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  1. Dragons and stuff.

    *Veria sits off to the side contentedly knitting, until the lamp shatters. Startled, she drops her current project.* "By the Gods... You know there are easier ways of engaging a person in conversation." She bends to gather her needles and frowns upon discovering she's dropped some stitches. She picks through the array of needles and hooks beside her for the one sized best for the task. "If something is bothering you and you want to talk about it I'm always willing to listen."
  2. A Night By The Fire

    "Thank you for this" *She motions with the bottle. Then peers into her half full tankard of tea and then back at the bottle. With a shrug she waters a sapling with the tea and pours the Cherry Thunder into the now empty mug.* 'Tea had gotten cold anyway.' She sips the new drink quietly until Grog appears. She studies him with narrowed eyes.* 'Do you require medical attention?'
  3. A Night By The Fire

    *Veria exits the Inn with a tankard of tea in one hand and her Rose Staff in the other. She takes a seat on the bench under the front window where she can keep her back to the inn. She seems completely at ease. If one were to look closer they would observe how her eyes constantly roam the surrounding area and that the carry strap for her staff is looped around her arm, twice* Did I hear something about Cherry Thunder on my way down from my room upstairs? I don't know that I've ever sampled this drink before.
  4. Exhausted.

    "I'd recommend a nice long rest Vany'a. We can talk more later if you want." She walks across to the inn door, opens it and pauses. "I'll be here if anyone needs me. I'm going to look in on Eliana and see if she still needs my pen and ink."
  5. Exhausted.

    Veria looks round to see who is approaching before she hears Dano speak. If she is surprised by the state of his armor it doesn't show on her face. Instead she stands as he joins them and rests a hand on his shoulder. "By the power granted me by the Blessed Sept I give you Mend Armor." She steps back and looks him over head to toe with narrowed eyes looking for injury. "Does anything else need to be fixed?"
  6. Exhausted.

    "Ew indeed. Your appearance is quite uncharacteristic for you you. Hence the concern. I won't pry, but if you need assistance you need only ask and I'll help as best I can." She looks at the faekin again; her face thoughtful. After a minute her expression clears and she sits across from Vany'a.
  7. Exhausted.

    She steps aside and holds the door as Eliana walks past. "Always." She retrieves the slender box that contains all her writing supplies and sets it in front of Eliana "You might be happy to find that I've gotten a new bottle of plain black ink. Ivan grumbled the last time he had to borrow my pen. The bottle reads 'red' but I guess it turns out pink on paper. Oh and I've a few more generic seals in there too if you need them. I'll leave you to write in peace." She heads outside picking up her staff on the way. She reflexively examines the immediate area for threats and checks to make sure both potion bottles with easily removed lids in her belt pouch are filled. She frowns glancing at the blue faekin. Her expression changes to one of concern as she gets a closer look at Vany'a. "You don't look well my friend. Is there anything I can do that might help you?"
  8. Exhausted.

    The inn door cracks open and Veria peeks her head out. "Did I hear a Diagnosis incant? Is everyone alright out here?"
  9. A robed man is strewn before the inn

    "Well I haven't made the journey out to it in quite some time but last I knew it was still sound. Van'ya would probably know best it's state. She is our resident follower of Draconis. You mentioned though that you'd been in Pinedale before? I've lived here for some number of years. Is it possible that we have run into one another before? I confess I have a horrible memory for names." *She walks back to the table near her bunk to stow away her journal and writing supplies from earlier. Turning back she notes the food hasn't been touched. Her face takes on a unhappy healer frown.* "Please do sit and eat. It's any ones guess how long it's been since you've had a meal in you. If you are worried about contaminates I can examine it for you. I've been trained to recognize ingested toxins. I don't mean to be pushy." *She smiles* "My men could attest that I'm always trying to feed them. I've learned that full bellies typically mean better spirits."
  10. A robed man is strewn before the inn

    *Veria nods as if she'd decided something, picks up her staff, and follows the unknown man. Taking a seat on his side opposite Artemis. She places a hand on his arm.* "By the grace of the Blessed Mother I cast Panacea. There, that should fix most, if not all, aliments you may have had." *She pat his arm soothingly.* "Like others have said you're in Pinedale now. Liao said you were brought here by two 'creatures'. Where were you before?"
  11. A robed man is strewn before the inn

    "I'd appreciate that. I'm always looking for new restoratives. If you ever need a space to make some brews let me know. I'll show you how to get to the alchemy hut I inherited from a friend that passed away." *Looking back at the man she didn't see any obvious wounds at first glance but it was anyones guess what the robe he wore hid from view. Placing a gentle hand on his shoulder, she muttered a soft incant. As her diagnosis spell took effect her eyes took on a blueish hue. She continued to look him over to see if he needed anything more than rest and food.*
  12. A voice heard at dawn

    *Walking in forest between the Odd's cabin and the Inn, Veria hears the song. Thinking of the letter she'd recieved it serves as a reminder than another friend was lost. She quickly crosses to the Inn, curls up in her bunk and pulls the curtains shut signaling she'd rather be left alone."
  13. A robed man is strewn before the inn

    *Veria sat at one of the tables near her bunk and altar. She glances up as Liao thumps in the door. Seeing the man he was carrying she hurried capped her bottle of ink and laid aside her quill and journal she'd been writing in. As she stands she reaches behind her where she knows her staff was resting. Propping her staff directly behind the unknown man she looks him over with a trained eye noting what she could without magical means to start with.* *looking up* "Liao what can you tell me? He's in pretty rough condition." *Reaching into her satchel she rummages about a minute till she finds what she was looking for and pulls out a small knife. Flicking it open she cuts through the ropes binding the mans' hands together. Stowing the knife again she eyes the small bottle of spirits as Liao feeds it to the man and notes the immediate reaction.* "I favor rest and tea myself, but that seems to also be quite effective. If you ever have a surplus of those little vials I might be interested in one or two." *She called to a server for a pitcher of water and a simple meal, a form of broth preferably if the kitchens had it ready.* "Now sir, drink up your water, there is more to be had and you look like you could use it. When you are recovered perhaps you'll tell us your name and what brings you to these parts. I'm Priestess Veria Salvius."
  14. Best of Novemeber 2010

    I don't know what you're talking about..
  15. Drea Dryad!

    hehehee... That creation still makes me giggle.