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  1. Transportation

    You can take a train or bus to Utica NY. I'll pick you up there. After the first time, you can decide if you want to drive the next time. Honestly, lots of people drive 3-5 hours to get to games, it's not that big a deal. Hell, I'm gonna drive six hours to an event this weekend - and just made plans to drive nine hours to an event in April.
  2. The Big Combined Thread About BOOTS!

    That guy's 100% full of shit, the way he talks like he's making something new and unique he developed. He's making the same damned thing Catskills and Sodhoppers and ten other makers are - but his prices are good. Get some.
  3. Looting Monsters

    In an effort to increase game world immersion, we have decided to attempt to demonstrate, in a limited fashion, this portion of the game rules: Any monster that has magical loot worth 100 cp or more in production value will now emit a visible blue glow as soon as they are touched by someone searching them. The intent of this is to highlight powerful items that go out as loot. It is always particularly annoying to the GMs when players fail to loot important items. It is also hoped that the new visibility of powerful items will cause players to more easily notice when someone is looting a downed monster, and perhaps lead to more equitable distribution of loot. This glow is an in-game effect, and should be noticed and discussed by all characters, however please retcon* this in your heads so it does not get played as something new or different. This is how it has always been, to your characters. Please also be aware that this is a first step in attempting to address the scourge of cheating that is "ninja looting". We have several other steps mapped out, and will continue to implement them if this proves ineffective, or not as effective as we'd like. * Retcon is short for "retroactive continuity". This means that your character should think and act like the thing has always been that way.
  4. Looting Monsters

    Yes. It's blue LEDs, should be plenty visible.
  5. Winter Bathrooms

    One last announcement from the Staff Retreat. We know that the current wintertime bathrooms situation is not the best (this is one reason why we're not doing a January or March event this year). However, the constant stream of PC players into Logistics to use the bathroom there is unacceptable. There are outhouses which are perfectly functional in the cold weather. They are not necessarily comfortable, but they are functional. If you have a reason you cannot use an outhouse on your PC shift, you have two choices: 1. Drive ten minutes to the nearest convenience store and use theirs. If you do this, please bring me back a Mountain Dew. 2. Go to a SIDE DOOR of Logistics, knock, wait to be given entry, then proceed DIRECTLY to the bathroom, with your ears closed and your eyes on the floor, do your business, and immediately depart. Do not chat with the NPCs, do not look at what's going on, do not listen to GM instructions, get in and get out. Please DO NOT just wander into Logistics while you are PCing. NO BUENO. We have a reasonable hope that by next winter, the small bathhouse nearest Logistics will be winterized and available year-round.
  6. Start Time Change

    There have been many concerns about the 8 PM start time, and we hear you. Effective immediately, Friday night GAME ON start time is again 9 PM! Shift will end at 2 AM. However, along with this change comes a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for late arrivals. If you aren't through, or in line for, sign-in by 9 PM, you are REQUIRED to PC for that shift.
  7. Start Time Change

    Arrival time is not changed.
  8. Staff Updates

    Effective immediately, Maggie Bechtel is made the Marketing & Player Outreach Marshal. She's given excellent service as the Second of this group for several years, and she will do great as the Marshal. She has appointed Jordan Belassai as her new Second. I'd like to thank Zach Werheim for all his hard work and dedication leading this group for the past few years.
  9. Shift Balance

    At this time, we are not returning to a mandated shift balance regime. We will continue to allow you to choose your own shifts. We are, however, tweaking several aspects of this, to give you more information with which to make an intelligent choice about when you'd like to PC and NPC. 1. There will be a non-binding poll put up on the Facebook discussion group, a week before the event, so that people can see who is PCing when, and get a rough idea what the balance will be. 2. ABSOLUTELY and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will NPCs EVER be "released" to go play their PCs EVER AGAIN. While this was perhaps a useful way to attempt some on-the-fly balancing of shifts, several players of low morals and questionable ethics have been heard making remarks to the effect of, "Just sign up for the most crowded NPC shifts and the GM will send you to go PC anyway, then you get to PC THREE shifts!" This kind of shit attitude cannot be tolerated. 3. The shift balance whiteboard will again be in Logistics. We never really meant to stop using it, but it got forgotten during the moves. This provides a visual representation on-site and in real time of the actual shift balance at that event. Players are encouraged to look at this and choose wisely. 4. We are going to move forward with implementing a pre-registration system. Part of this will show you the shift balance, and give you a warning that the shift is overcrowded with PCs if you pick shifts that are over a certain threshold of PCs. We hope that this will also give players the information to make informed choices.
  10. Simply, not allowed. The February event is going to present a number of logistical challenges, mostly due to us using the Logistics building as an actual dining hall this event. To make things easier, no sleeping will be permitted in Logistics this event. The site has indoors, heated sleeping for 80 people WITHOUT using the Dining Hall, so there is plenty of room. We are fully aware that the Dining Hall contains the site's only heated indoors bathroom in the winter months. If not having this bathroom in close proximity to your sleeping area would cause you to not attend this event, please contact myself, or Amy Belawski, privately and we can talk about how an exception can be made for you.
  11. 1. Please be careful on the ice this event. Please also remember to avoid the small fissures in the parking lot. 2. Please SLOW DOWN. This is a major thing the Ranger worries about. 10 MPH or less all the time, especially up and down the big main road hill to the camp. 3. DO NOT attempt to open the windows in the cabins, disirregardlessly of season or reason.
  12. Forum Rules & Literacy

