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  1. The way we have allocated in-game space in Maplewood sucks for new players and makes them feel unwelcome or uncertain. While we say this is the case, "First Come, First Served" has effectively NEVER been how we actually determine who is using what space. It's also clear now, after our first full winter of weekend events, that hardly anyone is going to occupy the lean-tos, or Cayuga Cabin, throughout the winter. The lure of heated sleeping is too strong. Perhaps in the future, if improvements are made to make the lean-tos more weathertight, or add drivable access to Cayuga, we'll see this change, and if that happens we can adjust the policy. However, it is unfair to have parties lose their "dibs" over the winter months when no one else is staying in those structures either, and it seems particularly shitty for someone else to arrive before you in April or May and snatch your lean-to because you didn't want to stay in it through the winter (but they didn't either) - this particular situation is patently unfair to people coming from far away and people who have jobs that prevent them from being on-site at the 3 PM "site opens" time. Note that there is NO SLEEPING ALLOWED in Logistics, except for rare exceptions for medical reasons made by the Operations Marshal. If you think you need to sleep in Logistics, please talk to Dave H (hivemind / Ivan). From now on, this is how it works. As always, these policies are subject to change if something turns out to not work. If you have questions, the Operations Marshal (me) or Second Marshal (John Spencer) are the people to talk to, or post them here. 1. Groups are not expected to sleep in their structures at events where forecasted nighttime temperatures will be below 40 degrees (OPs will make this call). 2. Groups will retain their rights to a structure (their "dibs") over the winter months provided they occupy it in both November, and April or May (May if April nights are forecast to be below 40). 3. Groups that are assigned a structure are expected to do some sort of encampment, ie. Hide modern stuff, blankets on beds, hang a sign or a banner, make it look lived in, and so forth. Groups are also still expected to do a "bare minimum" encampment during the winter months if at all possible. Put out your banner or sign, have a lantern in there, etc. even if the lean-to will be empty. If the snow's too deep to reasonably travel up there, don't worry about it - but make the effort if it's possible. 4. Groups that have a structure and need to miss an event for whatever reason will need to post up by Wednesday night prior to the event they're missing so that we can use the space for something else that event (encounters, overflow, whatever). This allows OPs to temporarily offer your structure to another group so they can try it out, GMs to use the lean-to for a longer encounter that event, etc. 5. "No call no shows" make a group lose their "dibs" immediately (exceptions may be made in exceptional circumstances beyond your control, like if you all carpool together and get in a car accident on the way to game). If this happens, the next group on the waiting list will be given your building starting the next event. 6. Groups who do not completely fill their structure may still have other people assigned bunks in it. 7. If your group goes defunct or disbands, you need to inform OPs as ASAP as possible so that we can reassign your structure. 8. Operations reserves the right to move people around, based on size of group, regular attendance, actual space utilization, etc. Note: this post will be kept up to date, and ruthlessly moderated. Areas protected by The helix are in this color. Areas not protected by The Helix are in this color. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Maplewood (Oneida Lean-Tos) ++ This area is in The Helix ++ Structure 1: Occupied (group has no IG name) Structure 2: Stone Structure 3: House of the Rising Phoenix Structure 4: Briar House Structure 5: Cephalopod Mafia Structure 6: Mercy House Structure 7: Dustin & Ryan Structure 8: Templars Merchant Bazaars: Hornbeck and Williams Pavilion ++ These areas are in The Helix ++: Currently there is more than adequate space to house all the merchants in-game between these two buildings, and merchants are welcome to use either one of these as they wish, provided you're not unreasonably infringing on the space or use of any other merchants. Stall spaces and tables are first-come, first-served. Note that there is no sleeping in the Merchant Bazaar (well, you can if you want, I guess, but there're no beds), and there's still no vending in Maplewood proper or in the Spinning Jenny. Merchants should get bunks in one of the cabins to sleep in-game, or upstairs in an A-Frame to sleep OOG. Cayuga Cabin So here's the deal with this building: there is no deal. It's clearly only habitable in fair weather for our purposes, as we simply can't get back there except on foot with backpacks from mid-November to May. That's like six months (November, December, January, February, March, April) it's a useless structure, for our purposes. I'm not going to expend a lot of energy during the five or so events we can actually use it (May, June, August, September, October) deciding who gets what, managing dibs, etc. If you can get there, it's available. Will Metott as Johann has a long-standing claim on the attic area and the common table area. Other than that, the ten bunks in that building are first-come, first-served. If people want to encamp there, be respectful of each other's needs and belongings, and work together to make it what you want. No one owns it, use it as you will. That building is OUT of The Helix now. Please do not make it into MurderHouse. Harden Cabin: The Spinning Jenny ++ This area is in The Helix ++ Bunks in the Spinning Jenny are first-come, first-served. Evans Cabin: The Slap & Tickle Bunks in the Slap and Tickle are first-come, first-served. Williams Lodge ++ This area is in The Helix ++ Williams Lodge is being used now as an in-game building for players who desire a more extensive in-character encampment experience year-round. There is a common room with four beds, two tiny bedrooms with five beds each, and a bunkhouse area with twelve bunks. As the players staying in here have more extensive encampments, we're going to manage the occupancy of this building a bit more actively. As long as you're staying there, you'll keep your individual dibs on a bunk bed (top and bottom) just as if it was a lean-to in Maplewood; all the same rules apply as far as regular occupancy and so forth. The only additional requirement is that you are required to cover the twin-size bright blue mattresses of your bunk bed with a fitted sheet of a solid color or an authentic-looking print (don't put your Star Wars fitted sheet on these) to add to the atmosphere of the building. Common Room Bunk Bed 1: Common Room Bunk Bed 2: Bedroom 1: Brave Companions Bedroom 2: Bless the Mask Players Bunkhouse Bunk Bed: Narene Tvarus Bunkhouse Bunk Bed: Joy Strifeborn Bunkhouse Bunk Bed: Phil & Daniel Bunkhouse Bunk Bed: Denise Bunkhouse Bunk Bed: Baldisare & Enzo Bunkhouse Bunk Bed: North Town / Ranger & Seneca Lean-Tos These areas are first-come, first-served The A-Frames ++ These areas are in The Helix ++ The bottom floor of the A-Frames are available for encampments and in-character activities (the upper floors of all three will remain OOG). Bear in mind that it is HIGHLY unlikely the GMs will ever send NPCs down there, so if you're encamping there for RP purposes, expect to entertain yourselves. If all occupants of an A-Frame agree that none of you is going to use it for this purpose, simply mark the door with a strip of orange and a note that says "Building OOG" and then feel free to scatter your mundane crap everywhere as usual. But if someone wants to use an A-Frame for their party's in-game purposes, they get priority. Sioux: The Covenant Pawnee: Druids Apache: Reaver's Rangers / Firekeepers THE WAITING LIST for MAPLEWOOD LEAN-TOs To get yourself or your group on this list, you must make a post below this one, stating the name of the group, the group contact person, and how many people in the group. "Dibs" are allocated in the order I receive them. The Fishermen (Barry) LAST RUTHLESSLY PRUNED: 9/12/18 by Dave H.
  2. Latex Weapon Vendors

