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  1. June 2010 Recaps

    I would agree, the Dominate was rather fortunate for you, but rather unfortunate for the poor Ogre.
  2. June 2010 Recaps

    1) Getting to be a lead NPC 2) Running around and eating NPC as a Vampire. Hopefully creating enough terror for the PC’s. 3) Trying to unite the Septons to what I though was a lost cause, and then succeeding. 4) Trading 5) The look on Mile’s face when he saw my horde 6) Druids and elves are a weird bunch 7) Ethereal Sealant has just become my favorite Immunity. Also, striping out of my armor to repair it, was quite relieving. 8) Throwing my first vial of acid, and destroying one of the stronger lizardfolk’s shields. 9) Mica being chased and blunted down by other PCs 10) Teaching Sidhan a human tradition at the end of the shift. 11) Saturday night being told to run and catch up to the undead horde as a necromancer, and not missing with my spells. 12) Unhallowing the Inn and telling everyone to get out
  3. The Best of May 2010

    "KISS MY OGRE" Best line of the event
  4. Lost and Found

    I left a black reversible cloak with fleece on one side and some fancy looking material on the other side. If anyone has found my cloak I would be very happy.
  5. May Pre Production Call

    1 Thaumaturgist’s Mortar 2 Ritual Candles 6 minor powers 2 Corruptions =20 production cost 49 coin - 20 from tradesmen - 2 alchemical flowers, item #028
  6. Happy Birthday!!

    yay cake time!!!
  7. Behold, I have spawned!

    Congrats!! and hf
  8. Tradesman question

    I was wondering if wood stain would be Anachronistic for a tradesmen sign?
  9. Marcus's Alchemical Compounds ______________________________________________ Need more power each day? Protection from battle magic? Acid to destroy shields? Marcus can sell you any standard 1st, 2nd, or 3rd tier alchemical items. Do you need to pin down your opponents through non-magical means? Then come to Marcus to purchase some tanglefoot bags. Simply ask for Marcus Special prices for all!!!
  10. On the Oddfellows Porch

    Marcus walks into the cabin OOC: To PMs
  11. On the Oddfellows Porch

    Marcus walks up to the Oddfellows porch caring a large singular bag over his shoulder and knocks on the door "Is Sister Maeve there"
  12. Creeping Rot

    That is the way I assumed it worked. I just wanted it clarified by R&B. Mainly because, before this spell whenever one was hit by a poison tag bag one did not have to say Pierce. It was implied, because all of the thrown poison damage was Pierce(that I am aware off). So, I asked the question so I was 100% sure.
  13. Creeping Rot

    I do not remember if this was stated, but I was wondering if the poison damage from creeping rot Pierces armor? If not does this mean that Hand of Death and Two-steps should be called with the "Poison Pierce" descriptor?
  14. February photos

    http://s995.photobucket.com/albums/af72/fl...mview=slideshow These are the photos Tony took with my camera. I even put up the picture he took of the snow.
  15. REAP SPIRIT questions

    Good enough reason for me.