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  1. Workshops question

    Re: Example of props for a workshop - a couple years ago we put together a Tinkering Prop guide which is pinned at the top of this very sub-forum.
  2. Post-Halloween Donations

    The forums upgrade re-kajiggered my old posts to tiny font. I'll see if I can edit to make it more legible. FIXED! =)
  3. Build a Pc

    I'm not going to give you a skill because I don't believe that characters are built on their character sheets. I'm instead going to give you a character trait - vanity.
  4. Chosen 5 ideas

    I don't believe that they have to use the unhallow option just because they are Chosen of one of The Dark Three. I would imagine that Evil Chosen would want to keep mindless undead out of their house too. If they wanted to have undead guests, all they'd have to do is turn the shrine off. Again, I don't understand why the current ability isn't just as good for Chosen of one of the Dark Three. Just be careful who you invite to your prayer group? . *Nudge Nudge* It's not just nasty monsters that have DRs. Powerful NPCs and PCs often have DRs up from various spells (in addition to many other monsters and creatures that might not make Nox all giggles if killed, but certainly could pose a threat to one of his Chosen). Smite removes those DRs AND doesn't let them dissipate or ley lines away. I'm not seeing how this is not beneficial to a character just because they're evil or how, if used in an evil way or to further evil goals, doesn't thematically fit with the evil gods.
  5. Chosen 5 ideas

    When I say that worshiping one aspect of the Sept is abnormal, that's not opinion; it's canon. *edited to add context* I guess a clearer way to put this is that worshiping one aspect while denying or ignoring the others would be, at the very least, borderline heretical if not full on heresy. What would be acceptable (and is most likely what the World Book religion sections intended to imply) is worship as a whole with *perhaps* more devotion or reverence for one of the aspects of the Sept. To break out lazors for each individual aspect of the Sept (or other gods, whatev) reinforces the mistaken idea that it is normal to worship them in the heretical way rather than as a whole. I'll add that this is based on nearly 9 years of play, several of which I PC'd a Septon, and most of which I was on Staff. I'm really not pulling this out of my ass. If you still disagree, feel free to ask for further clarification from Plot.
  6. Chosen 5 ideas

    There's an awful lot to unpack in what you laid out there, but my initial thought is that worshiping one aspect of the Sept is abnormal so it doesn't make sense to break out lazors for each individual aspect of the Sept. My second thought is that level 5 of any RP skill is going to take years and years to achieve and is going to be earned via heaps of RP so I feel like all this thought you've put into laying this all out is equivalent to planning what you'd buy if you won the lottery. Most players won't ever reach the 5th level of an RP skill, so adding all this crunch seems like wasted effort. That said, I imagine that some of these ideas could be neat rituals or alternative spells ideas that could be tapped when/if Rules decides to do another spell tree overhaul.
  7. June Preproduction

    Silver/Nature Spirit Reapin' breadstick for Steve!
  8. Best of May

    It's been a while since I've Dwyn'd, so really the stand out moments to me were the little interpersonal moments/conversations that I had with Beryl, Sorien, Odric, Zariel, and Thaerion Friday night.
  9. May Preproduction

    MK (Dwyn): 4 Revive scrolls with the incant - "By the fancy stitched owl on Master Oz' hood, I cast..." Owe logistics 20 coin
  10. Posters

    Talent shows are fun. The BC's hosted one in the long long ago. =) *sigh* Nostalgia.
  11. EV March 2017 IDM March 2017
  12. Cold-Ironwood???

    I'm sure that Plot will tell you if there's any problems with your backstory when you submit it. I just wanted to make sure that you knew how Faekin work in Novitas to save you some possible headache later on.
  13. Cold-Ironwood???

    This is a complete aside and someone officially please correct me if I'm out of line: I'm thinking you don't quite understand the way that Faekin work in our game based on some of the things you're saying. You need to think of it like a recessive genetic thing. It's something that runs in your bloodline, but doesn't always manifest. Think of it like if red hair runs in your family - not everyone in your family is a redhead, but every once in a while someone's a ginger. It also doesn't change your "base race", so you would still be a Wood Elf. That said, I like the flavor you're trying to add, it just needs to fit in the world as it's been established.
  14. March Preproduction

    Preproduction for Dwyn: 6 Scrolls of Heal Mortal Wounds 1 Scroll Restore Limb Custom incant: "By the stitches on Master Oz' Owl Hood, I cast ..."
  15. Hello World

    This is really something to ask Rules about, but in my experience we don't allow "half" races in the way you're describing it. Elves, humans, and Terrans can be Faekin in addition to being their "base" race. In D&D terms (which I'm guessing you're familiar with), it's kind of like applying a template to a monster so you get "undead ogre". I also believe that it's required that faekin be a single color. Again, this is something that the Rules team can officially weigh in on. I think that if you wanted to use this D&D race as inspiration and come in as a black or white and play the prankster/mischevious/struggling with your nature type of character, that's do-able for sure. You could even tie it into common lore about Fae - your great-great-great-great granny was charmed by a Boggert (a fae trickster) who bedded her at a village festival.