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  1. Alien Swarm

    ian_morrison is my steam and did anyone ever play the original that was based unreal tournament?
  2. We Sure do love our MMOs

    one thing that they neglect to mention from what i read is that the population of the states is many times that of the countries mentioned... if anything they should have done it per capita and made the graphs based on certain #'s of people.
  3. Beware: Zombies are Real

    i thought it was drop gun and run:P then any passing survivors can put up signs " french arms dealer.. brand new only dropped once "
  4. Beware: Zombies are Real

    that is the best zombie plan ive seen in a while. my whole plan revolves around the arena beside my house, its easily fortified and most of my friends who own weapons/have proper skills live within 2 minutes. and when we finally run out of food we have a grocery store 10 minutes walk ( last resort) and a 7/11 two minutes brisk walk. and the only reason the plan doesnt go mobile is because its not summer yet and if we were to try and go mobile right now everyone would freeze to death (yay canada)
  5. Beware: Zombies are Real

    the hardest part about the zombie apocalypse will be pretending not to enjoy it.... :P and i give unto you the best excuse for shooting someone who is definitely not a zombie.. "Stupid talking zombies..." and if anyone questions it shoot them too and blame it on them being a talking zombie :)
  6. Live Avatar Role Playing...LARP

    good to know my initial reaction was good then lol. now my real question is, when the people playing the marines come in... do they use airsoft or nerf :(

    i just started my second playthrough... i gotta say, starting with all of your equipment is pretty awesome. though i wish my funds came through or my raw materials :lol:. so what is everyone setup weapon wise? i almost exclusively usethe battle rifle and the carnifex hand cannon.
  8. Live Avatar Role Playing...LARP

    im not sure how to respond to this one. though some of you thought the wild hunt was bad so here ya go :lol:
  9. Centurion

    that looks amazing....
  10. Bicolline

    yay canada, i would recommend having someone in your group who can speak at least rudimentary french. im not they only speak french in quebec but they usually have an accent at the very least
  11. Time for LUNCH!

    wow, i wihs i knew someone up here in canada who could make something with that degree of skill ...

    ive had it sitting in front of me all day and now i can finally play it lmaooo.
  13. Mass Effect 2

    that really sucks. you wouldnt happen to be the person who posted on the old me2 forums saying your hard drive died? so 5 days left, who is going to midnight release and have you been psyching yourselves up as much as i have?
  14. Ug. Just what we didn't need.

    ill be honest part of me wants to watch this... so i shall reserve judgment. ps did any of you notice the pretty exclusive calimacil dominance in that movie...
  15. crazy leather stuff

    thought you guys might appreciate this stuff about half way down there are cthulhu masks http://bob-basset.livejournal.com/