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  1. June Preproduction

    Merchant Skills: Trading in: Restore Limb Ring (level 2) for Enhance Armor Earrings (level 1) Trading in: Purify Spirit Bracelet (level 2) + Silvershine Ring (level 2) + Heal Body 2x Ring for Heal Body 3x Cloak (level 3) Production Skills: 1x Scroll of Battle Mastery (5pp) 1x Scroll of Maelstrom (4pp) 1x Scroll of Slaying Swarm (3pp) 1x Scroll of Magic Swarm (2pp) 1x Scroll of Magic Strike (1pp) 1x Scroll of Stun (5cp) 1x Scroll of Ablative Armor (4pp) 1x Scroll of Elemental Weapon (3pp) 1x Scroll of Grounding (1pp) 1x Scroll of Mend Armor (1pp) 1x Scroll of Weaken (1pp)
  2. April Preproduction

    1x Scroll of Wraithbane (5pt) 1x Scroll of Aura of Reflection (5pt) 1x Scroll of Unhallow (4pt) 1x Scroll of Creeping Rot (2pt) 1x Scroll of Reap Spirit (1pt) 1x Scroll of Spellstore (3pt) 1x Scroll of Sanctify (3pt) 1x Scroll of Dissipate (2pt - Yes, a scroll) If things haven't change since 2017 related to the above spells et al, that should come to 25pts and I owe 25c but gain a stipend from Merchant, so we'll figure out the details at Logistics. :)
  3. It's been so long that I've decided to RE-introduce myself to new players. Hi! I'm Dren Ollevres. Civenite; Master Alchemist; Avatar of Avarice; Slayer of Voltrax, 3rd Son of Draconus; married into the Great Elven House of Suntower; Head of the Trans-Novitas Trading Company; Carrier of the Al'Cairn; Lorekeeper of Adecia; Chronicler of Scrolls; One-who-conversed with the Elemental; One-who-sparred with the Soldier; Vanquisher of Dark Fae; Ally to Pisceans; and Guardian of the Sacred Truths, to name a few. But who's keeping track? Anyway, started going to KoN about 11 years ago, I think. My wife Camila (Drea Marianus) and I plan on attending the April event after a long hiatus... you know, babies and moving houses and all that. Looking forward to seeing old and new faces!
  4. November Preproduction

    Base Production (20 Coin): 1 Scroll of Synchronize (4) 1 Scroll of Magic Armor (1) 1 Scroll of Improved Magic Armor (3) 1 Scroll of Spirit Shield (2) 1 Scroll of Anti-Magic Armor (2) 1 Scroll of Toughness (1) 1 Scroll of Silence (2) 1 Scroll of Heal Mortal Wounds (3) 1 Scroll of Purify Spirit (2) Lab Production (5 Coin): 1 Scroll of Panacea (4) 1 Scroll of Diagnosis (1) (The library of scrolls is being rebuilt... sigh)
  5. Chronicles of Elyria

    For those on the fence or thinking about trying out a new sandbox Kingdom-based MMO (in its early stages), ping me. We're approaching land selection soon so we'll be allocating towns and cities to the various players who are Mayor tier and above. Lot of new development happening in the County for those that want to participate! Trying to get as many friends and "known" players involved before all the random people flood the game. Here's our new heraldry!
  6. Knight Realms LARP Review

    You should hunt through the forums to find my review of it several years back. It's entertaining We shared many similar experiences, I think. It really confuses me how such an imbalanced and non-newbie-friendly game can attract such a huge following. Yet none of these players (or very few) have even wanted to try Novitas.
  7. Chronicles of Elyria

    Bump. So far in the CoE group we picked up Tony and Camila Servello, Chris Tesorio, AJ DeLong, Sarah Merchant, and possibly Fred Clark as well. Ping me on FB if you're interested! Your recruitment earns the County points toward land selection priority (Code: D3D0A9) We have 1 or 2 Baron slots open (Mayor, Magistrate or Governor package). This means you'll be entitled your own settlement to govern within the County. In addition, we have Council member positions as follows (available to anyone ranked "bloodline" or higher): Knight Commander of the Armed Forces - (Chris) - In charge of outfitting, training, and leading soldiers (e.g. town guards, archers, watchposts) to protect the County from attackers and outside threats. Justiciar of the Court - (Tony) - In charge of lawmaking, managing prisoners, enforcing laws internally (e.g. police force within the County) and is allowed access to a branch of troops not controlled by the Constable. Appointment of Judges is allowed as is access to the capital city's Courthouse for all matters judicial. Seneschal of Records - (Open) - Will be keeping official records for Citizenship, ceremonial duties, burials, and overall human resource management and inventory. All filings for citizenship not handled directly by the Count are addressed by the Seneschal. Records include important structures and settlements as well as the acknowledgement of Guilds and Organizations within the County borders. This includes the planning and coordination of large building projects and city planning. Marshal of Commerce - (Open) - Directly responsible for the transportation, storage, and inventory of physical goods. All diplomatic affairs around buying and selling of goods will be handled by the Marshal. In addition, the Marshal takes on responsibilities of the Master of the Horse, having control over horses, trison, wagons, as they fall under management of the transportation of goods. Chancellor of the Exchequer - (Open) - Is effectively responsible for wealth and management of taxation within the region. They can work with the Justicar's forces directly or employ their own tax collector as needed. Will be working closely with the Marshall of Commerce to coordinate finances and set budget for trade and infrastructure.
  8. Chronicles of Elyria

