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  1. Ring Weapon?

    A lot of the traditional Chinese weapons are very cool looking, and a few could be feasible to make.
  2. Hello (again)

    We should really organize something like this!! Really! I make some money and I'm very willing to donate a $100 or so dollars for transportation fees. Driving to Florida is a 2 day trip if you're hardcore like me. With a lot of people, driving is much more cost effective than flying. Plus, boffer weapons don't go over well on planes, I'm guessing :D
  3. Hello (again)

    So have I; it doesn't seem like there's anything good down here gaming-wise! lmao. I'm planning to stick around here for the next 4 years at least, more if I go to med school. So that'd be lots of time to get something started.
  4. Pictures!

  5. Facebook

    The only positive thing is that you're notified when you're tagged, so you can (fairly) easily go through and untag yourself. It would still be nice to be "untagable". I know I have my facebook set to private.
  6. Hello (again)

    Hey, it's me Tyna. If you don't remember my real name (because that happens to me too), I was in character as Rennorrae for several games and before that, Fulco for a game or two. I helped form the Ravenwatch Patrol (ha) too. So, basically I saw everyone at Arcon and really missed larping. The thought of larping down here in Florida just makes me think of sweat and mosquitos, and joining up with a new group of larpers with no other friends there isn't very encouraging. Sufficed to say, I haven't been doing any for quite some time. However, after Arcon I've decided I'm going to try to come back up in June for Novitas :P I even bought a sword at Arcon! So I hope everyone is doing well, and I joined the forums again just for networking's sake.
  7. Cherry Blossom logo

    There's also the easy choice of vectorizing the original graphic in illustrator with live paint/draw. Then you could make it ten inches or ten feet tall real easy.
  8. Hi Tyna!

    Welcome back. Please remember to fill in your profile so people know who you are.

    Long live the Ravenwathc!! :)

  9. You're welcome! It was very awesome to see everyone at ARCON!