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  1. My first homemade boffer and questions

    so if your looking for cheap check out dark knight armory. they got a large selection of weapons http://www.darkknightarmoury.com/c-89-larp-swords.aspx?ob=5&flt=1&pagenum=1
  2. November Preproduction

    martial nature sword diagnosis 4/gd
  3. October Preproduction

    One master staff with toughness 1/gd
  4. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    (Marcus approches the board and posts the following) In need of eight truth serums within the month. Contact marcus if you can fill all or part of this need. Willing to pay coin or trade.
  5. September preproduction

    Pants of mend armor 6/gd
  6. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Marcus approaches the board and takes down his last message and posts the following: if you are in need of a weapon or magical item please seek out Marcus at the bazaar. my wares are exceptional and very few can rival their craftsmanship plus at prices many merchants will consider crazy. i have found a means of crafting that only master merchants can beat. act fast before my queue fills up. not going to be near the bazaar anytime soon then send me a letter vie crimson courier and we can talk about what you want and price. may the seven guide your path, Marcus arcturus maximus, master paladin of the shield
  7. August Preproduction

    summer gathering: hat heal body 6/gd august: shirt heal body 7/gd
  8. Auction items

    Asking for Shane
  9. Auction items

    So any idea when the auction items will be posted for us to drool over???
  10. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    marcus tacks the following message up on the board in need of a master crafter to forge a new masters blade please seek me out for details via crimson courier as i will be traveling for the next couple months.
  11. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    (marcus wanders up to the board and removes a few outdated letters and posters clearing up some space. he then proceeds to post the following message up) with the return of warmer weather the templars are once again offering breakfast to those who wish to join us. this is free of charge though if you wish to offer donations they will be greatly accepted. breakfast is first come first served and will start at 8am on the 9th day of this month and go till either the food is gone or all bellies are filled. the menu will be scrambled eggs and bacon plus orange juice. please provide your own cups,plates,and utensils as the legion will not be providing any.
  12. The real fear

    i am all for the cowering thing. i am old, i am slow, and i am broken. also for those that wear heavy plate and stuff they will be completely gassed and near passing out after the first two minutes of running.
  13. June Preproduction

    One necklace of spirit shield One ring of disapate. Four scrolls of revive personal incant "the stranger deems it's not your time, revive."
  14. 2018 New York fairie fest

    It's coming. It's coming. Hey all for those of you who don't know about this awesome festival it is so much fun. I can not recommend this enough. In years past we have had a lot of novitas players show up and this year I even got some help working it this year so come down and say hi to me and Ceilidh. I encourage you to camp on site as it will give you access to the after hours activities but thats your choice. www.nyfaeriefest.com
  15. Feb Feast item Logs

    necklace that grants immunity to lycontrophy