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  1. "Land Grab" at Hoover

    Excellent thanks.
  2. "Land Grab" at Hoover

    Are the remaining tents first-come-first-serve on site? I didn't want to grab anything as I'm just returning to the game after a long absence and while I would theoretically like to put up a dragon shrine and whatnot it's nothing that will be happening immediately and thus not a huge priority.
  3. The Last Time At Omar's Hammer

    Vany'a was there when he got back, sitting near the corner with her back to the wall, eyes glued to the table in front of her. She didn't look up when Oz arrived, her gaze only flickering towards the merchant when she heard him speak. She gave just the slightest upwards nod to acknowledge him, but otherwise remained silent, clearly stewing in thought.
  4. Party and Shift Survey

    Vany'a, Independant. Prefer shifts 3-4. Have prosthetics to apply so joined shifts are preferable, also prefer a night shift since she sort of worships the moon :P
  5. I am looking for a party to go with me on a shift-long adventure. I have no idea what we'll be facing but it'll be a shift of more or less pure plot, from what I was told. Looking for 5-6 people who are interested in giving up 1 of their PC shifts to go with Vany'a on a shift-long adventure so I can get approved for Chosen 5. This will take place 3rd shift 4th shift Let me know if you're interested!
  6. Epic Dragon Adventure?

    Edit to first post this is 4th shift not 3rd.
  7. Best of April 2015

    So, because of a stupid deer and my car getting more or less totalled, Chris and I weren't able to be at the event. SO spill all the awesome that happened because I want to hear all about it!
  8. Hey there! Whenever a new tome has been offered at Feb Feast, it usually comes along with this little "And if we see them used often, we may add new spells to your tome!" Since I got mine last year I've used it repeatedly, at least once per event and usually much more than that. I know there are others who use their tomes quite often as well. Who should we talk to about the possibility getting things added to our beloved super-books?
  9. Adding To Feb Feast Tomes

    That's not the way it's advertised. I'm not demanding anything just asking if this was still a thing that was being honored because I'm interested and have in fact used mine repeatedly. Love you Tony but waiting for somebody with say on the matter not assumptions. <3 <3 Also - If I pay 500 bucks for a book it better shatter the game before they take it away haha.
  10. Joining the Legion.

    Hey everyone! Most of you know since I attended the meeting at Feb Feast that I am planning to trade a beating heart and a pulse for the sweet release of death and join the ranks of the unliving, particularly you delightfully dreadful individuals. I have read through the rank structure and heard that sometimes if you're well prepared, you get put right at Skeleton instead of Zombie. Providing I have the opportunity to show my garb, tabard, etc et al to someone previous to fighting in a Dag event, can I try straight for Skeleton? I will also be wearing black scale-maille armor. I would like to purchase a sword and spear. I will be making my own buckler. I never thought I'd want in on this but I'm crazy excited now. ALSO - before anyone asks, I know recruitment is a big deal. No surprise here but Blockade is the one who finally convinced me to join.
  11. Joining the Legion.

    O.O No. Whar is this pic?
  12. Joining the Legion.

    I'm looking for ideas for Feast Wear. HOW fancy should Feast Wear be? Like, dressing to the nines? Does it have to be all black? Or can I venture into other colors somewhat (dark red skirt, gold trim, etc) so long as I keep it dark and undead looking? And is Feast Wear exactly that - Garb for Feasting? So it can be a bit impractical as far as not being able to run around in it a lot? How renaissance / medieval specific does it need to be? Would a boot with a little heel (like, 2in heel, nothing crazy) be acceptable? Any info is a great help before I spend money on buying / making things I won't be able to use
  13. Best and Worst of FEB FEAST!!!!

    Had a wonderful time, the best of all was seeing you lovely people. I know I said it before but it bears repeating that ALL MY NPCS WERE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Set up, clean up, pushing yourselves again and again, you have no idea how much I appreciate all your hard work. Special thanks to Al, Jordan, Silk, Kat, Rachel and Neecy, without whom I would have been doomed.
  14. Nature weapons

    There is one Primal Sword in game from last year's feb feast. ^_^
  15. 2015 February Feast Pre-Registration!

    Mkay. Going top to bottom. If these 5 people would like to PC please say so. If you don't, let me know so I can offer it to others Adam del Cano -- now PC'ing. Susan del Cano -- now PC'ing Randy Darrow -- now PC'ing Richard Swartwood -- now PC'ing Steve Arnold
  16. 2015 February Feast Pre-Registration!

    Don't see the point in offering to allow the slots to be open if taking up said offer is going to get backlash. Going to go with the 5 slots.
  17. 2015 February Feast Pre-Registration!

    Mkay. 5 more slots then instead of 10. I really don't want a 1-3 pc/npc ratio considering how often I've seen "I'm going to PC so I don't have to go out into the cold and do anything"
  18. 2015 February Feast Pre-Registration!