    When each of you registered here, you agreed to the following: Please pay particular attention to the section above in boldface text. This is not optional. I realize that many of you reflexively click "agree" when presented with these sorts of things, but that does not make your agreement any less real. All people registered on these forums are required to fill in their profile as completely as possible. If you have a legitimate reason that you cannot do so, please contact a KoN staff member and communicate this reason to them. These forums are here for the use of the players of Kingdoms of Novitas. They are not an anonymous internet discussion board; we all know each other in real life (with a few exceptions, such as out-of-state vendors, etc.). For you to talk here without filling in your age, name, location, etc. is like you coming to a party with a nametag and a hood over your head. Everyone else feels like we're talking to a big nothing. Please fill out your profiles as fully and completely as you are able to. I, and other staff members, have been posting reminders in profiles that have no information. If your profile receives more than a couple of these reminders, your warn level will be increased. If it is increased beyond a certain point, your profile will be deleted, causing you to need to re-register. Please, fill in your profiles. Please.
  13. Forum Rules & Literacy

    As it's been six years since my last post on the topic, and THAT one was me saying this wasn't an issue anymore, in the interests of forum declutter, I'm unpinning this.
  14. New Coinage

    It's time for new coins. This time we're buying 500 new exotics from www.fantasycoin.com. I've been haggling with them for a couple days, and I have them down to a reasonable cost for 30mm "gold" coins and setup costs. These are slightly bigger than our current coppers. But, we need art! Circular shape, 30mm diameter, 300 DPI. Coins have two sides, but you can submit as many individual images as you'd like. Each honest attempt gets you 5 XP (I am the sole arbiter of an honest attempt). Post submissions in this thread. Show me what you got, and the Marshals will pick the best two sides. Each winner gets 10 XP plus I'll give you one of the first coins we get. Entries due at 11:59 PM on January 1st. GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOO!
  15. New Coinage

    Not yet, we're still doing durability testing on the coins from Fantasy Coin. We might not end up going with circular coins...
  16. New Coinage

