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  1. February Preproduction

    5 scrolls of synchronize
  2. October Preproduction

    5 scrolls of syncronize
  3. Dungeon Crawl Preproduction

    5 scrolls of synchronize
  4. June Preproduction

    5 scrolls of syncronize
  5. March Preproduction

    Scribe Scroll: 5 scrolls of Dispel.
  6. February Preproduction

    1 Scroll Battle Mastery, 1 Scroll Primal Form, 1 Scroll Ruin, 2 scrolls Slaying swarm
  7. December Preproduction

    Scrolls of :3 x synchronize, 1 x sanctuary, 1 x aura of reflection
  8. Does this count as dual-wielding?

    Hi. I'm Pat, rules second. That is a good question. It won't count as dual wielding. The only things that can legal block attacks are legal weapons and shields/bucklers. You can still hold it for aesthetics, but it becomes a safety issue to swing or block with it. Also, if you get hit there while holding it, you would take the hit like you would if you got hit anywhere else.
  9. November Preproduction

    For production this month 2 Anti-magic aura, 1 triage, 1 command nature, and 1 dispel magic
  10. Rules team is recruiting

    The Rules team is looking for recruits. We are not looking to change how the game is played, but rather looking for new ways to look at the rules we have and help players gain a better understanding of them. In depth knowledge of the rules is preferred, but not necessary. We would like you to be able to communicate these rules to other people if asked and SHOW THEM IN THE WIKI where you found it. If you are participating and being active online you can get XP like any other work group. If you are interested post here, or message me. Dan and I will get you added to the proper forums.
  11. September preproduction

    Scroll of Synchronize (4), Scroll of Second Breath (5), Scroll of Enchant weapon (3), Scroll of Diagnose (1) Scroll of sanctuary (3) Scroll of Dispel (4). Total 20 production
  12. 2018 Junebilee FF Auction Items

    The poison lasts on the blade until it gets used then is gone. You cannot have multiple blade poisons on it. If you cast the spell mage blade on it it'll be a mageblade for the event. You still need to follow the rules for mage blade, 1 minute to land a legal hit with your spackets through it. Goblin iron and poisons cannot share a physical application with silver and elven steel. (Can't craft together and can't apply alchemy)
  13. The real fear

    Yeah should've clarified it's the source of fear that needs to hit the person to break the spell. It's friends can still pummel you to death while you are terrorized. But on that note, we've been playing bagman wrong for a long time. When they fear a person then proceed to kill/blunt them down.
  14. The real fear

    The fear effect does not to away once you are struck. It lasts 10 minutes until dispelled or removed through a different source like smelling salts. Just clarifying that here.
  15. December Preproduction

    The +1 upgrade can only go on armor. Here's the wiki link for you to look at regarding it.http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Ornamentingcraftpoints#armorbonus