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  1. October preproduction

    I still need numbers for the ingots spawned by an old Feb feast item. Thanks.
  2. I also have a heater I'd bring in cold months, so that's another heater available as necessary (or as a backup if one dies mid-event).
  3. Something something best of May...

    NPC 1: ++ 4 Trolls and a Kazvak walk into the woods. I almost got to perma-kill my first PC by eating his heart. Got to watch someone be the "big damn hero" of the night by running across a dangerous, excessively slippery bridge, fighting me away from the corpse, and then dissipating the corpse and themselves, before sneaking away with it once we weren't focused on them. Props to them. ++ "Eating heart 1! I'm sorry, man... Eating heart 2! I'm so sorry... Eating heart 3!" ++ "Out of character: you know that canine is the language you speak, right?" "::GROWL::" Jimmy troll: "He not have to reply." NPC 2: ++ So much fun hiding behind a wood pile while using Mycanoids as a trap for PCs. Got to troll Pat a bit by dissipating whenever he came after me, while putting arrows into people. Got to troll Pat a bit more by making him sprint in armor just before Ley Lines. Love you, Pat. NPC 3: ++ The bandit bridge bickering fight. It's my bridge, damn it, and it's been in my family for decades! Kerrie looked so mad IC when I shot her in the arm. -- Throwing out my back on the way to said bandit bridge bickering fight, and then deciding "f it, I'm already out here, I'm following through with the plot". Ended up gimped the rest of the night. NPC 4: -- Still being in bad pain, even after 3 types of pain relievers. ++ Due to not really being able to leave logistics, I got to learn a bunch about makeup and learned how to apply it for different effects and how to clean the spray system. Neat!
  4. The Challenges of Corruption

    Claiming Rich Hewett (Hellbjorn) for Greed. While he may not be a brand new player to the game, he was new to the ranks of the Legion when he joined. He is now a ghoul. And I believe that I have fulfilled the spirit of the challenge in getting a new, quality, long term member to join the group. Prior to him joining the Legion, Rich was planning to create a Game of Thrones themed unit, and I convinced him that he'd find a more suitable home in the Legion (he'd likely have burned out again by now if he had tried to create a unit and hold it to high standards with what is available locally). Therefore, I believe that getting him to join the unit fulfills the spirit and requirements of this challenge.
  5. The Challenges of Corruption

    Claiming Envy for: 1. Aratari Althyng 2. Battle of the Mire
  6. The Challenges of Corruption

    Claiming Lust from AniBash. Was a rather successful demo at a local anime convention. We had 15 people on the field the first day, and around 20 the second day. Ended up with around 8 people in the end who wanted more information and are going to start coming to practices, four of whom have contacted me through Facebook after the event to find out more information about garb and gear.
  7. The Challenges of Corruption

    Claiming a completed Gluttony from Storm of Swords. Weapons Check, Head Herald and Tournament all done there.
  8. The Challenges of Corruption

    Claiming Sloth for Rag XXIX.
  9. The Challenges of Corruption

    I'm claiming Pride from Feast for Crows (even though none of you guys showed up...lame). As one of the listed possibilities in Pride is the running of events and assisting in the logistics of running events, I feel that being one of the combined team that funded and ran Feast for Crows would qualify me for this Challenge. As to the event, we put on a free day event in which we fed all the participants (we had about 50-60 people show up, which was pretty awesome). The funding was out of our pockets and through a raffle of items donated by local players who wished to help out. My own role was in providing food and drinks and spending most of the event working the grill and making sure people were fed, as well as with setup, weapons check, scenario field lines, running a small single-blue tournament for a donated prize and cleanup. So, yeah. All that jazz and whatnot. I'd also like to claim weapon check at the event for a portion of my Gluttony challenge.
  10. Official Fighter Practice

    I'll see if I can make it out. Though don't expect me to be helpful for much, since I don't really know the KoN combat system, myself.
  11. Fill in your profile or you will be deleted.

  12. Information for Dagorhir Archers

    Those are good arrows, hivemind. 32" is about the perfect length if you want to make an arrow which you can still full-draw with no problems (again, don't forget the draw stop!). That and I stand behind carbon arrows. I brought a lot of arrows to Rag, and only one broke. ...speaking of, I really need to re-mount that arrowhead on a new arrow...
  13. Unit Name, Heraldry, and Theme

    Don't worry about it. I've seen Roman shields with orc face-prints on them. The Roman usually is laughing because he just shield bashed some idiot, and there's proof.
  14. The Finishing Touches

    Helmets are over-rated. *hums innocently and hides his bow*
  15. The Basics of Archery Combat: or, How Not To Be 'a Guy With a Bow' Hope that stuff helps ya. :D