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  1. Communications At Events

    I don't think I am on this anymore.
  2. Rag Food 2012

    Umm I'm not really sure, but I've been having stomach issues for several years and my mom found out this summer she was allergic to wheat, and suggested I try a gluten free diet to see if it helped my stomach issues. This past fall I tried it and about a week after I did that my stomach issues were basically gone. :)
  3. Rag Food 2012

    Sounds good to me! I'll miss your Mac salad, it was really yummy last year :) I may bring some if my own bread and rolls, so no worries there :)
  4. Rag Food 2012

    Im gluten intolerant but everything sound like its safe! So long as I can read the bottles any sauce comes in I can be sure! :)
  5. Rag Chore Schedule

    Im a Ghoul, not a skeleton.....
  6. Pictures!

    he is soooooo cute!!!
  7. May Lost and Found

    Back in april I had a wooden bowl and spoon in the inn... I know not specific, but they may have had the initials RT carved into them....
  8. First aid and Magic items

    Thank you! :D
  9. Women of Warcraft

    Not sure which one you are talking about... The blond girl needs to eat something, she is so skinny its gross. The one with the detailed armor, with the beast heads on the sholder is good looking. She is not tiny, nice legs, the armor shows her accets nicely, but I think the armor is more drool worthy than she is. *shrugs*
  10. Women of Warcraft

    Well, the women were alright looking, but the costumes were hott!
  11. Drea Dryad!

  12. New Pouch for Dag Kit

    I like that its purple. :) Very spify, I have to make my self one, one of these days....
  13. Drea Dryad!

    Meep! *Hides* Truly terrifying!!! The make up is awesome! The idea creepy but fantastic, (Drew, you have issues.) I have to say the thing that scared me the most was when she creeped out from behind a tree and I saw her for the first time. I think I took a step back. I was actually worried that I would have nightmares.
  14. Changes at Vanderkamp

    Just for clarification, does that include Feb-feast, or just up to December?
  15. Cost for a night at Cok

    Deal. See you Friday. :) Thanks