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  1. April Preproduction

    gambeson of improved magic armor x1 and mend armor x4
  2. March Preproduction

    One goblin iron/magic great weapon.
  3. February Preproduction

    greaves-mend armor 3/gd, heal mortal wound 1/gd
  4. January Preproduction

    20 scrolls of mend armor (to be used for ritual components) non martial silver/magic/masterwork hammer
  5. Is bringing this book acceptable?

    many of us have books in play. shouldn't be much of an issue but i will let props and atmo chime in
  6. December Preproduction

    master staff of necromancy reap spirit x1
  7. My first homemade boffer and questions

    so if your looking for cheap check out dark knight armory. they got a large selection of weapons http://www.darkknightarmoury.com/c-89-larp-swords.aspx?ob=5&flt=1&pagenum=1
  8. November Preproduction

    martial nature sword diagnosis 4/gd
  9. October Preproduction

    One master staff with toughness 1/gd
  10. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    (Marcus approches the board and posts the following) In need of eight truth serums within the month. Contact marcus if you can fill all or part of this need. Willing to pay coin or trade.
  11. September preproduction

    Pants of mend armor 6/gd
  12. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Marcus approaches the board and takes down his last message and posts the following: if you are in need of a weapon or magical item please seek out Marcus at the bazaar. my wares are exceptional and very few can rival their craftsmanship plus at prices many merchants will consider crazy. i have found a means of crafting that only master merchants can beat. act fast before my queue fills up. not going to be near the bazaar anytime soon then send me a letter vie crimson courier and we can talk about what you want and price. may the seven guide your path, Marcus arcturus maximus, master paladin of the shield
  13. August Preproduction

    summer gathering: hat heal body 6/gd august: shirt heal body 7/gd
  14. Auction items

    Asking for Shane
  15. Auction items

    So any idea when the auction items will be posted for us to drool over???