    For what it's worth, I've acquired a significant title within the Kingdom, and there are ~200 people on Discord that I just praised Kingdoms of Novitas to, so maybe a few folks from there will pop in here to check out KoN.
  9. I forgot I backed this kickstarter game about a year ago. https://chroniclesofelyria.com/ It's a kingdom/feudal MMO with skill-based crafting, aging, quasi-permadeath, and a crazy community that is willing to spend 15 thousand dollars to be the rank of King in a fake world. Anyway, they cranked up the prices but I got to keep my KS package with a cool title ("Count") so now I'm responsible for keeping a lot of plebeian PCs alive, gotta make a coat of arms, and come up with some cities, titles, laws n' such,etc. I've been spending the last few days reading up on the various Duchies to join and figuring out which Discord server to dive into. It's pretty involved. If any of you want to join as a vassal (or do your own thing, whatever), give it a shot. They reward people for recruiting players, apparently, but I don't care if you reference me or not; it'll just be cool to get people I know in a game that I apparently invested in. It'll likely be out next year, but don't take my word for it (just look at Star Citizen, yikes). Normally I don't advocate backing "early access" games, but so far the community reminds me of the RP side of Dagorhir where everyone's trying to be an important person but really everyone's a scrub. It's great. Check it out.
  10. Owl & Ore: General Store

    Dren approaches and makes a formal anouncement.... A Chieftain of the Oxblood Tribe of the Dellin Tribelands will be making a personal visit in the near future to begin trade with Maplewood. I've ensured him safe travel, through Germinas and through private paths on the border, such that we can provide his people with foodstuffs, alchemical weaponry, armament, and other supplies in exchange for pelts and coin. The Trans-Novitas Trading Company offers this knowledge as a gift to the merchants of Maplewood, as many of you also partake in association with my establishment. May further trade routes open up so that our new home may prosper. I bid thee farewell.
  11. Best of October

    For what it's worth, I think everyone (NPCing and GMs) did an outstanding job in this unfamiliar territory. The town feels townier. The trails were always stocked with random encounters. It felt more alive than Pinedale was in the "everything will find you at the inn" days of yore. That said, there was something lacking that became more abrasive as the awe of the new site waned. Effectively, about 50% of the camp is a deadzone with the current "Helix repulsion rules" in effect. By that I mean it exists only as empty space to get from A to B with no interesting structures or points of interest or threat of combat. I know there will be tweaks and changes to come and lots of adapting will need to be done at the new site, but we have such a glorious field surrounding logistics that it feels like we're under-using a lot of land. I get why. I understand what the intent is. I think we can improve and make more people happy. I respect those that wish to preserve a "town" atmosphere and want to keep Merchant Town and Maplewood proper a no-monster-unless-crazy-circumstances area. However, I miss the uncertainty of being attacked. The "you will find combat if you go down this path" vs "you will never find combat if you walk towards the inn" kind of bothered me in both a meta and non-meta way. I think there might be a happy medium to be adjusted in future games if we can re-address the absolutely massive radius of the Helix's repulsion effect to satisfy most of the players. So in short, the event was wonderful and I feel the rest of the potential can be tapped if we can find some compromise with the current Helix effects to allow something of interest to happen (e.g. combat) in the giant field of emptiness between the Inn and Merchant town. EDIT: I also don't want to just complain without offering some ideas. We could have lesser-artifacts buried beneath the ground that channel and localize the Helix's power within Merchant Town and Maplewood and the Inn. This means the circle of buildings is off-limits for monsters and the "shunned", but everything in-and-around is fair game. We could arbitrarily say every structure within those "towns" has a 'sanctuary radius' for the purpose of repulsion. Same for the Helix itself. It's like "safe" in a game of tag, but making it 200 yards just seems to eat up too much prime space for some really great possible combat encounters. Alternatively, the Helix could be stronger during the day than at night, so as the sun sets the monsters still can't enter within the circle of cabins at each "town"... but can ambush in the field at night. Curious to know if anyone shares the same thoughts.
  12. Player Initiated Plots (PIPs)