    Definitely not, sorry. That doesn't meet our aesthetic requirements. Generally, any cloth covered ot tape covered weapon will fail for use as a PC.
  3. Latex Weapon Vendors

    This is a list of people and companies in North America that make or sell Novitas-legal latex weapons. Custom Weapon Makers Ateliers Nemesis http://www.ateliers-nemesis.com/ Recommended by: Dave H./hivemind Iron Liege http://www.ironliege..._Smithshop.html (Ensure that when buying from Iron Liege, you purchase the "non-latex" versions of his weapons, not the "hybrid" versions. Kingdoms of Novitas has not tested the "hybrid" versions for legality in our system yet) Recommended by: Dave H./hivemind Additionally, there are some KoN Players who make custom latex weapons. Contact any of the following through these forums: Thunderstave sammythegun Manufactured Weapons Sellers Knighthawk Armory http://www.latex-weaponry.com/ Sellers of Forgotten Dreams, Ex-Caliber, and Eagle Flex latex weapons. Please note that while Calamacil latex weapons are also for sale at this site, some Calamacil weapons will not pass a KoN safety inspection. While we have not outlawed all Calamacil weapons, there is no guarantee that the one you buy will meet KoN safety standards, and each will be individually inspected before entering play. Caveat Emptor. Strongblade http://www.strongblade.com/ Sellers of Calamacil (Conqueror Series) and Palnatoke (Paladin Series) latex weapons. As with the note about Calamacil weapons above, some Palnatoke weapons also do not meet KoN safety standards, and each will be individually inspected before entering play Edhellen Armory http://www.edhellen.com/ Sellers of Forgotten Dreams and Eagle Flex latex weapons. Recommended by: Dave H./hivemind The LARP Store http://www.larp-store.com/ Sellers of Forgotten Dreams and Calamacil latex weapons. Medieval Collectibles http://www.medievalcollectibles.com/ Sellers of Forgotten Dreams latex weapons (seems to carry the entire line). Badger's Den http://www.badgersden.com/Store/ Sellers of Palnatoke latex weapons (caution: some members here have experienced very long shipping and/or restock times from Badger's Den. I highly recommend you call or email them to see if an item is in stock before ordering. Caveat Emptor.)
  4. John, Have you looked here: https://www.calimacil.com/search?type=product&q=refurbished Remember those prices are in CAD so your price is about 25% cheaper.
  5. If you're new, WELCOME! We love new players, and we have a dedicated group of staff people in Marketing & New Player Outreach whose entire job it is to help you feel welcome, safe, and confident at your first event. Maggie Bechtel is the M&PO Marshal. "Marshal" is what we call the people who are in charge of different areas of responsibility at Kingdoms of Novitas (the whole list is here: http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6 ). Her Second ("Second" is our extremely creative title for the second-in-command. Hey, it's better than "Number Two".) is Jordan Bellassai. One of them will be along shortly to answer your questions, or point you to the person who can! :) *********************************************** Existing players, please do not respond to new person posts until Maggie or Jordan have had a chance to, or it's been 24 hours with no other replies to a new person. It's important that we allow the people who have jobs to actually do them, and we'd prefer that all information comes from the same sources to minimize confusion for our new players. Thanks!
  6. Gimme a price for all three weapons.
  7. Balancing A Calimacil Sword

    About the only thing you're going to be able to do is to cut the foam off, add steel barstock with hockey tape, and build up a new handle with hot glue, shoegoo, etc. and wrap it in leather. Or grow stronger. Only other option might be to try some lead tape for changing the balance of golf clubs: https://www.amazon.com/Brampton-Lead-Tape-Golf-Clubs/dp/B005CJL2M4 That's gonna make your hilt fatter, though, and you'll need to wrap it in leather or something afterwards.
  8. Beginning Leatherwork

    Made this today. Hope it's helpful to someone. http://hivemind.mvgc.net/BofferFrogTutorial.pdf
  9. Wooden Armor

    Definitely not.
  10. The Powers That Be...

