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  1. MVGC_KON_Release_Form.pdf
  2. This is really unlikely to ever happen. Priority is always going to be given to groups wanting them year-round.
  3. Keyblades? Can we use them?

    Same issue as we'd have with you using a weapon that's iconic from another game or fantasy world. It belongs there, not here.
  4. Keyblades? Can we use them?

  5. Latex Weapon Vendors

    Definitely not, sorry. That doesn't meet our aesthetic requirements. Generally, any cloth covered ot tape covered weapon will fail for use as a PC.
  6. John, Have you looked here: https://www.calimacil.com/search?type=product&q=refurbished Remember those prices are in CAD so your price is about 25% cheaper.
  7. Gimme a price for all three weapons.
  8. Balancing A Calimacil Sword

    About the only thing you're going to be able to do is to cut the foam off, add steel barstock with hockey tape, and build up a new handle with hot glue, shoegoo, etc. and wrap it in leather. Or grow stronger. Only other option might be to try some lead tape for changing the balance of golf clubs: https://www.amazon.com/Brampton-Lead-Tape-Golf-Clubs/dp/B005CJL2M4 That's gonna make your hilt fatter, though, and you'll need to wrap it in leather or something afterwards.
  9. Wooden Armor

    Definitely not.
  10. 2019 Event Dates

    Jan. 4,5 and 6th Feb. 1,2 and 3rd - Founder's Feast! March 8,9,10th April 5,6 and 7th May 3,4 and 5th June 7,8 and 9th Julybilee! More info coming soon! Aug. 2,3 and 4th Sept. 6,7 and 8th - Tunnel Crawl event Oct. 11,12, 13th - Harvest Festival! Nov. 1,2 and 3rd Dec. 6,7 and 8th We are very close to being back to our "normal" first weekend of every month schedule. We might pull it off for 2020...
  11. MVGC Inc. / Kingdoms of Novitas LARP Policy update: Engaging in sexual activity inside public structures is strictly forbidden. A public structure is any building rented by the organization for communal use, to include lean-tos, A-frames, cabins, lodges, and pavilions. When you engage in this behavior in public, you are making some other players deeply uncomfortable. It is not right that they should feel it necessary to leave a public space because of your behavior. No, constructing a blanket fort does not make where you are private. No, you may not assume - or even ask - if everyone present is okay with it and carry on. Just don't. Please restrict your intimate relations with others to your own tents, or simply do not engage in this level of intimacy at KoN events.
  12. 2018 Junebilee FF Auction Items

    PSA: Please be aware that we have not procured props for most of these items. It took longer than expected to find a day and time when the four of us who figure these out could all meet up for two hours. I will work directly with the winners to get them props that are within our budget and aesthetically pleasing for them. I'd like to do that in the week immediately after Junebilee, so if you win something, do some shopping, look for something you like, and send me some links. If you're stuck, I can probably give you some suggestions or ideas where to look. Additionally, a bunch of these things I'll likely just make for youse myself (the books, the jewelry, the bracers, basically anything I can produce in my shop I'm happy to do so for you) so that's another option if you'd prefer. I'm pretty okay at the craftings. I'll remind everyone of this right before the auction.
  13. MVGC Policy on Emergency Services

    Simply go to Logistics. If the person that you need is not there, they will know how to find them, or will escalate appropriately.
  14. From time to time at MVGC events, we have issues with participants taking it upon themselves to call emergency services (police, EMS, fire, etc.). While we fully support calling these emergency responders when warranted, you need to be absolutely sure the situation merits it. Calling emergency services when the situation does not merit it puts our ability to use facilities and sites at risk, causes unnecessary medical bills, brings unwanted public scrutiny on our weird hobby, and needlessly disrupts events. It's also a disgusting amount of drama, and I'm tired of it. The following situations warrant calling emergency services: Structure fires. If you can do so safely, please attempt to extinguish fires yourself using the camp's fire extinguishers. Criminal behavior, particularly active violence. However, depending on the severity of this, we'd prefer that you come to a staff member first. We have never yet had a substantiated instance of violence or theft at an MVGC event - although we've had a number of allegations which have all been proven false. Fraudulently calling the police while at an MVGC, Inc. event is grounds for permanent banning. Serious injury. This means serious blood loss, compound fractures (bone coming out of skin), etc. DO NOT call EMS for a twisted ankle or minor injuries. We have qualified medical personnel on staff, so for non-life-threatening injuries they should always be your first stop. If the person can speak and move, you probably shouldn't be calling an ambulance. Many injuries can be adequately treated on-site by our personnel, and at no cost to you. I would very much appreciate everyone's cooperation with this. XOXO, Dave
  15. Catapults and other stuff

    Feel free to use the forums here Rob.