    I'm not even sure this is where I should post this information, but I'm going with it and seeing what happens... In relevant interest of RP skill progression, and because of character-arc and location-change necessities, I'm making it public to those that turn the gears in Plot that I'm actively seeking to "bend" trade routes toward Maplewood and extend both the Trans-Novitas Trading Company (TNTC) name as well as make a name for myself as a sort of "trade coordinator". It is my understanding that no trade routes really exist in Maplewood, yet. Dren, however, has lots of them by road, name, source, destination, goods, checkpoints, and how they're staffed/patrolled. He knows the safe paths and times of day and what goods can be shipped to/from certain places. He even has a few private access points for crossing boarders where others would be turned away or misguided. I can re-route gems from Terra, wine from Evenandra, poisons from Gersh, salt from Vleanoan coastlines, foodstuffs from the Freelands, 'labormen' from Civen, herbs and salves from the Great Forest, (just to name a few) and more. All which has been obtained over the past 8+ years in Pinedale. The whole point of this post is to initiate and make public something for plot to work with, if possible, to allow me to focus on expanding trade in Maplewood. Negotiations... contracts... swindlers... rivals... opportunities... I'll deal with whatever you want to throw my way. 1) Who is planning on going: Dren 2) What you're planning on doing, and what you hope to accomplish: See above 3) Any relevant history or NPCs that are important: See above. Also, a private collector named Virgil hunts artifacts and sometimes crosses paths with my caravans, but doesn't really deal in mundane shipments. 4) What shift are you planning to go do this: Every shift 5.) These requests must be in 2 weeks before game: No rush, whenever, however, whoever is fine. Many thanks!
  13. Best of September!

    I know I don't post much here anymore, and I'm already late to the party, but it wouldn't feel right to let 8 years go by without saying parting words about our final game at VK. I'd like to begin with a huge THANK YOU to the staff and NPCs making Saturday night one of the most enjoyable and thrilling experiences since Voltrax, 3rd son of Draconus. I won't go into detail about the ups and downs over the years, just know that we ended on a high note and it was a pleasure to take part in it. It felt like Pinedale again; like we were a town fighting for a purpose. I felt challenged, and drained, and tapped. It was exhilarating, to say the least. I think it brought back the real threat of "death" that up until Saturday night I didn't even know was missing. Though some of GOST was able to attend, I so wish all my brethren could be in attendance to experience the epic night. Some shout-outs and highlights: JC, amidst illness coming through on the story-delivery once again. (RP groveling included in the last hour of the night). "Holding the line" when all seemed about to fail, the townsfolk really held their own. Rolling through undead like Aragorn in a sea of Urukhai... sometimes I was well-protected, other times I had 1 body and 3 power... it felt frightening and amazing at the same time. Reminiscing with Xicris (sp), speaking of old GOST members ascending. All we needed was Rosalia to fall from the sky and Jakawitz to appear from the ley lines for it to be complete. Through some private negotiations, I am more than grateful to have had access to one last Abomination spell at the final battle... pit traps would've put a quick end to my fun. The final attack on the Al'Cairn with 1 body left, doing everything possible to interrupt his ley lines while Pat Lane advanced with his shield. Falling on top of the lich with Scott and Pat and making a delicious undead sandwich. Having to hit him so many times that I lost count and had to switch arms before he died. Carrying around the Al'Cairn for about a minute before Abomination wore off (which subsequently nearly took my arm off)... priceless. I have a new respect for some characters/players. Looks like Dren needs to re-route the caravans. Excited for the new place! Thanks everyone for making this such a great event. (I know I'm missing several highlights above) Hoping all the newbies had a good time as well and looking forward to seeing you all at the new location!
  14. RP Skill Approval Winter 2016