    Important People List It's come to my attention that many people have no idea who is actually in charge of Kingdoms of Novitas. Here's a list of who does what: MVGC Officers: Craig Korycinski (kabal) - Chairman of the Board of Directors and Maker of Shiny Coins David Haldenwang (hivemind) - Vice Chairman of the Board and Forums Administrator James Roth (Wishfulcynic) - Board of Directors and Lead Cripple Kevin Buckley (Fat Kid) - Board of Directors and KoN Web Developer Diana Haldenwang (Huntress) - Bookkeeper and Mistress of the Kitchens Kingdoms of Novitas Staff The Cadre David Haldenwang (hivemind) (Ivan Freelander) - First Marshal, Operations Marshal Dan Meershaert (Kender) (Atticus) - Second Marshal, Rules & Balancing Marshal Maggie Bechtel (Maggie / Baevynn) - Marketing & Player Outreach Marshal Dustan Weidman - Props & Atmosphere Marshal Justin C (thunderstave) (Sidhan) - Plot Marshal Ryan Staring - Logistics Marshal +++++++++++++++++++++ As of the Staff Retreat of March 2008, it works like this: i. Marshals lead Working Groups, ie. Logistics Marshal, Plot Marshal, Combat & Safety Marshal, etc. Marshals are also expected to occasionally (as needs require) run a shift. The count of Marshals is limited to the number of Working Groups that need to be headed. There are no floating Marshals. i.a. The collection of Marshals together is referred to as the (Marshal) Cadre. i.b. There is no requirement that a Marshal be elevated from the ranks of the staff, however, in most cases it is preferable. Vacant Marshal positions may be filled with any player who has regularly attended Kingdoms of Novitas (misses no more than one or two events per year) for two consecutive years, by a consensus of the Cadre. i.c. Any Marshal may be removed at any time by a 2/3 vote of the Cadre. i.d. Marshals should designate a Second for their Working Group. The Second is an apprentice Marshal, the group's second-in-command, and considered the next in line for the Marshal position in that group. Marshals may designate or remove their Second at will. i.d.i. Seconds are not Marshals, and do not vote as such. ii. Marshal assignments will be reviewed each December at the staff retreat (which will become annual). Marshals who wish to may step down then. Marshals who step down or are removed earlier will be replaced by the First Marshal, preferably from the ranks of the staff of that Working Group. Marshals who step down voluntarily must decide if they want to remain on as a member of that Working Group, or retire completely from the KoN Staff. Marshals who are removed are also removed from the KoN Staff. iii. Two Marshals shall further and additionally be designated First Marshal and Second Marshal. Preference for these positions goes first to members of Board of Directors of the Mohawk Valley Gaming Club, Inc., the parent organization of Kingdoms of Novitas, and second to dues-paying members of the MVGC, Inc. If no MVGC board members or dues-paying members are willing and available to fill these positions, the First and Second Marshal positions may be filled with any other Marshal who has regularly attended Kingdoms of Novitas (misses no more than one or two events per year) for three consecutive years. The First Marshal (and in his absence, the Second Marshal) is responsible for proposing meeting times, setting deadlines, defining areas of responsibility, calling for votes, counting votes, acting as the liaison to the MVGC, Inc. and all KoN vendors, monitoring the financial transactions of Kingdoms of Novitas, and other administrative-type functions, as needed, and should consider the advice and counsel of the Cadre when appropriate in fulfilling such duties. iii.a. The positions of First and Second Marshal, if vacated, shall be filled by majority vote of the Cadre from their own ranks. All such elections must be approved in writing by the Board of Directors of the MVGC, Inc. The Cadre shall provide to the Board of Directors of the MVGC, Inc. their intention to hold such an election at least eight weeks in advance of such an election. iv. Current Game Masters who do not wish to become Marshals will become Shift Game Masters. Shift GMs may serve on Working Groups as well. Shift GMs are expected to work as a GM at least one shift each event. Shift GMs may retire at any time; however some advance notice via the private staff forums is appreciated. New Shift GMs may be elected at any time by a majority vote of the Cadre, and removed in the same manner if necessary. The Cadre is free to impose other requirements on players wishing to become Shift GMs as they see fit. There is no upper limit on the number of Shift GMs. This section no longer relevant, as Game Masters are now drawn from the staff in the Plot & Continuity Working Group. iv.a. The