    I am the GM that day. I have decided additional PC slots can be offered. I want every single person on that list approved to PC. If someone is not on this list and still wants to PC, post about it. 5 slots
  19. 2015 February Feast Pre-Registration!

    Chris Blake and I pre-regged together pretty early and are engaged, would love to be added to the bigger bed list since we're staying two days, but if not whatevs we'll survive. I am apparently going to be GM'ing for the event. I would like to see more PCs, we have close to a 1pc-3npc ratio at the moment and we know that a good portion of PCs like to stay inside and keep warm especially with how bitter cold it's going to be. Remember, if you PC you can sort of dictate how often you're out in the cold. If you're NPC'ing... you get to do my bidding. ^_~ 10 more PCs would be lovely. Even more than that is FINE. Look forward to seeing everyone.
  20. Best of November 2014

    Big thanks to everyone who put up with my personal issues this event. It was nice to be able to take a step back from the fray and focus on fixing npc garb, repairing props and taking some old broken ones and turning them into something useable. I loved seeing everyone and appreciate having such awesome people in my life.
  21. Best of October 2014

    I forgot to add to mine -- Accidentally putting my horns on backwards this event. Looking like a pincer bug. Having Atticus ask if my horns were growing in closer together. Roflwaffle.
  22. Best of October 2014

    Oh my, so many things, I doubt I will remember them all. First and foremost, as always, great to see everyone again! I love running around, playing cops and robbers with you all in the woods even when the weather is less than ideal. ^_^ That said... GM Shift-- Players new and old did a fantastic job. Thanks to all the 1st shift NPCs who were constantly willing to go out in the rain again and again to make plots happen, and for providing me with recaps. I love seeing NPC's come to me after running a plot and be excited with everything that happened. Thanks especially to my "indentured servants" who got to be bossed around and yelled at for a good hour to make the plot interesting. ^_^ Bad -- I usually like to avoid the "bad", and I'm not going to get into it now, but I would just like to take the time to remind everyone, despite the fact that we should not need these reminders, that we're all adults here. We should treat each other like adults, and speak to each other like adults. PC -- - RP with Geofriedo (I will never spell that right, y'all know who I mean), Lori and Krod in the Temple. Vany'a is finding that she rather likes having a couple of barbarians around to beat things with sticks. - More RP in the temple - the darkness worshipers attacking! Standing dissipated on the opposite of the room, having already taken a hit and watching Geofriedo get reaped in front of me, leaving Vany'a with no other choice than to dash out of the temple and call for help. Followed by being reaped, and the townsfolk rushing to help. I will also say that I agree with Ivan, even if it's my dead body, it doesn't belong in the inn XD - Interactions with Flint Malachite and the inevitable conversation about what is confined within a Terran's trousers. "Wait, one is studded and the other isn't?" Followed much later by "You should get yourself checked... for lycanthrope." I have no idea if you can catch it that way, my own fault for not having Vany'a chug her wolfsbane before heading to bed. >_> Whoops. - Worst magic tournament ever. Kudos to Christina for being the only one not to Dissipate and stand there like a goon. - Cloud cake one of the most sugary things I have ever eaten, which was very necessary when I felt myself starting to get sluggish. Unfortunately, sugar makes me silly and thus hilarity later ensued with a sugar-high dragon lover. - Garbage Bodak, get out of our trash can! - Solar Bears! Sunburn is now Solar Bear bites. - Pretty new dragon from Lori to Vany'a. Pretty necklace from Richter to Vany'a. Playing a draconus worshiper is fantastic because everyone is like "I HAVE DRAGON YOU WANT DRAGON?" Why yes. Yes I do. - So much more that I'm sure I'm forgetting.
  23. Harvest Festival 2014

    Last minute Harvest Fest Contest - Vany'a will be hosting a magic user's tournament. First to get their opponent out of the circle first, no weapons allowed, only spells. Winner will receive a Mantle of Resilience 1/gd that counts as +1 floating point of armor. All who enter are required to have no starting buffs or protection spells, and are encouraged not to waste their magic power before the event starts.
  24. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    In sharp letters, a note read; "Vany'a is offering her services to obtain weapons of various lengths and metals, at affordable prices, to assist those who aid in protecting Pinedale. I'm the one with the horns, you'll find me easy enough"
  25. Harvest Weekend

    Hi Yvonne! I'm a bit late to the party but I wanted to give my greetings anyway. I'm Lauren and I am one of the shift GM's, I will be one of the people who will be sending out plots on Friday Evening. During set up for shift we will have both yourself and Patrick, along with any other first timers, listen to our "newbie speech" and you'll get a run down by some of the lovely MPO folks that we have on site. Then you will get to play all sorts of fun things! I always suggest, this time of year, to bring a cloak (even a large piece of fleece is better than nothing) as the evenings can be a bit chilly. And... socks, socks, socks socks, socks!!!!! Too many socks is never a bad thing, trust me on this one. Anyhow, can't wait to see you and Patrick at game!