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  1. Need Pokey Things

    I'm looking for a weaponsmith to make my compatriots some things. Come find me, my coin may become yours. - Vincent McFathom
  2. McFathom strolls

    "Tell me what I've heard is true! He's dead? Tell me she's been avenged?!?"
  3. At the Beach

    "Making sure everything in Terra stays in House favor." He takes a long draw from his pipe. "Sometimes it's tough being a celebrity over there. Barely any peace for me outside the Guild Hall. Needed a break from that."
  4. At the Beach

    "Staring at it isn't going to make is smaller..." McFathom motions to the lake, pipe jutting from the side of his mouth.
  5. "Land Grab" at Hoover

    ----------------------------------------- Individual/Group/Character/Party Names: McFathom Five Space Requested: Merchant Town Cabin 8 Encampment: yes Willing to occupy in winter months: yes Willing to keep mundane junk under bunks: yes TOTAL years as staff (Marshal or Second, or corporate officer) for entire group: Bryan Graham (3?) TOTAL years attending KoN for entire group: 20?
  6. McFathom strolls

    Into town, a larger man with a giant shield trailing closely behind. He looks tired, and somewhat frantic. He moves to the first person he sees. "Where are the tree walkers? Where are the elves?"
  7. Outside the Temple

    "He's fond of the Phaeleg more than anything. I make sure to keep the casks rolling into the keep monthly."
  8. Outside the Temple

    He puffs on the pipe, making sure it doesn't go out. "I'm fine. I do miss the heated baths there though. This can be a much colder place, even in the middle of summer."
  9. Outside the Temple

    The sound of a match strike breaks the normal sounds of the then quiet town, as McFathom lights his pipe. Since the Terrace no longer exists, he finds the Temple as a haven for himself and those that follow him. He's sitting on a bench, a foot kicked up on the rail. He nods as he's noticed. "Sir."
  10. February Feast 2016

    All the lovely things!!!
  11. Ragnarok XXX (2015) Pre-Reg List

    This makes me even more sad that I can't make it this year. Stupid getting married crap. :angry: :(
  12. Lost and Found May 2015

    I'm pretty sure I left my charger in the outlet at the casino/terrace. Anyone manage to snag it and get it into the cabinet?
  13. Best of May 2015

    It felt great to be back at game, which made me equally bummed, knowing that it'll be a while until I'm back again. :( It also took me to get back into the swing of playing McFathom again, but I had plenty of help, and it was wonderful. +Made a new best friend in Camila. :) +Even as a random NPC delivering that sweet leftover food from VK, I had to stop and listen to the stringed Heller Duo. It was so refreshing to hear a pair of pros at it. How were there not 50 people standing there with me?!? +Finally got a kick ass Septon plot. Huge thanks to Bryan, Jimmy and Pat for getting that going! +RP interaction with Amanda's Niece of Lord Whatshisface. I enjoyed her greatly. +"Why is JC wearing that silly hat?" "Oh shit, he's a crazy wizard." "What is he doing?!?" "Oh no, if I don't stop laughing at him and Leon, Imma gonna pee." Really, I haven't laughed that hard at game since Dave H. told the story of Lord Iga's wedding night as Lord Wei.
  14. Air Mattresses

    And... GONE. Thanks for playing folks!
  15. Air Mattresses

    Hey folks, I've got two Quest Queen size air mattresses that I want to get rid of. They're fine, but I went to a double thick full size, and just don't need these anymore. This one. $40 takes both of them. Includes one plug in air pump. I will bring them up with me to game next weekend if someone wants them. -AJ