts, people buffed with anti-magic aura, people buffed with ethereal sealant. Can somebody officially clarify what the effects of sanctuary are? Also for reference, the wiki text is below.
  21. Sanctuary Question

    I guess my specific question was, can arrows, thrown weapons, and poisons enter the bubble from outside? Everyone on saturday agreed that non-buffed persons couldn't enter and that magic darts could enter (with magic darts & people being able to exit the bubble,just on a one-way street only).
  22. Quaterstaff suitable for fighting

    I've had good luck with this staff, but the ends will wear out if you lean on it like a walking stick. wooden staff
  23. 2016 Feb Feast Auction Items

    Can you fill up the gong's MP on 5 saturday morning orcs in a row, casting reap spirit to function as the killing blow, or are the last 3 reap spirits wasted, since i would only be able to hold onto the first 2 sparks? I guess the question is if the reaps can all happen at once, or if it's still limited by your hourly limit of how many sparks you can hold (2/hour for a regular person)? Alternatively, can the gong's MP be filled up by reaping 5 undead (which don't have full sparks to begin with)? ++++++++++++++++++++++ Necklace Casts Reap spirit 5/gd. The necklace can hold a spark that does not count as you holding a spark. Whenever you Reap Spirit, you gain two additional Magic Power points that break cap, to a maximum of 10 power points.
  24. The Cold Months

    Having a dedicated winter cap just for sleeping can make a big difference in your nighttime comfort also.
  25. September Lost and Found

    I forgot to add earlier, I lost my black tanto dagger in the big undead fight on saturday night. I swept the field on sunday to no avail & I was hoping that somebody else grabbed it as some point.