Marshals, and their Seconds are together collectively referred to as the KoN Staff. v. Any staff member who is absent from two consecutive events without giving notice to the rest of the staff via the private staff forums is considered to have stepped down, and will be replaced by the appropriate mechanism, as detailed above. vi. Marshals will recruit their working group members as they see fit from the player base and Shift GMs. The Marshal of a working group is the ultimate authority of that group, empowered to add or remove members at will, set agendas and meeting times, make decisions (whether by vote or pronouncement), and generally act as manager of that working group. vi.a. Members of a working group are not considered to be KoN Staff, unless they qualify for that title by virtue of being a Marshal or Second. vi.b. At the Marshals sole discretion, each and any contributing member of a working group may be awarded up to two bonus Experience Points per month. More may be awarded upon approval by the Cadre. vii. Marshals are responsible to provide to the Cadre a short, concise written report on the activities of their working group, by the last Friday of any month in which there is a Kingdoms of Novitas event at which a site fee was required, for review and approval by the Cadre. This report should be submitted via the private staff forums. The decisions of a working group should not be considered valid until ratified in such a manner. Submission of this report will be worth five Experience Points. vii.a. The Cadre will make every effort to review and ratify the written reports from the working groups within five days of receipt. Other bits and pieces: The individual Marshals and their working groups are responsible to detail what they think and how they think they want things to happen, preferably in some sort of organizational mission or focus document. This should be the first order of business of each group. For example, the Operations working group might decide that they want to approve any physical changes or improvements made to the game area (permanently adding a table, for example). They would add this to their organizational document, which would be submitted to the Cadre for approval, and then effectively become KoN Law. If there is overlap between the desired or perceived responsibilities of two working groups, then they should quickly and efficiently work that out themselves between the two Marshals. Failure to do so will result in a decision being made for them by the First or Second Marshal. Marshals should feel free to award XP to their group members who are making a valuable and regular contribution. They should also feel free to remove members who are not, and replace them with someone who will. Being a Marshal is a lot of responsibility, and the rest of the Cadre is going to hold you to it. If you consistently fail to accomplish your responsibilities, you will be removed from the Cadre. Delegate, but follow up on your people. If they don't get something done, its not their fault its yours. YOU are ultimately responsible for EVERYTHING that is the responsibility of your group. We will reorganize the forums in such a way that the individual Marshals and their groups have a private forum to meet in. Some Marshals will also get various other moderator privileges in the forums (like the Plot Marshal has to moderate character backgrounds and PELs). Feel free to delegate those jobs, but let Ops know so that we can adjust permissions accordingly. #1 and #2 will still be able to see every forum. The root admins cant NOT see every forum, and so its only fair that #2 does also. Working Groups: Operations Income and Expenses, scheduling (games and shifts), website and forum administration and updates, cabin upkeep, grounds repairs, improvements, build days, setup and cleanup, in-game Inn operations, medics/first aid, identify hazards and mark them out-of-bounds Logistics Paperwork, waivers & releases, shift balance, sleeping assignments Plot & Continuity Metaplot, management and training of Shift Game Masters, shift plots/modules, continuity, PELs, character backgrounds, world background, Lore requests, RP skills adjudication Marketing & Player Outreach Advertising, KoN Evangelism and recruiting on other forums and sites, T-shirts, conventions, generally the suggestion box for players Props & Atmosphere Checking PC garb and encampments, prop maintenance, prop shed organization, monster and NPC costuming, NPC weapons, racial makeup Rules & Balancing Identify broken rules and mechanics, find fixes, preventative min-maxing, playtesting, new monsters, magic items beyond player made, economy, errata, weapons and armor checking, armor valuation, tracking of problem players Last Edit: 11/29/17
  11. 2019 Event Dates