  17. The Powers That Be...

    Important People List It's come to my attention that many people have no idea who is actually in charge of Kingdoms of Novitas. Here's a list of who does what: MVGC Officers: Craig Korycinski (kabal) - Chairman of the Board of Directors and Maker of Shiny Coins David Haldenwang (hivemind) - Vice Chairman of the Board and Forums Administrator James Roth (Wishfulcynic) - Board of Directors and Lead Cripple Kevin Buckley (Fat Kid) - Board of Directors and KoN Web Developer Diana Haldenwang (Huntress) - Bookkeeper and Mistress of the Kitchens Kingdoms of Novitas Staff The Cadre David Haldenwang (hivemind) (Ivan Freelander) - First Marshal, Operations Marshal Dan Meershaert (Kender) (Atticus) - Second Marshal, Rules & Balancing Marshal Maggie Bechtel (Maggie / Baevynn) - Marketing & Player Outreach Marshal Dustan Weidman - Props & Atmosphere Marshal Justin C (thunderstave) (Sidhan) - Plot Marshal Ryan Staring - Logistics Marshal +++++++++++++++++++++ As of the Staff Retreat of March 2008, it works like this: i. Marshals lead Working Groups, ie. Logistics Marshal, Plot Marshal, Combat & Safety Marshal, etc. Marshals are also expected to occasionally (as needs require) run a shift. The count of Marshals is limited to the number of Working Groups that need to be headed. There are no floating Marshals. i.a. The collection of Marshals together is referred to as the (Marshal) Cadre. i.b. There is no requirement that a Marshal be elevated from the ranks of the staff, however, in most cases it is preferable. Vacant Marshal positions may be filled with any player who has regularly attended Kingdoms of Novitas (misses no more than one or two events per year) for two consecutive years, by a consensus of the Cadre. i.c. Any Marshal may be removed at any time by a 2/3 vote of the Cadre. i.d. Marshals should designate a Second for their Working Group. The Second is an apprentice Marshal, the group's second-in-command, and considered the next in line for the Marshal position in that group. Marshals may designate or remove their Second at will. i.d.i. Seconds are not Marshals, and do not vote as such. ii. Marshal assignments will be reviewed each December at the staff retreat (which will become annual). Marshals who wish to may step down then. Marshals who step down or are removed earlier will be replaced by the First Marshal, preferably from the ranks of the staff of that Working Group. Marshals who step down voluntarily must decide if they want to remain on as a member of that Working Group, or retire completely from the KoN Staff. Marshals who are removed are also removed from the KoN Staff. iii. Two Marshals shall further and additionally be designated First Marshal and Second Marshal. Preference for these positions goes first to members of Board of Directors of the Mohawk Valley Gaming Club, Inc., the parent organization of Kingdoms of Novitas, and second to dues-paying members of the MVGC, Inc. If no MVGC board members or dues-paying members are willing and available to fill these positions, the First and Second Marshal positions may be filled with any other Marshal who has regularly attended Kingdoms of Novitas (misses no more than one or two events per year) for three consecutive years. The First Marshal (and in his absence, the Second Marshal) is responsible for proposing meeting times, setting deadlines, defining areas of responsibility, calling for votes, counting votes, acting as the liaison to the MVGC, Inc. and all KoN vendors, monitoring the financial transactions of Kingdoms of Novitas, and other administrative-type functions, as needed, and should consider the advice and counsel of the Cadre when appropriate in fulfilling such duties. iii.a. The positions of First and Second Marshal, if vacated, shall be filled by majority vote of the Cadre from their own ranks. All such elections must be approved in writing by the Board of Directors of the MVGC, Inc. The Cadre shall provide to the Board of Directors of the MVGC, Inc. their intention to hold such an election at least eight weeks in advance of such an election. iv. Current Game Masters who do not wish to become Marshals will become Shift Game Masters. Shift GMs may serve on Working Groups as well. Shift GMs are expected to work as a GM at least one shift each event. Shift GMs may retire at any time; however some advance notice via the private staff forums is appreciated. New Shift GMs may be elected at any time by a majority vote of the Cadre, and removed in the same manner if necessary. The Cadre is free to impose other requirements on players wishing to become Shift GMs as they see fit. There is no upper limit on the number of Shift GMs. This section no longer relevant, as Game Masters are now drawn from the staff in the Plot & Continuity Working Group. iv.a. The Marshals, and their Seconds are together collectively referred to as the KoN Staff. v. Any staff member who is absent from two consecutive events without giving notice to the rest of the staff via the private staff forums is considered to have stepped down, and will be replaced by the appropriate mechanism, as detailed above. vi. Marshals will recruit their working group members as they see fit from the player base and Shift GMs. The Marshal of a working group is the ultimate authority of that group, empowered to add or remove members at will, set agendas and meeting times, make decisions (whether by vote or pronouncement), and generally act as manager of that working group. vi.a. Members of a working group are not considered to be KoN Staff, unless they qualify for that title by virtue of being a Marshal or Second. vi.b. At the Marshals sole discretion, each and any contributing member of a working group may be awarded up to two bonus Experience Points per month. More may be awarded upon approval by the Cadre. vii. Marshals are responsible to provide to the Cadre a short, concise written report on the activities of their working group, by the last Friday of any month in which there is a Kingdoms of Novitas event at which a site fee was required, for review and approval by the Cadre. This report should be submitted via the private staff forums. The decisions of a working group should not be considered valid until ratified in such a manner. Submission of this report will be worth five Experience Points. vii.a. The Cadre will make every effort to review and ratify the written reports from the working groups within five days of receipt. Other bits and pieces: The individual Marshals and their working groups are responsible to detail what they think and how they think they want things to happen, preferably in some sort of organizational mission or focus document. This should be the first order of business of each group. For example, the Operations working group might decide that they want to approve any physical changes or improvements made to the game area (permanently adding a table, for example). They would add this to their organizational document, which would be submitted to the Cadre for approval, and then effectively become KoN Law. If there is overlap between the desired or perceived responsibilities of two working groups, then they should quickly and efficiently work that out themselves between the two Marshals. Failure to do so will result in a decision being made for them by the First or Second Marshal. Marshals should feel free to award XP to their group members who are making a valuable and regular contribution. They should also feel free to remove members who are not, and replace them with someone who will. Being a Marshal is a lot of responsibility, and the rest of the Cadre is going to hold you to it. If you consistently fail to accomplish your responsibilities, you will be removed from the Cadre. Delegate, but follow up on your people. If they don't get something done, its not their fault its yours. YOU are ultimately responsible for EVERYTHING that is the responsibility of your group. We will reorganize the forums in such a way that the individual Marshals and their groups have a private forum to meet in. Some Marshals will also get various other moderator privileges in the forums (like the Plot Marshal has to moderate character backgrounds and PELs). Feel free to delegate those jobs, but let Ops know so that we can adjust permissions accordingly. #1 and #2 will still be able to see every forum. The root admins cant NOT see every forum, and so its only fair that #2 does also. Working Groups: Operations Income and Expenses, scheduling (games and shifts), website and forum administration and updates, cabin upkeep, grounds repairs, improvements, build days, setup and cleanup, in-game Inn operations, medics/first aid, identify hazards and mark them out-of-bounds Logistics Paperwork, waivers & releases, shift balance, sleeping assignments Plot & Continuity Metaplot, management and training of Shift Game Masters, shift plots/modules, continuity, PELs, character backgrounds, world background, Lore requests, RP skills adjudication Marketing & Player Outreach Advertising, KoN Evangelism and recruiting on other forums and sites, T-shirts, conventions, generally the suggestion box for players Props & Atmosphere Checking PC garb and encampments, prop maintenance, prop shed organization, monster and NPC costuming, NPC weapons, racial makeup Rules & Balancing Identify broken rules and mechanics, find fixes, preventative min-maxing, playtesting, new monsters, magic items beyond player made, economy, errata, weapons and armor checking, armor valuation, tracking of problem players Last Edit: 11/29/17
  18. New Coinage

