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  1. Happy Birthday Julie!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're now as old as Lee is. at least for another two months. *cackles*
  2. Merry Christmas!

    Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Wintereenmas! Happy Hallmark Gift-Giving, Card sending Holidays!
  3. A Stranger Enters the Inn

    Aspen smirked softly and got to her feet, carrying her mug over to sit near Narene. "Of course, I'll share a drink with you. Hope your travels here were well?"
  4. A Stranger Enters the Inn

    She leveled her gaze at Narene and snickered a bit. "You should know better than to try that act on me, Narene." A light teasing tone accompanied her words before she offered him a warm smile. "It is business, you know how it is." A one shouldered shrug as she sipped from her mug. "I enjoy working with you, either way and you know it."
  5. A Stranger Enters the Inn

    Aspen's laugh was light and airy as she looked over at Narene as he indicated her in his words. "You are too kind, Narene." a gentle smile curled her lips with just a hint of something feral under the surface. She shifted in her seat, picking up her mug again to raise it in his direction. "Indeed we will be. I look forward to it." she winked at him before taking a long draw from her mug. Fingers curled around it protectively as she set it down, watching Narene with a patient smile.
  6. In the fields...

    Aspen led her friends through the woods. It had been a long journey here and she was excited to get to work with Narene again. She enjoyed working with him. It had been awhile since she'd been able to work with him. Aspen left her two friends in the treeline and headed into the field. Her slender form moving easily through the light snow - she didn't fight the ground, instead working with it. She's dressed for traveling, a warm coat, boots, and comfortable looking pants with a skirt over them. Her long kimono style shirt is made with green hued cloth, trimmed in brown cloth. Her forearms are wrapped in warm looking furs and held down with strips of leather. Her sword strapped to her back, a dagger at her hip. She found this place amusing already - it was vastly different from the plains she had been traveling. Although her home lands were her favorite place she figured she'd like it. She paused outside the Town and relaxed, standing there in the open field quietly. Watching. She'd already seen Narene today and now she was going to relax in nature,
  7. A Stranger Enters the Inn

    She glanced at Narene, grass colored eyes light with mirth. She was enjoying herself. There was no trouble to be had at the moment. She turned her head, however, when the Snow Goblin came passing the window... singing. A brow arched upwards. "Oh. My." It wasn't hard to hear him after all.
  8. A Stranger Enters the Inn

    She looked at him with a level gaze before returning the gesture. Hand wrapping around his wrist and returning the shake, firmly. Her other hand resting on her mug, still. Keeping her thoughts on what he said, silent. She'd look into the other side of the stories in due time. Aspen smiled faintly at the man. "Well met, Rothgar. I am Aspen." a gentle tilt of her head to show respect to an Alpha. To each their own methods of respect. Her tone kindly and warm. She wasn;t going to get herself into trouble JUST yet. Narene and the others would kick her arse from here until sunday!
  9. A Stranger Enters the Inn

    She looked upwards at the person behind Grog and blinked for a moment. Then she regained her composure and smirked a tiny bit. "Coward, eh? Dare I ask why?" a mild look of curiosity on her face. She didn't see why she shouldn't just learn about the people here and their reactions to others around them. Aspen sipped from her mug after pushing a few strands of fur off the rim. "And you are?"
  10. A Stranger Enters the Inn

    Aspen carries a simple sword strapped across her back and a dagger at her right hip. She has various other trinkets tucked away but she's quiet about them. When Grog sits down she tilted her head, curiously,at him. She's dressed for traveling, a warm coat, boots, and comfortable looking pants with a skirt over them. Her long kimono style shirt is made with green hued cloth, trimmed in brown cloth. Her forearms are wrapped in warm looking furs and held down with strips of leather. verything is travel-worn and comfortable - as if she would think comfort above anything else. "I am Aspen. And you?" simply, patience a virtue she possesses a few iotas of.
  11. A Stranger Enters the Inn

    The door is gently pushed open once more. In steps Aspen. A face familiar to Narene but no one else. She is not tall - in fact she's down right petite for a girl. She doesn't look like much at five-four but who can tell? Green eyes search the area before she walks to the barkeep and drops in her coins, silently fetching herself a glass of liquid. She's tired from traveling so far - and is glad to find that she's arrived at what appears a timely fashion to her friend's arrival. However she doesn't approach him right away, instead she settles herself at a table, sipping on her drink. Fingers toying with her mug and the hem of her sleeve as she ponders if she made a good choice leaving her companions outside of the town or not. Deciding that it was the best of actions, she looked up and actually took note of who was there.
  12. Sparring Practices etc

    I'll toss lee the message since he's at work today. For any other month he and I are thinking about paying it out of pocket so everyone can have fun. I'll have him talk about it to the schools!! Cross your fingers folks. Would be good for us. Heh. Got a text saying he's going to get on it once he's done with whatever he was doing now. Let's hope! In the warmer months there are some great places out here too. :) - Allie