    Jan. 4,5 and 6th Feb. 1,2 and 3rd - Founder's Feast! March 8,9,10th April 5,6 and 7th May 3,4 and 5th June 7,8 and 9th Julybilee! More info coming soon! Aug. 2,3 and 4th August 23-25 there will be a Tunnel Crawl event at Camp Kingsley Sept. 6,7 and 8th Oct. 11,12, 13th - Harvest Festival! Nov. 1,2 and 3rd Dec. 6,7 and 8th We are very close to being back to our "normal" first weekend of every month schedule. We might pull it off for 2020...
  12. MVGC Inc. / Kingdoms of Novitas LARP Policy update: Engaging in sexual activity inside public structures is strictly forbidden. A public structure is any building rented by the organization for communal use, to include lean-tos, A-frames, cabins, lodges, and pavilions. When you engage in this behavior in public, you are making some other players deeply uncomfortable. It is not right that they should feel it necessary to leave a public space because of your behavior. No, constructing a blanket fort does not make where you are private. No, you may not assume - or even ask - if everyone present is okay with it and carry on. Just don't. Please restrict your intimate relations with others to your own tents, or simply do not engage in this level of intimacy at KoN events.
  13. Code of Conduct: We do not tolerate harassment of people at our events in any form. In order to take action, we need to know about any incident during the event. Everyone is entitled to a harassment-free event experience, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, or physical appearance. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome sexual attention, offensive verbal comments, deliberate out-of-game intimidation, stalking or following someone, making harassing photography or recordings, and disrupting talks or other events. Anyone asked to stop any unacceptable behavior is expected to comply immediately. Furthermore, discussion of real-world religions or politics is never appropriate during a Kingdoms of Novitas event. A request to “stop” or “leave me alone” means exactly that. If anyone engages in harassing behavior, the event staff may warn the offender, remove the offender from the area, or expel the offender from the event with no refund at the discretion of an MVGC, Inc. officer. If you feel that you are being harassed, or if you notice someone violating event or camp policies, we respectfully suggest the following: If you feel comfortable doing so, point out the inappropriate behavior to the persons involved. Often this will solve the problem immediately. If you do not feel comfortable talking with the persons involved, or if talking to them does not resolve the issue, please report the situation, in person, immediately to ANY member of the Kingdoms of Novitas staff, who will take you immediately to a Marshal. Try to provide a name and/or a physical description of the person or persons involved. In order to take action, we need to know about any incident during the event.
  14. 2018 Junebilee FF Auction Items