    No numbers on the coins, please. That's a very modern concept. Sorry to keep moving goalposts and adding new parameters. I have no idea what we're looking for - or not looking for - until I see it.
  19. ID magic in mobile form

    Is this still working?
  20. New Coinage

    If it was easy I'd have done it myself. :D
  21. New Coinage

    Why would the elves not use elven script on their own coins?
  22. New Coinage

    These should be recognizably from our world, rather than cool-looking generic art. We've also never put in Evenandran exotics before...
  23. Player Initiated Plots (PIPs)

    Hey Plotters, this has been pushed to February, due to RL stuff needing Hannah in December.
  24. Hi, I run Operations. OPs is so many things. OPs is where new working groups are born, and where we retire working groups to when it's apparent the job isn't actually big enough to warrant a Marshal of it's own. I have subgroups for Buildings & Grounds, Medical, IT Services, and Inn Operations. B&G is who takes care of stuff like trail lights, curtains and lights (soon!) in the Inns, heaters, coordinating help days with the BSA, marking unsafe areas of the camp, fixing toilets and other appliances, firewood... all that sorta stuff. The list is damned near endless. My Second in charge of this is John Spencer (http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/forums/index.php?/profile/602-john-spencer-aka-flint/) Medical is people who keep the first aid supplies stocked, and are trained to provide first aid and medical assistance. This is everyone from someone with a Red Cross CPR certification to EMTs to actual medical doctors and nurses. My Second in charge of this is Amy Belawski (http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/forums/index.php?/profile/875-mistresspounce/) IT Services takes care of the website, forums administration and moderation, backend database, hosting, trouble tickets, FB groups, on-site network access, IT hardware, etc. My Second in charge of all this is Dave Morgan (http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/forums/index.php?/profile/5-coroth/) Inn Operations buys and prepares the food for the inns, schedules worker shifts, tracks costs, and so forth. My Second in charge of Inn Operations is Kerrie Lane (http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/forums/index.php?/profile/498-kerrie/) If you're interested in helping out with any of this, hit me up.
  25. As seen here in the pinned post: https://www.facebook.com/groups/KingdomsOfNovitas/