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  1. RP Skill Approval Winter 2016

    Chosen 1 Praise the sun!
  2. 2015 February Feast Pre-Registration!

    Dave is it alright if I just hand you money for Kat and I again? It is easier for me that way.
  3. Vanderkamp Build/Clean up day

    This is going to be a good weekend clean up! I also really appreciate people willing to help sense its usually the same handful of us that do. So thanks people! Bunch of you have PMed me already!! =D
  4. Vanderkamp Build/Clean up day

    Next weekend, Oct. 11th & 12th, we will be doing a Vanderkamp build and clean up weekend to prepare for the winter. I need people who are willing to work cleaning cabins, moving beds around, cutting firewood, etc. I would like at least a dozen people and again, you must be willing to work. If you come and do not I will send you home. Any and all help is appreciated as we only have this one weekend to get this done. If you can go or have any questions please PM me or contact me via Facebook by this Thursday the 9th. Thanks! Operations second, Sir James Vertucci
  5. Hello!

    Hey Fish/ Julia/Mariner why so many names!? WHY!!!?? Also excited to have you up here! Now I will facebook you and bug you on all the social media!
  6. December 2013 Lost and Found

    KERRIE! YOU HAD IT THATS WHY AHHHH!!! You are in trouble! An dyes nick thats mine.
  7. Potion Bottles

    The color blind take offense to such potion bottle coloring!
  8. April 2011 Inn Bunk request

    Me 2 if any are left. O yes I will be back!
  9. From the south!

    Merry Christmas everyone! Miss the good old LARP down here in Louisiana. To all my DAGers I need to have a good old fight when I get home nothing but work makes one want to beat people to death! Have fun everyone don't do anything I wouldn't do!
  10. Happy Birthday Phil!

    Happy Day O'Birth!
  11. Internets!

    I want to kill ICP after that song. I really do.
  12. [OOC]: Current date?

    1588 is right on!
  13. Pictures!

    Jimmy want!
  14. Legion Recruitment Flyer

    Well I put one up here, and I my buddy that is coming works up at Turning Stone if you want me to give him one.
  15. Legion Recruitment Flyer

    They are done and I made 12 instead.