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  1. Full set All-season tires, in great condition!

    We'll take em if you still got em. That the right size for our Taurus, which is in need of tires.
  2. October recaps

    - I'm liking the new adventuring group and can't wait to see it in action when we have two full shifts. :) I don't know how I became the straight man in this comedy. Schuyler's orange fey is a hoot, and keeping Rhionna and Gaius alive may be a continuing challenge for me. Both of those two need to settle down. With someone. Anyone. - The prize from the stones tournament (I wasn't even expecting a prize, so imagine my shock) definitely opens up some very interesting issues I'll need to address. Hoo boy. - I missed the big three-dragon ante game, which saddens me a bit, but I still played two games by beggars rules (5 coin instead of 50) and came out ahead in both... which I promptly spent on booze. - Only person with no shield and no metal armor to make it to the second round of the fighter's tourney, woop! Congrats to both champions though. - Clan AngusMcUngus was loads of fun, but some of you need to learn how to sit wearing kilts. What has been seen cannot be unseen :o - I was tickled pink to hear that one of my spells I invented a year or so ago in the Third Tier of Spells thread actually made it into game as a ritual. I wonder how many more made it that I don't know about... - "We make this sacrifice at this Heroes' Fire, to you Nox!" - Gummy foot. Best. Idea. Ever. - Jambalaya and pulled pork. Can't go wrong with that.
  3. It's the May 2009 Video thread!

    Compulsion magic is serious business
  4. Status/Noble RP Skills, and their benefits...

    *shrug* One of the first things Jaenen heard while relaxing at the inn right after he arrived in town was that half the town had roughed up the Slatestones a month ago over rumors about dark doings. Just saying, not all of this cautious reaction is based off of out of game knowledge.
  5. Status/Noble RP Skills, and their benefits...

    In regards to the claim that Septons and Druids have universal social benefits to everyone whereas nobility is simply a burden... I doubt anyone who has received a gift from the House of Cherry Blossoms for having been Known to them would agree with you. This is exactly the sort of thing nobility should involve. Favoring those who they see as allies. Those who are useful. Thing is, like was said before, the current crop of Nobility out there is a shady bunch, and even those who aren't have the "creepiness by association" albatross around their necks. Moral and ideological objections are going to stop people from working with them as they would a less objectionable noble.
  6. Making/Converting a Silver Wep

    I don't see any consistency issues. Just say your sword broke, and you hired a local craftsman to reforge it. Just with silver this time, since you had the extra cash available.
  7. Ah, this makes sense to me. Then again, I'm one of the wackos who wants to see a level cap implemented. :-)
  8. ...say, at a cost of 25 coin per build point "unspent"? I mean, I'm sure there's a few folks out there who have points on their sheet that will never come into play, or that they've just plain outgrown. I mean, who needs Strength once you naturally swing for four?
  9. Dispel Magic- Why isnt it used more?

    I like four tagbags. Dispel should be as scary as any other fourth level spell, and two bags won't be enough in my opinion to make it a peer of Fear, Severence, Maelstrom, or Anti-Magic Aura. Especially since most of the time, it'll still just be cast to open a lock.
  10. Players vs. Characters

    I've seen the trucks, yup, but I'm nowhere near all that stuff, heh :-) I work on the warehousing and retail side of the operation, so the inventory I deal with is all finished product.
  11. Players vs. Characters

    Yo. I'm Jake, age 27. I'm an inventory analyst at Stickley Furniture, which basically means I get to play with Excel all day and make pretty graphs. The pay sucks, and I get no net access at work, but it's good work experience for a future analyst gig. Plus the employee discount can't be beat. I've been dating Sarah for three and a half years, and we've been living together for just over a year now. I just started playing WoW after avoiding it like the plague for years. I also play golf (poorly) and Go (not so poorly), and have gotten up to Expert in Guitar Hero. I run a bi-weekly 4th edition D&D game with the Syracuse crew, in which I've been lampooning every aspect of the genre I can think of. I've lived in the Syracuse area since I was 5. I went to Catholic school for three years before getting kicked out for being a hooligan. I've spent 5 years at 3 different colleges, where I had 9 majors, running the gamut from Computer Science to Politics to Education to Economics, before I got sick of the whole bureaucratic mess that higher education is and cashed it all in for an Associates in Humanities. I'm very opinionated when it comes to political stuffs, and am an INTP personality type, so I'm more than eager to jump into a debate whenever the opportunity presents itself. I'm registered Libertarian, vote Republican when I can stomach it, and consider myself an Anarchist. I've been gaming since my parents first let me play Ultima III on the old Commodore 64 back in the mid 80s. I played my first online RPG in 1992, the original Neverwinter Nights on AOL. Started playing Magic in 7th grade, moved to D&D and other tabletops in 10th, and LARPing in college. I ran the Vampire LARP in Oswego for almost two years, which was an experience, I'll tell ya that. I try to play characters, especially in a LARP setting, that encourage certain aspects of my own personality, or who have traits that I'd like to develop in myself. I've been successful in regards to my assertiveness, but not so much my ability to self-motivate. I'm fascinated by character portrayal in general, and often find myself unintentionally psychoanalyzing my characters. This current one's still a little too new to get much out of yet. Jaenen does what he has to do. He has a wife and three kids back in the Tribelands, and he'd love nothing more than to return home to them, but he's got a job to finish first. He believes that the Gods are meddlesome, if powerful, beings who may deserve respect, but not worship or servitude. He sees those who serve the Gods as foolish or dangerous, though what's happened with Vincent may change his mind on that.
  12. Winter Garb

    Faux fur was 40% off at Joann's last week, so I got 5 yards of fake black bear. I'll be making a cloak with a lot of it, and tossing the rest haphazardly all over my garb. I'm also tearing the sleeves and part of the collar off a thermal shirt to wear underneath in hopes that I can keep it hidden. I'm also hoping to find a faux fur hat like Denise had last game to distress enough to fit the garb. And lastly a full new package of socks.
  13. Hello, and welcome!

    As per the forum rules that you agreed to by registering here, please fill out your profile information completely, or you risk deletion.



  14. So, When do you plan to PC?

    I'm solo, so it doesn't really matter, but I plan to do two out of Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon, at least until I find a group to settle down with. I'll probably roll both day shifts next game.
  15. November Sleeping Space

    I bunk at the inn at the moment, but I'm willing to bunk elsewhere if room is an issue.