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  1. Saw KoN at the con.

    welcome glad we were able to intrigue you enough to check out our game (i am the guy that was in all the armor at robercon).
  2. River Styx Woodworks

    hey everyone so i am planning on getting my wood working up and running and need a little finacial help. i have started a go fund me to get the tools i need to get started. any and all help would be greatly appriciated. https://www.gofundme.com/river-styx-woodworks-startup
  3. Who was I making things for again?

    Non martial or martial
  4. Who was I making things for again?

    Yes Chris. What did I make for you again
  5. Who was I making things for again?

    So I got commissioned to craft a weapon for someone and I took their coin at the June jubilee but I can't seem to remember who and what I was making and I can't seem to find the conversation that was had so if said individual could please shoot me a message and remind me that would be awesome.
  6. Chosen 5 ideas

    aside from the canon there is also the fact that simple is always better then complex. the more you add the more difficult and confusing things get. most people dont want to have to read a page and a half of descriptions of what each thing and level does. the way i see it adding different abilities to represent the gods just smacks of "i want different lazers then any others" no disrespect intended but if you want to follow just one god then roleplay it out. you dont need different abilities to differentiate that.
  7. Chosen 5 ideas

    i cant add much more then whaty mk and guile have already said so this is more me agreeing with them then anything else.
  8. June Preproduction

    Non martial silver/nature reap spirit 1/gd sword Please and thank you. the customer never told what type of weapon so i have now fixed it
  9. June Preproduction

    Non martial silver/nature reap spirit 1/gd Please and thank you.
  10. May Preproduction

    Ok so I finally got the answer to the question. The non martial I am crafting is a dagger. Also (blame guile) I also need 4 scrolls of revive. Incant "the stranger deems it's not your time,revive"
  11. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Marcus approaches the board and tacks up the following: The Templar legion is once again recruiting. We are looking to fill 3 open spots at this time. No prior experience is required and we will provide training and equipment to those who join. Please see septon marcus arcturus maximus at the Templar barracks (pm me or see me at game).
  12. May Preproduction

    Goblin Iron Nature Non- martial Reap 1/GD
  13. April Preproduction

    Number for a non martial sliver mage blade
  14. RP Skill Approval & Advancement

    player name: steve arnold pc name: marcus arcturus maximus current rp skills: chosen 4 looking to gain merchant 1 and chosen 5. mecrhant because i make scrolls and weapons to sell. i have preformed multiple services and ceramonies including weddings, funerals, memorials and prayers. i seek to find peaceful resolutions to fights resorting to violence as a last resort. i have had many conversations with both pcs and npcs concerning the gods and thier ideals and aspects. i have played my charector to repersent every aspect and ideal of the seven, shown mercy, passed judgement on those who commited crimes, etc... i pray over every dead body i can. there are many more things i am sure i have done but i can not remember them.