    Sent PM to Seri directly. EDIT: copying below for "officialness" and stuff: Here's my official request for Merchant 5. I set some goals for myself. Here are a few details... Merchant Goals: Acquire at least one stable trade connection to each of the 7 outer Kingdoms of Novitas and link them through the Freelands. Unify businesses under contract to establish the Ollevres Trans-Novitas Trading Company (by signed and sealed paper contract). Establish trade contact with at least 5 additional reputable sources or recipients. Completed Milestones: Appropriate Documents: - I now have physical props with trade routes outlined (mini-maps) as well as an official seal and signatures unifying various companies under the Trans-Novitas Trading Company. Terra: - Exclusive agreements with Terran Gem miners (~2010) Civen: - Consul Titus Marianus signed under unification agreement for OTNTC. - Country of origin. Direct connections with Civen Merchant Guild (dues have been paid consistently - both to actual collectors and imposters, for certainty). Evanendra: - One of the original trade routes organized (2009) and later cooperated with scholars on alchemical formula development. Pinedale: - Established business agreement with both "Brewmaster" and "Bun Wizard" as well as Teridan the "Game Master" Great Forest: - Renewed discussions with Wild Runners and informal agreements to smuggle goods through protected and guided routes. - Strong trade relations and ally to Germinas (since moved from original location within the Great Forest) Dellin: - Confirmed protected passage between Gersh (Eastern mountains) and the Western Tribelands with local barbarian tribes. - Established business agreement with the Savant, "Oz" (for whatever that's worth) Vleanoa: - Established informal (but shaken) agreement with a contact in Vlean regarding smuggling of goods (gems primarily) through certain lesser-known avenues. - Private shipping agreement connecting south of Whispering Plains to southern tip of Vleanoa. Gersh: - Initial contact with Gersh merchants regarding advanced alchemical formulae back in ~2012. - Working on establishing a ghostweed/madweed trade pact with liaisons in the Mad Wastes. Personal Products of Trade: - Scrolls [Library of All Known Magic] - Alchemical goods [General and Rarities] Sourced Products of Trade: - Gems (Terra) - Lumber / Stone / Foodstuffs (Germinas) - Wine/Luxury Supplies (Civen and Evenandra) - Elven Crafts (Evenandra) - Alchemical goods [General] (Civen and Gersh) Associate Products of Trade: - Ale / Spirits (Local) - Pastries (Local) - Entertainment (Local) Known Notable Contacts: - Reputation with Lord Aurum Goldright of Terra - Recognition of quality by Lord Iga Shinzen of Gersh (recipient of the Jade and Iga "Pillow Book" ). Allied supplies provided during war. - Ally to Lord Richter Wygraf of Germinas. Supplies provided during war. - Reputation with Consul Titus Marianus of Civen. - Strong reputation with former Champion of Pinedale - Married to Lady Britta of Clan Suntower, "Princess" of Evenandra. - Uh... several more that I'll need to look up in my notes to remember them all... Promising/Potential Contacts: - Pisceans... possession of the conch (means for which to contact the Pisceans) and several years of positive encounters allows for a consistent and guaranteed method of contact for diplomatic negotiations.. Conducted trade but no formal arrangement established. - The Nosferatu "Reggie" may open windows of opportunity if certain arrangements are necessary. - Past open discussions with Lord Saito of Gersh (before his leave). Unknown status. Rival Caravan: - Virgil "the Collector" and his agents (observers/scouts for rare magical artifacts) Other Points of Note: - Became conversant with "Killer", a Kasvak (~2010ish) who established a truce after helping her pack. Speaks fluent Canine. Opened the doors for the ability to trade/communicate with Kasvaks, potentially. - In that respect, Speaks all common languages (and even a few uncommon ones) to aid in diplomacy and trade. - This includes knowing "Thieves Cant" well enough to communicate with any underground contacts if necessary. - NPCs have appeared in game from the Trans-Novitas Trading Company, making it "official canon". - I have a sign so I have an "official" business, but I conduct a lot of business in private. People come to me by reputation so I don't typically advertise my wares to the public by setting up an open shop (aka. 'a target for bandits'). Hopefully this doesn't negatively affect a broad perception of my mercantilism approach. - I'm pretty sure I'm the oldest PC merchant left in game, unless Atticus is dealing some kind of secret corporation under the table. - I'm shooting for a different facet of being a Merchant. Moving from just peddling potions to something more large-scale by making agreements with NPCs and moving this toward more of an RP direction. Based on all the information above, I'd like to formally request Merchant 5 in the upcoming season.
  15. 2016 Roleplaying Skills changes and Input!

    Not that it's relevant for me, but how does a druid trigger their level 4 ability? Is it no-incant, just start hitting for Primal? Or is there a name for the level 4 skill like level 5's "Aspect of X" Suggestion for Level 3 Chosen (since there's no list yet): Free spells are boring, how about the ability to remove an affliction Once Per Event (like mummy rot, madweed effects, lycanthropy, etc) via a ceremony of sorts. Basically a theriac/dispel that can remove disease.