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  1. December Preproduction

    The +1 upgrade can only go on armor. Here's the wiki link for you to look at regarding it.http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Ornamentingcraftpoints#armorbonus
  2. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Baldiserie, clad in blue and yellow, approaches the board in the Spinning Jenny and tacks on a notice
  3. Questions: status charm and succubi

    1.) Yes diagnosis will notice it. Similar to a dryad's charm. 2.) No second breath does not prevent the succubi's ability to steal part of your spark.
  4. Questions of an alchemist

    I'm going to answer these in order of how you posted them to avoid confusion 1.) If you ingest the poison while immune to it, you would say no effect and the timer would never start, even if you lost it right after ingesting the poison. 2.) Theriac cures poisons and diseases. The term was meaning any poison effect would be neutralized, so in your example if you fed theriac to someone under black out juice, the black out juice effect would end. It would not heal wounds caused by like a 2 step venom, that's what it means when it doesn't cure the effects of the poison. (again a status like Poison pin, would be removed.) 3.) Yes, you are immune to magical effects so would not be pushed out of the unhollow, You can also walk through someone's sanctuary. 4.) poor editing on the wiki. You can double any poison weapon effects on a goblin iron weapon. (in the goblin iron weapon description) 5.) We changed fighting with a shield to count as dual wielding for the purposes of damage, so if you used balm of vigor and used a sword and shield you would still be capped at 2. 6.) Rejuvenation elixirs remove disease and not poisons, theriac does poisons and diseases (also Lycanthrophy I believe) at the same time.
  5. The Helix and You!

    Because its theft. You are stealing from folks who helped contributed in a fight, or looted a monster you didn't deal with.
  6. Racial Languages

    Terran Font because the link didn't work
  7. The Challenges of Corruption

    I got Nate Bebe as my greed if he reaches skeleton at Rag (working with him/helping him with his load out) and I need to attempt Wrath again.
  8. The Challenges of Corruption

    Claiming Lust for running the Mayfair demo. Also mentioning 8 ft mike assisted a lot so giving him a nod that he should deserve lust as well.
  9. Don't you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby!
  10. April Preproduction

    2 scrolls of poison immunity 2 scrolls of aura of reflection
  11. Alt account post

    Then what? Get left in a yeb pit?
  12. February Preproduction

    2 poison immunity 1 aura of reflection 1 leylines
  13. January Preproduction

    Baldisere Ferrazzano- 5 Scrolls of Dispel Magic.
  14. Party and Shift Survey

    Edit: In a group now! Ignore this!
  15. And level 2 merchant lets you make a level 5 scroll ( or 5 disengage scrolls, or 2 dissipate scrolls), which you could also ignore those bandit encounters....