    PSA: Please be aware that we have not procured props for most of these items. It took longer than expected to find a day and time when the four of us who figure these out could all meet up for two hours. I will work directly with the winners to get them props that are within our budget and aesthetically pleasing for them. I'd like to do that in the week immediately after Junebilee, so if you win something, do some shopping, look for something you like, and send me some links. If you're stuck, I can probably give you some suggestions or ideas where to look. Additionally, a bunch of these things I'll likely just make for youse myself (the books, the jewelry, the bracers, basically anything I can produce in my shop I'm happy to do so for you) so that's another option if you'd prefer. I'm pretty okay at the craftings. I'll remind everyone of this right before the auction.
  15. MVGC Policy on Emergency Services

    Simply go to Logistics. If the person that you need is not there, they will know how to find them, or will escalate appropriately.
  16. From time to time at MVGC events, we have issues with participants taking it upon themselves to call emergency services (police, EMS, fire, etc.). While we fully support calling these emergency responders when warranted, you need to be absolutely sure the situation merits it. Calling emergency services when the situation does not merit it puts our ability to use facilities and sites at risk, causes unnecessary medical bills, brings unwanted public scrutiny on our weird hobby, and needlessly disrupts events. It's also a disgusting amount of drama, and I'm tired of it. The following situations warrant calling emergency services: Structure fires. If you can do so safely, please attempt to extinguish fires yourself using the camp's fire extinguishers. Criminal behavior, particularly active violence. However, depending on the severity of this, we'd prefer that you come to a staff member first. We have never yet had a substantiated instance of violence or theft at an MVGC event - although we've had a number of allegations which have all been proven false. Fraudulently calling the police while at an MVGC, Inc. event is grounds for permanent banning. Serious injury. This means serious blood loss, compound fractures (bone coming out of skin), etc. DO NOT call EMS for a twisted ankle or minor injuries. We have qualified medical personnel on staff, so for non-life-threatening injuries they should always be your first stop. If the person can speak and move, you probably shouldn't be calling an ambulance. Many injuries can be adequately treated on-site by our personnel, and at no cost to you. I would very much appreciate everyone's cooperation with this. XOXO, Dave
  17. Catapults and other stuff

    Feel free to use the forums here Rob.
  18. Coming in not blahhhh

    Also, for entertainment value, and comparison, here's where we STARTED with the game's XP progression, 15 years ago:
  19. Coming in not blahhhh

    Gil, you might be forgetting what it was like to be a first-game newbie. First game people generally have NO idea how things work, mechanically or thematically. This is why we require people to NPC their first shift. Giving them even MORE things to need to remember seems like a terrible idea. If you're thinking about alts or new PCs for existing players, remember that you retain half your levels on death or retirement. This is specifically to address what you're talking about.
  20. Puzzle Boxes

    Explosive Charge opens a locked box in an instant. A skilled lockpicker can open a lock faster than an Explosive Charge.
  21. The real fear

    Shit when did that change?
  22. Puzzle Boxes

    If they can't be stolen, it's pretty close to cheating in my eyes. At the very least an abuse of game mechanics. I'd rather not see them in game at all, than see abuses.
  23. The real fear

    Remember that Fear effects end when struck, too. If the person Feared just has to cower in place, it's a LOT easier for a friendly to stop the Fear.
  24. Puzzle Boxes

    Or make them a tinkering item.
  25. The real fear

    Stun makes them hold still. If affected by Fear with a cower effect, rather than a "run away" effect, the Feared person ain't gonna stand there while people with weapons surround him. We'd write it so that you could choose to cower, or choose to run.