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  1. I've been away a long time but I'd like to return. I know there's things that I'm going to need to go over with people but one thing I'm for sure going to need? A ride leaving from Oswego. Anyone able to hook me up?
  2. Revive question

    I'd always thought that Elven Steel counted for silver and for magic
  3. Revive question

    I'm not a rules person but it seems to me that you could. You can only hold one spark at a time but from the way its been explained to me previously undead beings don't have enough of a spark anymore for the reaper to hold. So the energy would disipate back to the Well but if a second reaping of a living being was attempted it would snap back into its body not having built up sufficent necrotic innertia to send it elsewhere
  4. Do any undead types still happen by accident? like traumatic/violent/dark magic laden murders leaving traumatized ghosts? what about spirits rising from violated graves?
  5. the "New" Medium skill tree

    Does the third level do anything else? or is that conduit business what Ethereal Aura means? Also, does the medium skill still relate to non-undead spirits at all?
  6. I was thinking over the knew stuff and how to work with the Cosmological modifications and came up with a blurblet that I thought was pretty cool. It needs to be cleaned up and/or expounded upon but I wanted to get it written down and share it before I forgot. All Life, All Energy is only borrowed one day we must give it back It must one day be returned to the source, To the Well of Souls All that you are, all that you have ever been will cease to be when your life ends and the Stranger comes for your Spark. Memories will be all that remains, memories in the hearts and minds of those who knew you. Were you a mighty and brave warrior? A skilled and Clever Magi? A compassionate Healer? Your story will be all that's left of you. How do you wish to be remembered?
  7. REAP SPIRIT questions

    ok, that wasn't clear at all. I thought all this new "spark" business was supposed to be a unoffensive way to refer to souls EDIT: then why would it would be the spark being collected by the Stranger, not the spirit? If the spark as defined there is a third component and has no unique identifiers
  8. Revive question

    dark necromantic rituals requiring reaped souls as components?
  9. REAP SPIRIT questions

    A bit of each, mostly for the restless dead thing. I wasn't at the feast and haven't seen the handout so all I am getting is second hand. Could a copy of it be posted? the take I got on it was more towards the creepy and 'unnatural' as you called it and it seemed like there was never a good reason to do it.
  10. REAP SPIRIT questions

    If I keep playing Emrys I don't want to know this spell, the way its now used is not why I took it. Also, medium 2 used to be final rest 1/gd, is it now Reap Spirit 1/gd?
  11. Avatar: Last Airbender

    Its based on an American cartoon with anime inspirations. You would probably hate it
  12. Avatar: Last Airbender

    I see they stripped the "title" off the title, probably because of the blue people
  13. Dresden Files RPG

    I am eager to see how well it does, the way magic seems to work isn't the sort that ever renders well in table top games
  14. Two weeks later..

    Emrys walks up to the gathering in front of the inn and faces Iga and looks him in the eye fiercely as he addresses him in Snow Goblin " "
  15. Outside the Fighters Guild

    Emrys dips himself a mug of wine and sips it, smiling "So, how has your lodge weathered the summer?"