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  1. Need help

    A ride has been found thanks everyone
  2. Need help

    So this is a general plea for help. Is there anyone in or near the Watertown area willing to transport me around car shopping this weekend (1/6-1/8). I will feed you and give you money for gas. Also I will love you forever.
  3. December Preproduction

    Three (3) martial length magic swords. Edit due to someone wanting free stuff Six(6) heal mortal wounds scroll incant "the mother still needs you, heal mortal wounds" One (1) purify spirit scroll incant "the mother makes your wounds clean, purify spirit"
  4. Crafting suggestion

    marcus has a forge where he does all his crafting outside of the town, like way outside, so as not to disturb the residents cause lets be honest here forges are loud noisy places that give off alot of heat and smell. no sane person would want to live near one if they can help it. same applies to those who make clothing/leather items so it makes sense that they would locate thier workshops away from town proper. also those workshops tend to be big where an alchemist would only really need a space 1/2 to 1/4 the size.
  5. Shoe Check

    from somebody who has purchased leather items from there i recommend getting leather stuff from a different source. to be fair i never got footwear from them but what appeared to be good solid leather turned out to be very soft and flimsy leather. just a heads up
  6. November Preproduction

    sorry sword.
  7. November Preproduction

    need a number for an elven steel non martial please
  8. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    The following message is tacked on to the board: Come one come all to the Templar Legion breakfast. Cooking will start around 08:00 tomorrow. All are welcome and will be first come, first serve till food runs out. On the menu will be scrambled eggs,bacon,sausage.
  9. Saw KoN at the con.

    welcome glad we were able to intrigue you enough to check out our game (i am the guy that was in all the armor at robercon).
  10. River Styx Woodworks

    hey everyone so i am planning on getting my wood working up and running and need a little finacial help. i have started a go fund me to get the tools i need to get started. any and all help would be greatly appriciated. https://www.gofundme.com/river-styx-woodworks-startup
  11. Who was I making things for again?

    Non martial or martial
  12. Who was I making things for again?

    Yes Chris. What did I make for you again
  13. Who was I making things for again?

    So I got commissioned to craft a weapon for someone and I took their coin at the June jubilee but I can't seem to remember who and what I was making and I can't seem to find the conversation that was had so if said individual could please shoot me a message and remind me that would be awesome.
  14. Chosen 5 ideas

    aside from the canon there is also the fact that simple is always better then complex. the more you add the more difficult and confusing things get. most people dont want to have to read a page and a half of descriptions of what each thing and level does. the way i see it adding different abilities to represent the gods just smacks of "i want different lazers then any others" no disrespect intended but if you want to follow just one god then roleplay it out. you dont need different abilities to differentiate that.