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  1. Dungeon Crawl Preproduction

    need a number for a non martial goblin iron nature mage blade sword.
  2. In need of notary

    So figured we would hit up here as well as the Facebook page. Shane, Ceilidh, and myself are planning on moving in the not to distant future and the place we are looking to move to requires all of us to sign the lease agreement before any of us can move in. So we are calling on the collective to see if any one here is a notary or knows someone who would be willing to come to the site so we can get our signatures notarized on said lease agreement. Mind you this is dependent on the apartment place approving our applications and getting the lease agreement in time for game.
  3. 2018 New York fairie fest

    last month
  4. August Preproduction

    I need one super crazy elven steel hammer? Martial length I believe. Waiting on confirmation.
  5. 2019 Junebilee FF Auction Items

    Do you have the chart for the craftable epic item costs??? You said there was a chart but I can't seem to find it... Asking for a friend.
  6. Feb Feast 2019 Auction Items!

    not till next February for this particular auction but we have another auction coming up at the end of june
  7. April Preproduction

    gambeson of improved magic armor x1 and mend armor x4
  8. March Preproduction

    One goblin iron/magic great weapon.
  9. February Preproduction

    greaves-mend armor 3/gd, heal mortal wound 1/gd
  10. January Preproduction

    20 scrolls of mend armor (to be used for ritual components) non martial silver/magic/masterwork hammer
  11. Is bringing this book acceptable?

    many of us have books in play. shouldn't be much of an issue but i will let props and atmo chime in
  12. December Preproduction

    master staff of necromancy reap spirit x1
  13. My first homemade boffer and questions

    so if your looking for cheap check out dark knight armory. they got a large selection of weapons http://www.darkknightarmoury.com/c-89-larp-swords.aspx?ob=5&flt=1&pagenum=1
  14. November Preproduction

    martial nature sword diagnosis 4/gd
  15. October Preproduction

    One master staff with toughness 1/gd